A Complete Guide to Designing a Pool House

Guidelines for designing a pool house
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Having a pool house built on your property enhances its architectural while also adding functional value to the property. You can have it built in different sizes and shapes to utilize your empty yard space better, while building a recreational space for you and your loved ones to enjoy.  

Regardless of how it may look, investing in a pool house will always increase your house’s utility and boost its desirability. The pool house could serve as the ultimate getaway retreat without actually having to go anywhere. With barbecue nights in the winter and pool parties in the summer, you can make room for new family memories and traditions.  

Whether you plan on building a new pool house from scratch or wish to revamp an existing one, it’s going to be an investment. Hence, the tip here is to follow proper guidelines and design your pool house well.

For a complete guide to designing your pool house, keep reading below.

1. Choose the Best Pool House Site

To ensure your pool house looks like a beautiful addition and not an expensive mistake, pick your pool house site wisely.

The first step here is to get familiar with local HOA building guidelines and regulations. Your pool house could be a certain size and height, depending on where you live. Once you have discussed the rules with your builder or have obtained a necessary building permit, you can proceed and choose your ideal location.

A pool house can be built in your backyard, your extra drive space, or could be an extension of your house. The advice is to ensure your pool house is positioned in a way that makes your landscape not look cramped.

2. Allocate a Budget

A pool house can be as luxurious or modest as you like. It could have a hot tub and an open bar, or it could just have simple pool seats and a small kitchen. In the end, it all comes down to your preference and budget.

Investing in a building project can often be overwhelming for most homeowners. Hence, to ensure you are well prepared, allocate a budget for your pool house project.

3. Choose Your Ideal Pool House Size and Design

Once you’ve studies the building regulations and have allocated a budget, you can choose your ideal pool house size and design wisely.

The size and height of the pool house could be exactly or smaller than the allowed dimensions. If the building regulations and your budget allow, you can have a multiple-story pool house. You can even build a wide-open lounge, spacious bathroom, and multiple rooms. The outlook could be as fancy as you prefer, with huge glass windows, wooden floors, marbled tabletops, and hanging planters.

If your building rules and budget allow a more modest approach, you can still get your dream house. Just get a single-story open pool house with a spacious lounging space, small bathroom, and storage cabinets. You can keep furnish and decorate it over time.

The tip here is to either follow the exact aesthetic of your house or to make a pool house that complements your house’s design without looking too noisy. This way, the pool house would fit into your space effortlessly and beautifully.

4. Make as Many Additions as You Desire

A pool house can serve as more than a shed for changing into wet suits and store pool supplies. It could be your ultimate hangout spot for multiple reasons.


You can add a fully functional kitchen to your pool house. Include a small fridge, pantry for storing snacks and basic ingredients, a stove, and even an oven for baking. Add a dining table and chairs that complement the pool house’s exterior and interior look to turn your pool house into the ultimate spot for hosting cozy family dinners, date nights, and relaxing Sunday brunches.

Open Bar

If you can afford it, having an open bar would make your pool house the talk of every summer party you throw. Design an open bar with various drinks to choose from cocktail equipment, some bar stools, and fancy wine glasses. Hang some chic art and enjoy sipping on fresh martinis as you swim in the pool or lounge in your pool house.

Spacious Bathroom

A pool house would be incomplete without a bathroom. Nothing would be worse than having to skip to your house just for a bathroom break, especially when you drip all the way after getting out of the pool.

Design a spacious bathroom with a toilet, sufficient wall hangers, a hairdryer, large mirror, shower, and, if possible, a hot tub too.

Have multiple cabinets installed in the bathroom for storing fresh towels, slippers, and dry clothes. This way, you would be able to stay at your pool house for as long as you like.

Lounge Seats and Couches

Summer and winter vacations are all about making the best memories with the people you love. Set up your pool house in a way so you can use it even on days you do not want to swim.

Set up chairs and comfortable couched in your pool house lounge, and winters, cover the floor with a warm rug. Then enjoy having tea and light snacks with your loved ones as you share stories and enjoy the view of the pool under the open sky.

5. Storage is Key

The dream is to have a pool house with essentially anything you could need to be down by the pool. So, utilize all empty corners and spaces with having cabinets and shelves built for storage. You can store pool equipment, snacks, movies, electronics, first aid supplies, etc.

6. Make it Durable and Lasting

Having to reinvest in early repairs would be very frustrating. Hence try to use only durable material to build your pool house.

For instance, if your floors are hardwood, coat them with a urethane waterproofing solution to ensure you do not have to polish your floors due to water damage. With the right building material, you would be able to enjoy your pool house for many seasons to come.

The six guidelines mentioned in the article would help you justify your investment and design a pool house that would become your favorite spot all year round.