Best Garage Design Ideas

A garage after a makeover
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A garage means different things to different people. For some, it’s a large space to park vintage cars, while some people want a small but organized space. While everyone’s definition of a garage may vary, a well-designed garage adds value to your home. Let’s look at some simple but effective garage design ideas.

1: Garage Cabinet Systems  

A high-quality cabinet system will help you achieve your design goals. Garage cabinets are great for organizing garage tools and other belongings. As a result, tools are easy to find when you need them. Moreover, garage cabinets help clear away the clutter, thus making your garage tidy and clutter-free. Furthermore, garage cabinets are sleek, and they instantly add to your garage’s aesthetics.

2: Garage Flooring

While it’s mostly overlooked, the floor is a crucial component of your garage. The floor sustains fluid spills and oil leakages from vehicles, which blemish the overall look of your floor. Your garage flooring should be durable and easy to clean. Besides protecting the floor, your garage flooring also lays the foundation for your garage design.

A great flooring option is the polyaspartic garage flooring by Floortex. It is durable, sturdy, and comes in various colors. It gives your garage a great look and is easy to maintain. Another garage flooring option is the interlocking PVC floor tiles. Because of their interlocking teeth design, they can be installed easily, without any adhesives or mortar. You can also use these tiles in the laundry room or the basement, apart from the garage.

3: Slatwall Storage System

The purpose of a Slatwall storage system is to maximize the storage capacity of your garage. The walls of most garages are underutilized. The Slatwall storage system utilizes the wall space while freeing sufficient space on the floor. Asa result, homeowners, are more able to organize their garages. You can use the Slatwall storage system to hang extension cords, yard tools, and sometimes a full-fledged bike. They prevent clutter and provide you ample space to park your vehicles comfortably.

4: Overhead Storage Rack

Cabinets and slatwalls are great, but overhead storage racks provide more storage space. Overhead storage racks are good for storing bulkier items instead of letting them lie around. These racks can also store seasonal items like patio furniture, sports equipment, and Jeep winter tires.

5: Car Lift

A car lift doubles the parking space for your vehicles. These lifts utilize the vertical space in the garage and allow you to stack your cars one above the other. You can lift your prized seasonal Jeep or dune buggy while parking your everyday car on the ground.

6: Garage Door Ideas

The garage door is the most noticeable feature of your exterior property. Therefore, the look of the garage door matters. When designing a garage door, here are a few things to consider.

  • The garage door should complement your house’s architecture. For example, if you want windows with your, they should match the windows in your house. Also, the door’s color should resonate with your doors, windows, and shingles.
  • Your garage door should mimic the theme of your house for consistency, whether it is traditional or modern.
  • It must fulfill all the security requirements to protect your vehicle and belongings. Some secure door options include roller doors, side-hinged, or sectional doors.

Garage Theme Ideas

The Vintage Look

This one never goes out. There are so many decades to seek inspiration, but it is better to stick to the 1950s. For a vintage look, you can have a checkered floor coupled with some red décor. You can add a little soda bar in the corner with high vintage stools for extra visual appeal. However, it all boils down to the availability of space.

The Contemporary/Modern Look

The contemporary look is a blend of minimalist designs, refurbished appearances, bright whites, and grays with a slight pop of color. You can start with a gray or black floor, with a slight accent on the walls. You can also use colored lighting for accent. To maintain a sleek and minimalistic look, organize your storage and shelving. While you can add a few decoratives, please don’t overdo it, or you’ll have a cluttered space.

The Rustic Feel

This one is the exact opposite of the previous one. Opt for big Texan furniture and décor to conjure a rustic look for an extra character. Use a combination of reds and browns, and create a brick wall with country music posters. The rustic style goes hand in hand with natural and earth tones. To begin with, invest in tan or brown garage flooring. You can also bring in some custom-built shelving for more character.

The Casino Themed Garage

A slot machine, a card table, low lighting, and a bar area are all you need to have a casino-themed garage. While such garages are not built for parking cars if you want to bring in a vehicle, put down some epoxy that suits your car and your poker tables. You must have an extra cupboard to house your cards and chips when not playing. You can also add craps or roulette tables if your budget and space allow.

The Fancy Car Garage

If you are a Porsche or a Ferrari kind of a person, your garage should tell the story of your passion. 

Start with the color. Your color scheme must be a combination of bright yellows, greens, and reds. You can have a tiled floor that follows these color combos. Also, you can add posters and logos of the cars you like.

You can showcase some fancy car parts on your storage cabinets. These additions don’t compromise the space for more important items like car parts, tools, and machinery.

Designing a garage is an exciting process. It gives you ample creative room to play around, but a garage also adds to the look and resale value of your house.

Regardless of your design or color scheme, your garage should have sufficient storage space, easy-to-maintain flooring, and a functioning door that secures the garage while protecting your car and your belongings.