How to Decorate a Lobby

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It is not possible forever to decorate the hall with dozens of objects. Too many elements can make it fuzzy and unwanted. That means neither you nor the visitor will feel comfortable in it. So, if you wish for the best lobby decoration for your home, then the following list will be beneficial for you. Here, check out some below.

Whether it’s a home, office, apartment building, or hotel, the lobby is responsible for making the first impression on guests and visitors. Moreover, it is also the last space that people pass through when they’re exiting. So, it makes sense to want to stand out with your lobby design. Unfortunately, many people disregard the importance of this critical area and neglect it. Don’t be one of those people!

Decorating your lobby can do wonders in impressing your guests and making them feel loved and happy in your space. However, this task isn’t as easy as it seems. Surprisingly, decorating a lobby can be quite challenging as there as a few aspects you need to take into consideration.

That said, you don’t need to get too worked up about beautifying this integral space. If you’re wondering how to decorate a lobby, here are a few tips you can follow.

Incorporate Bright Colors

If your lobby is dark and dull and deprived of windows, it may be time to lighten things up. Using light and bright colors throughout your space can help give your hall a peaceful and calming look and feel. Consider incorporating bright elements in the form of furnishings, wall colors, and accessories to give your room a clean and spacious look. White is often the safest color choice due to its unmatched neutrality and immense versatility.

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Upgrade Your Floors with a Rug

Truth be told, changing the flooring of your lobby will give your space most of the refreshing change it needs. Flooring is the most important and costly element of a room that should top your priority list. When revamping your lobby, it can be pretty expensive to redo your entire flooring. Fortunately, there’s a simpler and cheaper way to bring out the best of your floor – a rug!

A floor rug can instantly transform a dull lobby or any space, for that matter, into an elegant and attractive area that oozes style, glam, and panache. Elevate your boring lobby flooring with a colorful or printed rug that attracts visitors’ attention. Moreover, a non-slip rug can also help prevent slip and fall accidents, so that’s a huge plus point!

Refresh the Wall Paint

The color of your lobby walls can make or break your space when it comes to aesthetics and comfort. A super dark and dull or any extremely bright room can be distracting and can make visitors and guests feel uncomfortable. What’s even worse is that these wall paint colors are often paired with poor lighting choices, making the space appear even more undesirable.

Since the lobby is the ultimate space where people meet and greet each other or wait, the color palette should naturally comprise warm and welcoming tones, such as peaches and browns. If you’re looking to create a minimalist contemporary look, you should opt for a combination of neutrals, such as ivory or off-white with bold touches of accent colors, such as teal, aqua, purple, or yellow. Feel free to let your creativity run free and see what colors make you feel comfortable and homely.

Search for Great Furniture

Adding some type of furniture to a lobby is critical. Whether it’s a sofa or a pair of chairs, your guests and visitors will need someplace to sit and wait comfortably. With so many options, it can be tough to choose the perfect furniture for your lobby. However, the ideal place to start is by considering the overall theme of the lobby. If you’ve opted for a modern lobby design, minimalist contemporary chairs are the right way to go.

Set Up a Coat Rack

If you’re a picky person who is quite meticulous and wants everything to be in order, consider investing in a coat rack. Not only will this addition make your lobby look good and clean, but it will also help maintain a clutter-free environment. Moreover, given the designs, shapes, and styles of coat racks out there, you can find some wonderful options that go impeccably with your lobby design and style.

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Bring In Your Favorite Plants and Flowers

It isn’t always possible to decorate your lobby with a ton of objects and accessories. After all, there can be many space limitations and budget restraints. In such cases, it’s an amazing option to elevate the aesthetics of your lobby by bringing in some much-needed natural elements, such as flowers and plants. These lovely elements give your home an elegant and surreal look.

Add Other Decorative Items

Any and every space is incomplete with decorations. In some way or another, decorations add some much-needed personality to a space, making it appear more attractive and comforting. The first most important decorative item to incorporate in a lobby is – mirrors. Mirrors reflect back more light, making a room appear more spacious than it is. So, you should try to work in multiple small or a few big large mirrors into your lobby for a more spacious look. Besides mirrors, it’s always good to put up a few statement artwork pieces or small decorative accent figures to elevate the look of a space.

Think Placement

Where you place what matters a lot! So, before you start throwing in a bunch of elements and accessories, stop and think about whether they truly fit in there. Sure, adding plants to your lobby is a fantastic idea, but placing a huge planter on the side table wouldn’t be the best choice, would it? Before you go around squeezing in elements in your space, think and carefully plan as to where each element should go.


Regardless of the size of your lobby, you can create a beautiful and stunning space that attracts more people and makes them feel welcomed. We hope that these lobby decoration ideas help you curate a fantastic warm and cozy lobby for guests to enjoy.

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