Best Rated Bidet Toilet Seat

Best Rated Bidet Toilet Seat
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Bidet toilet seats come in many different forms and offer a whole host of different features. With so many choices, a simple decision of buying a bidet seat might not be as obvious as it seems.

So, in this article, we will look into some of the best rated bidet toilet seats in order to help you in your decision-making process.

We will look at three different bidet seats and try to conclude as to the best bidet toilet seat. Hopefully, after you’ve gone through the article, you should be able to decide on what type of bidet toilet you need for your toilet.

Comparison Chart

WoodBridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet


Bio Bidet Slim Smart Toilet Seat


Brondell Swash SE400 Elongated Bidet Seat


​Best Rated Bidet Toilet Seat Reviews

1. ​Woodbridge Luxury Bidet Toilet

The Woodbridge Luxury Bidet Toilet is a high-end bidet toilet seat with a number of fascinating features. The bidet seat has a modern design, with a low profile and elongated, skirted toilet seat. The seat has been designed to fit elongated toilets and doesn’t require any real effort to install it.

The seat has been designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. It has a built-in water heater and a warm air dryer, which ensure maximum comfort while you’re on the toilet. The height of the seat has also been perfectly optimized for maximum comfort.

The heated seat offers five adjustable temperature settings, which will ensure a warm and comfortable seat. The seat also includes a massager, which uses a gentle massage pulse functioning system.

In terms of hygiene, the bidet seat offers a number of features. It offers three different wash features namely posterior wash, pulsating wash, and feminine wash.

The water pressure used for the wash can be adjusted to meet your exact preference. Lastly, there is also a hygienic water filter in the seat that ensures the maximum possible hygiene standards.​

What’s to like about the ​Woodbridge Luxury Bidet Toilet

​As mentioned earlier, using the seat is quite convenient, which is further enhanced because it has a safety on-and-off sensor.

Also, its self-cleaning nozzles ensure you won’t have to scrub the water nozzle. It also offers a quick-release feature, which means all you would have to do is press a button, and the seat detaches itself from the toilet.

What’s not to like about the ​Woodbridge Luxury Bidet ToileT

​The ​Woodbridge Luxury Bidet Toilet is not so economical as it uses a lot of water.


  • check​Ensures greatest possible hygienic standards.
  • check​It has an adjustable water pressure.
  • check​Equipped with a water heater as well as a warm air dryer.
  • check​Heated seat with adjustable temperature.


  • ​It needs a nearby electrical outlet.
  • ​It uses a lot of water.


2. ​Bio Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

The Bio Bidet Smart Toilet Seat comes with a self-cleaning, stainless steel nozzle, which makes maintenance easier, as well as assures that it can last a lifetime. The seat comes with a night light, which will simplify your nighttime “escapades”.

The Bio Bidet toilet seat utilizes a patented technology called the Future Warm Water Technology. Meaning, it has heating coils to warm the seat for maximum possible comfort. It also improves the process of heating the water tank, which will guarantee that you won’t get any chilly surprises.

The smart toilet seat is also quite easy to install. All you have to do is to slip in a couple of rubber-encased nuts into the seat’s prebuilt holes and use them to lock the seat onto the toilet. The bidet seat also comes with a T-splitter and a water hose, which are used to connect to the water valve.​

What’s to like about the ​Bio Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

​The seat has a small but intuitive control panel that is located ideally on the right side of the seat. This part can be used to adjust the position of the water sprayer as well as the water pressure.

It is used to control the seat’s heating mechanism as well as the water temperature, ensuring a comfortable toilet experience.

What’s not to like about the ​Bio Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

The ​issue with Bio Bidet Smart Toilet Seat ​​​is that the seat is designed to fit only two-piece toilets without a French curse.


  • check​Slow-closing lid prevents it from slamming down.
  • check​Fusion Warm Water Technology ensures a comfortable bathroom experience.
  • check​Has a night light that illuminates the toilet bowl.


  • ​The seat is designed to fit only two-piece toilets without a French curse.
  • ​Might need some bathroom renovations if your bathroom doesn’t have the necessary requisite.


3. ​Brondell Swash Bidet Seat

​The Brondell Swash Bidet Seat is available in two different variants, an elongated and a round one. It has several features that can enhance your bathroom experience and ensure the greatest possible personal hygiene.

Among its many features include a warm water wash, a warm air dryer, and a heated seat with a gentle pulse massage function. It also has a power saving mode and a stainless steel, self-cleaning nozzle. The wash nozzle is adjustable and offers rear as well as front washes.

The Swash Bidet Seat offers an incredibly easy installation process. All you would have to do is remove the existing toilet seat and replace it with the swash.

No need to hire a handyman or for that matter requires any special tools. It’s a straightforward process that takes only a couple of minutes at most.

