5 Reasons Why You Need a Guest Room

Top Five Uses of a Guest Room
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People design their homes to serve multiple functions. Apart from being a person’s sanctuary, houses have always been used to entertain and house guests.

Having close family members or friends visit your home is like a breath of fresh air. It gives people the opportunity to catch up with their loved ones, celebrate occasions together, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Every homeowner wants to provide their guests with the maximum possible level of homely comfort. To do this, homeowners have to allocate separate rooms designed and decorated especially for the guests. The guest room allows guests to enjoy a comfortable stay while having some personal space for much-needed privacy. A well-decorated guest room can boost a house’s curb value and make the homeowner an ideal host.

Although some people argue that having a guest room could be a waste of space and money, home designers like to believe differently. According to interior designers, a well-furnished guest room could be useful all year round. It all comes down to how one uses it.

Continue reading to learn about the top five reasons you need a guest room.

Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Guest Room

1. To Give Your Guests Some Privacy

You need a guest room to cater to all kinds of guests. Some guests are close relatives that visit mainly to spend time with you. These may include your friends, your lover, your family, etc.

On the other hand, some guests have a more formal relationship with you. Although these guests have come to visit you, they still need their privacy and personal space. Such guests could include a colleague, your boss, your new in-laws, etc.

Regardless of the closeness of a relationship, all kinds of guests would appreciate some personal space for themselves. After a day of hanging out and sightseeing, your guests might want a candid moment alone to relax in peace. A room to themselves will allow your guests to feel more at home as they can carry out their activities without feeling overwhelmed. Moreover, both you and your guests will be able to relax better and reenergize for another day of activities.

Furthermore, a separate guest room will also give you the privacy to go about the rest of your day without distractions and interruptions.

2. To Make Your Guest Feel Comfortable When They’re Staying with You

Every homeowner that looks forward to their guests visiting wants to make their stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. Usually, in houses with no separate guest rooms, guests have no option but to sleep in the lounging area or even in the main bedroom while the host sleeps somewhere else. This could negatively affect both you and your guests.

The absence of a guest room will disrupt your everyday household routine, overwhelm you with excessive social interactions, and make the overall visit less pleasant. Moreover, you might feel frustrated by the mess of extra mattresses and pillows in your room or lounge.

Similarly, your guests would get little rest and comfort due to the lack of privacy. They might feel overwhelmed and constantly worry about imposing themselves on you. Moreover, without a guest room, your guests might have to wait in line for the bathroom every morning. Also, due to the lack of a separate wardrobe, your guests might even have to have to live out of a suitcase.

Hence, to ensure you and your guests enjoy a wonderful time without stepping on each other’s toes, you need a separate guest room.

3. To Encourage People to Visit You

Having your loved ones spend their holidays with you will help strengthen your relationships and build unforgettable memories. However, without a proper place to stay, your loved ones might have second thoughts about visiting you. Apart from not wanting to put you through the trouble of making extra arrangements, your guests will want to go to a place where they can spend their holidays in peace. Even if your guests are in your town, chances are they might stay at the hotel.

Hence, when your guests know that they will have a private guest room when they visit, they feel more comfortable. Consequently, they will not hold back from making plans to visit you.

4. To Allow People to Stay for Longer Durations

Your loved ones might want to visit you even if you do not have a guest room set up for them. However, when people decide to take the time and money out to spend their free time, they usually want a comfortable place to stay.

Without a separate guest room, your loved ones might plan a shorter trip. This is because firstly, it would be uncomfortable for them to live in your space with no privacy, and secondly because they would not want to impose themselves.

Hence, to encourage your guests to stay for extended periods, invest in setting up a separate guest room.

5. You Don’t Just Need to Use It as a Guest Room

Due to the people’s schedules these days, people do not have the liberty of dropping everything and visiting you. This means your guest room might be used by your guests maybe two to three times every year.

However, this does not mean that the guest room is a waste of money and space. Instead, you can use the room for other purposes, such as:

  • Use the wardrobe to store extra clothes, blankets, pillows, etc.
  • Set up a desk in the corner and use the room as a home office
  • Use the room to store extra furniture before you sell it
  • Offer your room up for rent and make some extra money

Final Thoughts

Having a properly designed guest room not only boosts your house’s curb value but also encourages your loved ones to keep visiting you. It gives both you and your guests some much-needed personal space. As a result, everyone can enjoy themselves without feeling overwhelmed.