6 Pool House Ideas You Need to Try Out Now

creative pool house ideas
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Everybody dreams about summers! And for great reasons, of course.

Pool parties, sun-kissed skin and cold fruity cocktails are all something we all look forward to, especially after a really cold winter.  

A well-built pool and a beautiful pool house will be great for those looking to enjoy the summer season to its fullest. They give you the opportunity to get your family, friends, and loved ones together to make memories that keep us happy all year round.

Whether you want to install a new pool house or wish to renovate your existing one, there are amazing creative pool house ideas that could help you with your selection.

Pool houses can be as luxurious or simple as you like. Apart from their aesthetic value, pool houses are super functional structures that allow storage, provide lounging space, and add to your house’s value.

This article brings you six brilliant pool house ideas you absolutely need to try out this summer!

1. Pool House for the Family

No memories come close to the ones we make with our families. Family bonding brings comfort, calmness and lasting memories. Build a family-friendly pool house that caters to the needs and styles of different family members.

Integrate colors and patterns that represent your family values and style. Put up fun pictures in colorful frames. Have enough pool chairs, towels and other essential items for the entire family. Incorporate a nautical and rusty decor to make the pool house as cozy as possible.

If you have young children in your family, then store some animal floaties, fun slides that could go into the pool, and yummy snacks.

2. Multi-functional Pool House

If you have a big space and a high budget, invest in a multi-functional pool house that has it all. Imagine having freshly baked pizzas with cold beers as you and your loved ones enjoy a fun day at the pool.

Build a kitchen with an outdoor pizza oven, and store the ingredients in a mini-fridge. You can also set up a makeshift bar and stock it with wines, beer, and other beverages.

Decorate the interior of the pool house with dramatic, luxurious deep colors, marble tabletops and polished furniture. Have wine stored in wooden racks and serve it in modern wine glasses. Keep the look chic and glamorous.

3. Pool House for Night Parties

Other than just having lights installed inside the pool, you can also decorate your pool house to be perfect for night parties.

You can either install a proper bar in your pool house or use the kitchen island as a makeshift bar when hosting parties. Stock it with your favorite alcohol, mixers, shakers, glassware, and anything else you’ll need to make summery cocktails. Also, have fresh juices for guests who do not wish to drink.

Decorate your walls with fun neon color patterns and more nautical-themed art. With a few changes, you can set up your pool house for parties that go on all night long. Install black lights in the pool house and party with glowing neon colors.

You could also hang a disco ball in the pool house and install an inbuilt stereo system with high-quality, surround sound speakers. To take the fun to another level, have a TV screen with video games and bean bags.

Do not forget to also have sofas and bar stools for your guests at the pool house. Keep the theme fun and edgy, and trust us when we say nobody would ever want to miss your party.  

4. Pool House for Living and Lounging

Pool houses can be built to have the essentials for a regular house. Sometimes, growing teenagers need their own space but are too young to move out. Setting up a pool house with a full bathroom, a small living area, and a bedroom would create a small private home on your property.

Decorate the lounging space with subtle pastel colors, neutral couches, dim lamps, and candles. Have a rustic wooden dining table set up on one side. Hang wind chimes, flower pots and plants from the ceiling and put up some art. You can also use your pool house to accommodate guests who might be staying with you for a longer time.

Apart from being livable, such a pool house would be excellent for hosting cozy brunches. For days you wish to stay dry, just sitting on your couch with the view of the pool could be calming and therapeutic.

5. Pool House for Working Out

Swimming in the pool is a great workout. But not everyone wants to swim under the harsh sun every single day. Building a pool house that could double as an outdoor gym would be an excellent idea.

Put up your gym mats, weights and equipment. Have an in-built stereo system for music to pump you up. Keep a mini-fridge to store cool, energizing drinks and water. You can also have a TV screen for watching workout videos as you burn away your calories.

Such an outdoor gym would allow fresh air to keep your body from getting too hot and tired too quickly. You would also get fresh air, which is great for morning yoga and breathing exercises. Adding to that would be sounds of nature, which are therapeutic and healing.

A pool house gym would also be a great place for inviting friends and family members for group workout sessions.

6. Pool House as a Guest House

To turn a pool house into a guest house for more than one guest could be expensive. However, the investment would be worth it. Not only would it make you the best host, but it would also greatly increase your house’s value.

You can have one big room or divide the room into smaller rooms with removable wooden walls. You can decorate your pool house for guests so it has a chic yet homely feel with white drapes, white sheets and neutral colors.

Also, have a small kitchen and bathroom along with space for lounging. Your guests would be forever grateful for such a hospitable, fun experience.

Final Thoughts

A pool house can be more than just a pretty structure for storing bath towels and floaties. It can be creatively built and designed in many ways so you get more out of your pool house. It could be your outdoor gym, your small in-house private getaway and a space for parties and hanging out.