Elements of a Luxurious Recreational Room

recreational room ideas
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If you grew up watching Richie Rich, you’re probably not a stranger to fancy and lavishly designed rooms. Have you ever found yourself lost in thought about spicing up your house and being the cool friend whose place is everyone’s go-to hangout spot? Well, if you’re a big spender and money is not a concern, we’ve got you covered! How about we help you utilize all that extra space in the basement? Or maybe it’s an office space that you want to turn into a fun place.

As long as you have that extra space, setting up a recreational room is a no-brainer. The whole point of having one is so people can kick back and relax. It should be a place where you can recharge your batteries or call some friends over to have a nice time. And if you’re into that bougie lifestyle, you can do much more; there’s no end to it!

In this article, we will list the various elements of a luxurious recreational room that will give you some ideas about setting up your own personal fun zone!

Bring Back the 80’s!

This first idea is definitely a must-try. How fun does the picture above look? Getting a set of arcade machines installed in your space will get the place up and running. Not only are they fun to play with, but they also add a really cool retro look to your recreational room. And if you’re a fan of the 80’s, the arcade machines could match up with a jukebox in the corner.

You have to envision the atmosphere and vibes you want in your room to have any idea of what you want to do. A classic jukebox and set of arcade machines will set your room up for a very vintage-inspired look.

Another idea for a recreational room is to install a pinball machine. Pinball machines have once again started gaining traction in the modern world. Not only do they look cool, but they are perfect for passing the time. Why not go all out and also get yourself a gumball machine while you’re at it!

No Pool, No Fun

No luxurious recreational room will have any depth to it without a proper pool table.

Pool tables come in so many customizable options these days. You can have tables with a vintage rustic look to give off a more refined vibe, or you can go with a slate pool table to breathe life into your recreational room.

In any case, having a pool table is a fun idea to tinker with. Imagine having a bunch of friends over for a couple of drinks. Betting on a game of pool will make sure you guys have an excellent time. Don’t even get us started on those Instagram-worthy pictures you can take!

Go Big or Go Home

We’re halfway through the article, and we’re not even nearly done! Since we’re looking at elements of a luxurious recreational room, adding a mini-theater system should be on the top of your list. Recreational rooms aren’t just supposed to be for playing games and partying. You can also set up a mini-cinema to chill and watch movies.

Of course, all of this depends on the space you have, but we definitely recommend adding one to your recreational room. It will give you and your friends a fancy yet cozy space to binge TV shows and movies — a must-have for your annual Lord of the Rings marathons. Why not also get recliners?

A large LED with a gaming console set up is bound to provide some friendly competition for hours on end. Since recreational rooms are like safe havens for all sorts of hobbies, you can also get an indoor squash court added to your fun space.

More Elements to Consider

You can always give your recreational room a homey touch with neutral light paint tones. Keeping in mind to avoid a cluttered appearance, setting up tall wooden shelves can help you do just that. Again, going for neutral tones can help give a spacious and uncluttered look to your recreational room.

Lighting is another crucial aspect, especially if you are adding a pool table or setting up an indoor cinema. Multifunctional LED lights and wall sconces with a soft glow will help you get that proper cinematic experience. For the pool table, opting for fancy wall elements like pendant luminaires and backlit or indirectly lit ceilings will definitely wow your friends!

If all these elements still don’t get the ball rolling, we recommend adding more essentials – with pizzazz! We’re all fans of board games, but what if we could play the same games in different ways? Consider scrabble or monopoly. People have fun playing them, but after a while, they not only feel monotonous but also really do a number on your back. Get a huge fancy scrabble-board mounted on your wall! You can also get creative with the word tiles and get customized designs made.

For monopoly, you can get a custom life-sized board etched or built onto the floor. This way, you’ll be playing the same games, but with more action!

These were some of the key elements we thought of highlighting for a luxurious recreational room. We hope you have fun designing yours because, at the end of the day, we all want a place to de-stress in with our friends!