The Wonders and Benefits of Bidet Toilet Seats

The Wonders and Benefits of Bidet Toilet Seats
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Bidet toilet seats are increasingly becoming popular as a common part of bathrooms. They are basically an upgrade to your toilet experience as they function to clean you after you use the restroom.

But, what really are the benefits of bidet toilet seats? What does it offer that can make you want to go for that upgrade?

The use of bidet is said to give a lot of benefits. Aside from promoting better hygiene practices, it is also good for the environment since it lessens or eliminates the need to use toilet paper.

It can also give health benefits as it can prevent urinary tract infections, and provide therapeutic advantages to those with hemorrhoids or those with limited mobility.

Getting a bidet toilet seat would mean totally replacing your toilet seat. They come in different types and costs, as their features vary from one to the other. There are bidet seats which provide the basic cleaning functions, and there are also high-end seats with advanced features like a seat warmer, adjustable water temperature, air dryer, etc.

Benefits of Bidet Toilet Seat: Everything That You Need to Know

Hygiene Purposes

Nothing cleanses better than water, we all agree to that. Cleaning your private areas with water using a bidet is the best way to maintain proper hygiene and to prevent the spread of bacteria. Using paper towel can irritate our sensitive areas and cannot also guarantee that there will be no residue which can be uncomfortable and just cause the germs to spread.

Cost Effective

A bidet toilet seat will require you to use water and electricity. There are types of seats which have power-saving functions, or adjustable water pressures, to help you conserve the use of both. On the other hand, the use of paper towel has been said to be more costly since it will require more water and electricity to manufacture them.


The production of toilet paper not only requires water and electricity but also a demand for trees to be cut, which does not do our forest any good. The use of a bidet will reduce or even eliminate the need to use toilet paper in cleaning our private areas. Not only will it provide health benefits, it will also benefit our environment.

Helps with Health Problems

One of the most common health benefits of using a bidet is the comfort it gives to those suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids. The use of toilet paper can be very traumatizing since it can cause friction and abrasion on the skin. Most bidets have features which allow the pressure to be adjusted to a level applicable or necessary.

Some high-end bidet seats also have a warm water feature which adds comfort and an air dry function which will help you dry yourself after use, totally eliminating the need for you to use toilet paper to dry yourself. It is also beneficial to those who have undergone surgeries on their sensitive areas as it provides comfort and prevents the spread of bacteria.

For New Mothers and Women In General

Mothers who have just given birth experience discomfort in their private area and the use of bidet for cleaning helps that sensitive area to not feel the pressure and additional discomfort. It promotes a soothing and relaxing feeling instead. Women with menstrual period also tend to feel unfresh and uncomfortable, and cleaning their area with water is the best solution to making them feel better.

Comfort for the Seniors

Majority of the elderly experience mobility issues and using the toilet can be a very difficult task. A caregiver assistance can lower one’s self-esteem because of the need to depend on someone else when using the toilet, which is also a very sensitive task. The use of bidet seats promotes independence and helps restore confidence since it allows one to complete the task without having to depend on someone.

Advanced Features

Since bidet seats are becoming popular, the advanced features that they come with are increasing too. There are different advanced features that make your bathroom experience uncomplicated and more fulfilling than ever. Some of the features include rear and front wash, night light, adjustable water temperature and pressure, a gentle-close lid, and an air dryer which totally completes the job.


After laying all the known benefits of bidet toilet seats, can we conclude that it is worth becoming a part of our bathroom? Well, if it promotes healthier and better hygiene practices, then it is definitely going to be worth it. Nothing is more important than making sure we maintain and promote healthy habits.

From an environmental standpoint, we can say that its use eliminates or at least reduces the need to use toilet paper which can decrease the demand to cut trees. We are all aware of what good trees do for us and our environment, right? It is also cost-effective since we can conserve water and electricity as it will only require minimal use compared to how much will be required to manufacture toilet papers.

Aside from its hygienic benefits, we cannot deny the fact that it has health and therapeutic benefits which can totally bring comfort and change the toilet experience of those suffering from pain and mobility issues. It can promote independence and rebuild the confidence of the elderlies who, when using the toilet, can just use a bidet seat instead of having to depend on a paid caregiver.

Overall, the decision really depends on you. Sure, they offer a lot of benefits and features which can definitely improve your toilet experience, but of course, you still have to consider the different factors that come with this upgrade. Some things to consider would be the water and electricity consumption, the cost of the bidet seat, and the installation costs.

If you are one of those who are willing to overlook these factors for the health and comfort benefits you will gain from using bidet toilet seats, then finding the right type or brand for you and your family is what you should do next.

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