What Is the Best Color for Balcony Walls?

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Your balcony is the most versatile area of your home. It’s where you sip your morning coffee and soak yourself in some sunlight while enjoying the fresh air. It’s also the space where you unwind after a long day with your favorite book and a cup of hot chocolate on cooler fall nights. But many homeowners have concerns about what is the best color for balcony walls.

Colors around you can have a significant impact on how you feel and behave. Just like the fresh air in your balcony can lift your mood, so can be color of your balcony. So what is the best color for balcony walls? Let’s explore this question and find out some of the best colors that can be perfect for your balcony walls.

Overall Best – Paint Your Balcony Walls White

One of the all-time favorite colors that also makes the best color for balcony walls is white. Paint your balcony walls white and give a cool and comfortable ambiance to your balcony. With white walls, you can reflect most of the sunlight that allows you to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Moreover, it creates an appeal that no other color does for balcony walls.

However, most homeowners avoid choosing white color for balcony walls for its high maintenance needs. White balcony walls need more maintenance as dirt and stains are more obvious on lighter shades. But if you are someone who can manage the white walls well, thenyou deserve to enjoy beauty in its purest form with white balcony walls.  

Other Best Colors for Balcony Walls

Go for Soothing Greens

If you are looking for something unconventional for your balcony walls that’s also cool and creates a welcoming space, then green is the color to go for. With the several shades of greens to choose from, you can create a relaxing ambiance for your balcony and show your love for nature. To add some more shades of greens, you can also add a few hanging plants to your balcony and make it a more lively space.

Check Out Browns

Another color that can be one of the best colors for balcony walls is brown. It’s another color that takes you closer to nature while creating a balcony ambience that stands out. So why not go for shades of muddy brown that’s unique, give a vintage style to your balcony, and create a warm appeal for your space.

Try adding a few plants with vibrant shades of green that will surely complement your brown balcony walls.

The Vibrant Yellow

Make your balcony walls stand out with the vibrant yellow color. When you choose a vibrant shade of yellow, you can enjoy all the sunlight you want without warming up your home as the vibrant yellow walls reflect the sunlight. So make the most of natural light with vibrant yellow balcony walls without adding to your energy costs.

Stand Out With Red

If you want your balcony walls to stand out and make a style statement, red is the color you should go for. It’s unique, stands out, creates a fiery aura and is a bright addition to your space. If you are someone who prefers to keep things loud, then red is the color for your balcony walls.

Try Some Orange

For a vibrant-color lover, orange is another great choice for balcony walls. Try out shades of oranges ranging from vibrant peaches to bright reddish-yellow tints and create an appeal in your balcony walls that makes your style statement.

Let Some Calming Blues Take Over

Do you love living by the shore, but you live in an apartment that’s far from the ocean? Let some calming blues take over your balcony walls and create a relaxing space in your balcony. When you go for shades of blue for your balcony walls, you create a serene ambience that closely mimics your proximity to the ocean and remind you of the calming waves every time you are there. Hang some of your family photos and complete the look of your balcony walls.  

Attract Through Coral

For your balcony walls, try coral as it attracts attention while giving an exclusive appeal to your balcony walls. When you go for coral balcony walls, it completely takes over the space and creates a balanced, spirited ambience without creating an overwhelming appeal.

Resort to Grey

If you have ever noticed the balcony wall colors of some renowned celebrities on TV shows, it goes without saying that grey is the color they prefer. And there are some good reasons to go for this color. When you resort to grey, you can create a vintage look that stands out without overwhelming your space. And if you feel that the color is too loud for you, try adding some lighter furniture and décor items such as a white Chinese sphere lamp or a beige swing and complete your balcony’s look.

Final Words

The best color for your balcony wall is the one you like. While white is the all-time favorite color that’s perfect for your balcony, it isn’t always the best choice for everyone. If you can maintain the beauty of the high-maintenance white color, then take the risk and enjoy a great ambience on your balcony. But if you don’t prefer white, then there are unlimited colors to choose from for your balcony walls. From relaxing hues of greens and blues to vibrant orange, red and yellow, the choices are limitless, so choose a color for your balcony walls that’s a perfect reflection of your preference, taste and style and create an ambience you love.