5 Design Secrets to Creating a Killer Lobby

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As soon as a visitor steps into your facility, they have made a call thanks to the ambiance of your building’s lobby. Hence, the lobby of your hotel or commercial facility is the most critical area that requires a lot of thought and attention to detail. When investing in your lobby design, go for design ideas that enhance the aesthetic and visual appeal of your space and augment the functionality and usability of your space.

This post looks at five design secrets to creating a killer lobby that will take your space to the next level.

1. Create a Clutter-Free Ambience

You would never want your visitor to feel overwhelmed as soon as they enter your building. So the first design secret to creating a killer lobby is to create a clutter-free ambiance. Your visitors wouldn’t want massive furniture, a giant welcome desk, and lots of plants along the way. Hence, it is best to reduce the clutter as much as possible and create a lobby that gives a more open and spacious feel rather than a cluttered space full of stuff.

The clutter is not just limited to the furniture, though. Even the welcome desk and the tables and chairs in the lobby should be clutter-free, so the space appears more welcoming to the guests. So when creating a killer lobby, don’t forget to clear out any clutter along the way or on the furniture to make your building’s lobby more appealing to your visitors.

2. Construct the Right Size for Your Lobby

Do you have a small lobby will limited interior space? Or is your lobby too big? If too much or too little space is a concern, you need to create the right size for your lobby. But that doesn’t mean you fully need to renovate your space. Instead, it means you need to go for design ideas that make your lobby appear right-sized.

If you have a small lobby space and want to give it more depth, you need to choose lighter colors for your lobby and add more lighting. Moreover, you can add more mirrors that make your space appear more spacious.

On the other hand, if your lobby is too large and spacious and you want to shrink it, try adding appropriate furniture such as a solid-looking welcome desk, long sofas, and large floor rugs. You can make your oversized lobby appear smaller and cozier with these measures.

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3. Offer Sensory Experiences to Your Visitors

As soon as any visitor enters your space, your lobby forms an impression on your visitor. But the right impression is formed when your lobby’s design caters to all senses. Hence, you must create a lobby that appeals to more than just the eye. Go for creating an inviting ambiance that encourages your visitors to engage with space and the brand. Apart from the visual aspect, try catering to the sense of smell as it is closely linked to emotions. Moreover, it is also related to memory. So make sure you create a pleasing aroma in the lobby that enhances your visitor’s overall experience and want them to visit you again.

Apart from the visual and olfactory sense, the sounds and entertainment in the lobby should also be among critical considerations. But when it comes to the sounds, creating the right effect goes beyond playing your guest’s favorite playlist. Make sure you create the acoustic effects in your lobby that give your visitors the right impression. A lobby that’s too loud may give an impression of chaotic space, whereas a lobby with soft sounds gives more relaxing vibes to the visitors. To create the right acoustic effects in your lobby, opt for appropriate floorings such as carpets and flooring coverings that control noise while creating a cozy ambiance.

4. Add the Most Functional Lighting

Another design secret for creating a killer lobby is to light your space dramatically. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors. Hence, you wouldn’t want lights that are too bright. Similarly, you wouldn’t want your space to appear small and gloomy, so dull and fewer lights are not an option.

But in a multifunctional lobby space, a single lighting scheme may not be the right choice. You would want to incorporate multiple types of lighting to make the whole space work more functional and appealing. So for the working spaces in your lobby, you can go for brighter lights, but for social spaces, you can opt for an ambient lighting scheme that allows your visitors and guests to relax and enjoy the space.

Regardless of the type of lighting you choose, remember that lighting remains a crucial part of the overall lobby design strategy and must be a critical consideration early in the process.

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5. Show Some Love for Nature

Humans naturally gravitate towards nature. But in urban areas, life is far away from nature. You can take advantage of this natural preference and create a killer lobby by showing some love for nature. Create a lobby design that harnesses natural light and go for architectural designs and patterns that closely resemble nature and natural shapes. Moreover, you can also incorporate greenery by creating a vibrant canopy or adding indoor plants that offer the tranquility of the natural world to your visitors.

Final Words

These five design secrets of creating a killer lobby give you a great start to uplift your space and transform your lobby into a killer space. And as long as you can think outside the box, there is a lot more than you can do to transform your lobby into a space that’s functional and appealing.