5 Tips to Design The Perfect Pool House

Pool House
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A pool house is always a welcome addition to the landscape of your home. It is an extension of the pool itself and is a space with many ways to be utilized. The possibilities of designing a pool house are endless; it could be a place for you to detach from the rest of the house or a hub where all the fun in the world is possible. 

When people think about a pool house, they usually assume it will be a glorified storage shed with some chairs and a place to dry off. However, this is not the case at all. A pool house can be designed and built with as much detail as the main house. Depending on what you want out of your pool house, you can go wild with choices.

We have looked far and wide and feel that we have been able to find the best ways to design a pool house. This blog will talk about the five best ways to design your pool house to make the most of the space you have with it. 

Make A Bar

A bar is always a welcome addition to upgrading a pool house. It is best to keep your favorite drinks away from the main house. Furthermore, it is best if you want to have a place where you and your best buddies can all hang around on game night or when you need a place to unwind. Pool houses generally have a much more open floor plan, so it will be easy to pop in, make your favorite drink, and then come back out to sit by the pool. 

By keeping the bar away from the main house, you also eliminate the risk of someone unknowingly breaking one of your expensive bottles of alcohol. It stays away from underage kids who may or may not unintentionally take a sip or two. 

Double As A Guest House

The pool house is at its core, a house by the pool. It is a proper structure that can have one or even two floors. One way to utilize this space is by adding a room or two, depending on how much space you have to work within your backyard. It could be a good enough space to lounge around for a few hours or a place where you can have your guests stay for a few days here and there. 

This allows you to keep your guests and yourself separate, a welcome addition every single time. If you have ever had guests staying over for longer than a day or two, you can relate to the fact that having them stay separately is a blessing unlike any other. 

Add a Fire Pit

A pool house will be outside, separate from the main house. For people who will hang around it, a fireplace is a perfect addition. While it might be a very basic addition to some, a fire pit can take your pool house from a summer-only excursion to an all-year one. Unless it snows in the winter, you can always light a fire in the fire pit during those chilly winter months. 

Furthermore, you can also add to the landscape’s natural beauty by adding an attractive-looking fireplace. Flank this with nice chairs and outdoor furniture, and you have a winning formula that can do no wrong. 

Make It A Place Of Fun

Your pool house is meant to extend the pool, an amenity used for fun. When you design it, make sure it isn’t boring or conventional; make it fun and exciting. Start by giving it the same decor as you would find on a vacation cabana. Add elements like a straw roof, fancy tiles on the floor, or an open floor plan to make things nice and airy. Naturally, these things all depend on your space, but if you can dream it, you can do it. 

Add a media or game room. Have a TV installed to enjoy your favorite sports with your friends. Imagine watching the Superbowl with your friends, eating your favorite food, and enjoying fresh air while you’re at it. If you can finally have a dedicated place where you can sit and enjoy your favorite FPS or RPG, away from all distractions, then a pool house is the best place to set it all up. You don’t have to worry about someone coming in between you and your game; the noise won’t bother people in the house, and if you want to rage, you can always do so without worrying if someone is going to wake up. 

Finally, when decorating it, make sure you keep things around that are pleasing to the eye and can relax you. Decorate it with lively little bits and bobs here and there to make it seem fun and exciting. Add posters, paraphernalia, collectables, or just about anything you want to make it a place where you can unwind, relax, and have a good time. 

Don’t Forget What It Is – A Pool House

Beyond form, your pool house also needs to be functional. For starters, make sure you have a proper place for people to change before taking a dip in the pool. Have clothes hangers to hang their clothes while they are out in their swimsuits. This prevents people from changing inside the main house, causing a stir and bringing in wet feet and mud once they are done swimming. You can add an outdoor shower to rinse down before and after swimming.

At its core, a pool house is supposed to be an extension of the outside. When designing it, make sure the plan allows things to be as airy and open as possible. Let the breeze come in and allow you to breathe it in with ease. Use floor-to-ceiling glass doors or a retractable one with linen curtains on it to make it look like something out of a dream. 


When you design your pool house, you need to think about how much you will use. Think about how often it will be of use to you so you can decide how you want to make it work. There is no template to follow, and the possibilities are quite endless.