The seat comes with a T-adapter, which makes water hookup quite easy. It also comes with a 3.5-foot long power cord, which is long enough to reach most power outlets.

What’s to like about the ​Brondell Swash Bidet Seat

​The seat has a nice fit and even better finishing, which makes its use extremely convenient. The controls can be found on the right side of the seat on the side-mounted control arm and are well laid out.​

What’s not to like about the ​Brondell Swash Bidet Seat

​This bidet seat ​does not include a carbon deodorizer filter.


  • check​A relatively quiet fan.
  • check​It has a maximum number of features.
  • check​It offers the greatest possible personal hygiene.
  • check​Heated and massage seats.


  • ​Does not include a carbon deodorizer filter
  • ​The warm air dryer is quite weak.



All the best-rated bidet toilet seats mentioned offer a degree of comfort, convenience, and hygiene that normal seats can’t provide. Each of them has incredible value to their users. However, since we have to decide which one stands out the most, let’s look at their defining features.

If we had to choose, we’d choose the Wood Bridge Luxury Bidet Toilet seat. The main reason for our choice is that WoodBridge offers a number of washing features.

For example, it allows us to choose between pulsating wash, posterior wash, and feminine wash. It also has a carbon deodorizer filter, which Brondell Swash Bidet Seat lacks.

25 thoughts on “Best Rated Bidet Toilet Seat”

  1. Michael Miller

    I have always found bidets to be fascinating. It is nice to see them becoming more popular in America. Out of the list you provided I liked the features of the Woodbridge luxury toilet the best, but at an $800 price point, I see why it is called luxury.

    If I had to pick one out of your top three choices I would go with the Brondell Swash Bidet Seat despite its lack of features.

    One question I have is my wife told me she never wants to consider using a bidet over a normal toilet and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on ways to convince her to try one?

  2. Thanks for narrowing down the choices and providing all the pros and cons of each. It really helps to make a decision.

    I tend to get overwhelmed when I start looking. After a trip to Japan, our household is sold on a bidet and we are looking to get one!

    How will you rate the ones in your review? Are they listed in order of preference?

  3. Hi!

    I’m glad I stumbled upon your website. My spouse and I are in the process of building our duplex, and we’ve been reading a lot and looking around for ways to make our bathroom comfy. We’ve even tried searching on websites such as Houzz, but haven’t found anything close to these. The WoodBridge Luxury Bidet Toilet seat looks like a winner. Plus, the price is affordable. To be honest, we didn’t expect it would cost less than $1000. We are a little confused, though. I clicked on the image and on Amazon, four products with different prices are displayed just below the “Color Name.” We’re wondering why the price differs for the same product when there’s only a change in color. Are the designs different too?

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Advance My House

    Hello Princilla.

    I am happy that you were able to find the website and yes, the WoodBridge Bidet seat is a very good choice!

    As it relates to the different prices on Amazon, you will notice that the other 3 toilets are without a bidet seat and they all have totally different designs and features.

    That is reason why you see the price difference. 

    Do let me know if you have any furtter questions and thanks for visiting today!

  5. Advance My House

    Hey SJ,

    I am glad that this article has helped you to make a decision on what Bidet Toilet seat to get for your household.

    The seats listed are in no particular order, however, all of them are of very high quality standard.

    And as you can see from the verdict, the Wood Bridge Luxury Bidet Toilet seat is our preferred choice due to the number of washing features available.

    Thanks again for visiting!

  6. TheToysThatTeach

    This is a great article about the best rated Bidet Toilet Seats. I love that you included 3 options (which was enough choices for me without feeling overwhelming) as well as gave pros and cons of each. I love hearing about the great things about products but also appreciate hearing what might be a potential downside. Always have to weigh the good with the bad 🙂

    I am really drawn to the Swash Bidet seat, mostly because of how you mentioned it was easy to install and could be done at home.

    Do you recommend amazon as the best place to buy or is there a cheaper option? Is a warranty included with purchase and if so, how long does it last?

    Thank you so much!


  7. I like the idea of a bidet. A lot of my relatives in Germany have them, and it seemed pretty novel the first time I visited. Are these at all popular in the states? I think that I would have to do a major bathroom reno to be able to add one of these, but they are great! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Advance My House

    Thank for your comment. 

    Yes, bidets are becoming more popular in the US as time goes by. It will just take a while for most people to get used to using it. 

  9. Of the three toilets, my top pick would be the Brondell Swash Bidet Seat – while it might not have quite as many features as the Woodbridge Bidet Toilet, it does have what I think I’ll be happy with, and has what I would call a “happy medium” price.

    I love the idea of the heated seats!

    Do you know which of the three has the highest overall rating?

  10. Advance My House

    Hey, Jennie!

    Thank you again for stopping by and we are delighted to know that you found this article helpful. 

    The Brondell Swash Bidet Seat is definitely a great option which is easy to install at home without the need of hiring a plumber.

