8 Tips for Choosing Lobby Paint Colors

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Choosing a lobby paint color is one of the trickiest decisions you will ever have to make. After all, it’s the first room that your clients see as soon as they enter an apartment building, reception area, hotel or any other business facility. Hence, in addition to flooring, furniture and fixtures, you need to go with the colors that are balancing such that they create a welcoming environment for your visitors – an atmosphere that’s not too overwhelming nor too dull that it puts your visitors to sleep.

So how do you choose lobby paint color?

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In this post, we share eight tips for choosing lobby paint colors so you can create a truly memorable impression on your visitors.

1. Find the Inspiration

To start with choosing paint colors for the lobby, you need to find some inspiration. Refer to catalogues and magazines that are a great way to find décor inspiration. You can also check out the latest trends on the internet, such as Pinterest and Instagram. You can also refer to retailer sites. Even paint companies offer you some ideas and show you how to use certain colors in different spaces, such as your lobby. When you find the right inspiration, you are more likely to pick the right color for your lobby.

2. Choose a Concept

Before you choose paint colors for the lobby, decide on your overall concept of the space. For example, if you are planning to have a luxurious lobby with a theme that’s not aligned with the location, you can go for colors specific to your theme. However, if your business is located near the coast and you want to create a lobby that’s in line with the location, it’s best to choose a relaxing, calming palette of greens, emeralds, and blues.

3. Consider the Size and Layout of Your Lobby’s Space

Do you have a huge lobby? Then you can use almost any color that aligns with your space’s concept and theme. However, if you have a small space that you intend to use as your lobby, then you need to go with lighter tones and more calming colors, so the space appears more open. You can also consider improving lighting and placing mirrors to give more depth to your space.

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4. Work in Collaboration with Other Elements

As you choose paint colors for the lobby, don’t forget to collaborate with other elements. For instance, take into consideration the ceiling and the flooring before you choose a lobby paint color. If you have a natural wooden ceiling and similar colored flooring, then go for paint colors that enhance the beauty of these essential elements while giving a cohesive view to the entire space.

Similarly, consider the furniture and fabrics and then opt for colors that give a complete look to your space. For instance, with black flooring, gold furnishing and darker-toned fabrics, you can go for warmer shades that balance the overall look of your space. But if you have a minimalistic business lobby, make the most of neutral colors and give a wider and more open look to your space.

5. Don’t Forget the Lighting

One of the tips for choosing lobby color is giving enough consideration to your space’s lighting. While it might appear secondary when choosing lobby colors, lighting can play a critical role in determining the overall look of your space. And lighting is not just limited to lighting fixtures, but it also includes natural light. Depending on your space and its function, it’s best to rely on artificial and natural light. Once you figure out how natural light combines with artificial light is present in your lobby, you can then determine the right tone and gloss level of the color you should go for in your lobby space.

6. Keep in Mind How Lobby Connects with Other Areas

Does your lobby operate in isolation or connect with other conference rooms, gift shops, or coffee areas? Determine the color for your lobby depending upon how your lobby connects with other areas. In case the lobby is connected to other spaces like restaurants or coffee bars, you can go for neutral shades throughout the entire space, including the hallways and adjoining rooms. You can also go for shades that allow you to create a colorful story of your business or facility while giving a beautiful touch to your interior.

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7. Create a Welcoming Space

Don’t forget that contemporary yet simplistic is the new definition of a welcoming space. So, for example, for hotels, it could mean choosing certain shades of ivory, beige and nudes across the board while combining traditional furniture and plush seating that creates the perfect welcoming ambience. Now imagine the same arrangement of furniture, lighting and seating with oranges, purple or brown – it’s surely going to be dull. In fact, unwelcoming.

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8. Add a Touch of Glamor

Lastly, as you bring together all these tips, don’t forget to add a touch of glamor just to give the perfect greeting to your visitors. With a careful selection of colors combined with adequate furnishings and some great artwork, you can add a touch of glamor and create a wonderful experience for your customers.

Picking the right color of your lobby paint requires a great deal of attention, creativity and expertise. Use these eight tips to come up with a unique color palette and create a welcoming space that your visitors look forward to.

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