Design Ideas for Modern Recreational Room

Tips to design a recreational room
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Whether at the office or at home, having a fun space to relax and calm the nerves is very important. To maximize the fun aspect, you should have a large space to work with; attics and basements are very good options since they have a lot of space – they also offer privacy.

Are you looking for design ideas for modern recreational rooms? Don’t worry because in this article, we will help you design an incredible rec room, and we’ll also suggest some tips that could improve it if you already have one. So, let’s start!

Add a Pool Table

Having a pool table is essential to any modern recreational room. It is true that they have been a part of American culture for a very long time, but pool tables have also adapted to the changing times. You can choose from a number of furniture options that go well with your theme, or you might want to get a slated pool table instead of a wooden one!

Whatever the case, pool tables can make for good gossip places as well! For a pleasant time with family or friends, you can also add short stools or beanbags to make space for everyone.


If you’re into having long conversations with friends over a couple of beers, consider adding a mini-bar to your recreational room. When it comes to design ideas for modern recreational rooms, mini-bars prove to be an excellent choice.

Sometimes, all you want to do is kick back and relax with your co-workers or discuss workplace drama. Having a bar in your recreational room can provide the best space for that. You can also go with muted earth tones for the wall paint since they are most heavily associated with bars and restaurants.

Bowling Lane

Recreational room design ideas can sometimes go overboard in terms of expenses, but if you’re not on a tight budget, adding a bowling lane can turn out to be super fun!

Essentially, you want an area where you have fun and can de-stress, and having a mini-bowling lane can help you do just that. It might even help initiate new friendly rivalries. A little friendly competition fosters good and healthy relationships with your peers.

Home Theater System

If your idea of fun is watching movies, or doing marathons, you definitely need a home-theater system. Recreational rooms are perfect for them since they offer privacy and a closed environment for a proper cinematic experience.

Movies and TV shows offer a much-needed escape from reality and also help boost creativity. Add a home-theater system to your rec room as a relaxing gateway for yourself and your friends. You can even get proper leather recliners to complete the look.

Foosball Table

Foosball tables can bring back a lot of memories since they used to be pretty popular in the past. You can cater to everyone’s nostalgia by adding one to your recreational room. The game itself isn’t that difficult to understand and can suit everyone’s hobbies and tastes. Foosball tables can also help pass the time while you wait for your food to get delivered.