    And yes, we almost always recommend amazon as a best place to get the lowest prices for these products online.  A 1 year warranty is also included with this purchase.

  11. I thought the coolest thing on the market were the soft close lids which I absolutely love as my kids seem to think it’s cool to see if they can slam the lid harder than their brothers and sisters.

    I thought the toilet and the bidet were separate but are they now combined into one unit? How does that work to keep you clean?

  12. Advance My House

    Hi Tonya,

    Your pick is still a great choice! These are all top bidets and that is why they are on this best of list 😉

    Now, when it comes to having the highest overall ratings, The Woodbridge Bidet Toilet leads when it’s compared with the others.

    This is because of it’s high quality built, plus it has much more features, benefits and functionalities. It truly deserves all the high marks.

  13. Advance My House

    Soft close toilet lids are way cool for sure, Rick:) This is one of the main features of most of the bidet toilet seats which you see on the market today.

    You can either purchase a bidet seat by itself and install it to your existing toilet or an entire bidet toilet such as the TOTO Washlet A200 which is fully automated and equipped to get you thoroughly clean.

    I hope this helps to answer your questions and feel free to use the contact form to leave any other questions you may have or reply below.

  14. All I can say is, WOW! I was looking to update my bathroom and this is what pops up for me. I am so glad it did because I was looking for a toilet just like this.

    I never knew toilets could have so many functions. I see them on tv a lot.That’s what gave me the thought that I need to update my bathroom.

    I do have one question.
    Do these toilets clean themselves periodically, like a self-cleaning oven do? That would be nice if they do. Then, I won’t have any hesitation to get it 🙂

  15. Advance My House

    Hi, Cooki,

    Thank you for visiting our website and glad to know that this article is helpful.

    These Best Rated Bidet Toilet Seats do come with self-cleaning nozzles, which cleans on the inside, however, you would need to clean the exterior and around the rims of the toilet for maximum overall cleanliness.

  16. Win Bill Huang

    The woodbridge luxury bidet toilet sounds perfect for two of my friends. It sounds funny too because they are two different kinds of perople. One of the is an old man with hermorrhoids.

    He always complained how the bathroom seat is too cold and how nice it would be if his toilet can clean itself up after him.

    As for my other friend, it is a lady. She is a bit of a hygiene freak. She hates it when she makes a mess in the bathoom. A bidet toilet like this would sound pretty helpful to her. However, I think she would prefer a mobile bidet toilet if it was conveniently priced.

    I would get a bidet toilet too if my landlord allowed me. He would kill me for the water thing or else I would love it too.

  17. Hello Jason

    Wow, I never knew there was such comfort and so many options for a bidet. The Woodbridge has to be near electric in order to have heat? I appreciate the insight you have given me on my choices. It will make my shopping experience much easier.



  18. Toilet seats are a pretty interesting niche and it’s definitely one of those subjects that should be around 🙂 Woodbridge toilet seat looks AMAZING!! It’s out of this world!!

    Bio Bidet toilet seat is the type of toilet seat that we can see in Japan. I’ve always wondered what brand are they 😀 Thank you for the great post!! It was really fun to read…

  19. Hello, Mark,

    Yes, the Woodbridge Bidet has to be near an electric outlet and plugged in order to get the unit warm and everything else to work.

    This is how electric bidet toilet works.

    I hope this helps you out and thank you for your question.

  20. Interesting article. Looks like you have the best rated bidet toilet seats listed on the market. These are all great! I think I would just go with the entire toilet instead of the seat. I think it might be easier without having to remodel the bathroom to accommodate the seat itself. Features such as the heated seat and warm water have me sold. Thanks for your research.

  21. Is it possible to hard wire these bidet toilet seats or do they have to be plugged into an outlet? I have been considering Bio Bidet Smart Toilet Seat. I like the fact that it is easy to install, and it has a night light. You just never know when that night light will come in handy.

    Although that pulsating wash on the Wood Bridge is nice too, it is a bit out of my price range. You have chosen a nice selection here with a variety of price points which is great.

  22. I remember back in the Philippines, my home had a bidet and it has always been extremely convenient and less yucky to use. However, when I got here in the USA, bidets were so hard to find! It was like a rare commodity for some reason which is so bizarre.

    My pick among the rest is definitely the Woodbridge Luxury Bidet System too! Not only is it hot and cold water compatible, but it definitely looks easy to clean! XD

  23. Advance My House

    We always recommend these bidet to be plugged into an outlet nearby for maximum safety. Hard wiring isn’t recommended, especially with these type of high-end products.

    Glad you liked the great selection as well.

  24. Advance My House

    The good thing about bidets now in the states is that they are becoming increasingly popular each and every day.

    It’s full time that more and more Americans get used to the modern way of using the toilet.

    Thanks for chiming in with your comment, Kimiko. We appreciate it!

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