TOTO Washlet S350e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat Review

TOTO Washlet S350e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat Review

Quick Overview






  • ​The unit makes use of a single wand or nozzle setup with several spray outlets located at the nozzle’s tip to manage front and rear washing.
  • ​This bidet toilet seat also comes with a convenient soft spray feature meant for cleaning the rear while the wide spray feature is useful for women.
  • ​This bidet seat uses eWater in two ways: it pre-mists the bowl with eWater before use and also uses eWater to mist the bowl after every use.


  • ​it can be moist at times
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Do you want a more hygienic bathroom that will cater to the needs of people with limited mobility?

If so, you will need a bidet toilet seat. The bidet seat is recommended for people who are suffering from conditions like hemorrhoids and is also great for people who have reduced mobility and have difficulty cleaning themselves.

The main purpose of a bidet toilet seat is to provide a thorough clean after doing your business in the restroom.


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Features of TOTO Washlet S350e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Modern and straightforward design
  • Package includes installation and connection hardware
  • Pre-mist function
  • Provides front and rear warm water cleaning with adjustable pressure and temperature controls
  • Zero-tank automatic water heating so you will not run out of warm water
  • Automatic open and close lid feature
  • Built-in nightlight
  • 5 water pressure settings
  • Heated seat
  • Self-cleaning wands
  • Automatic energy saver and seat sensor


Toto is known for making high-quality bidet seats and this particular model does not disappoint. It comes with all the features that other bidet seats provide as well as several extra features not found on rival models in the market.

This unit comes with a sleek wireless remote. Lots of bidet seat remotes are on the bulky side but this product solves this problem by putting buttons on the rear part of the remote. The remote has a handy and convenient size and can still provide you with easy and fast use of the bidet seat.

The position of the nozzle can be adjusted by means of a remote control. There are 5 water pressure settings, so you can reduce or increase the pressure as you please.

This soft spray tempers the pressure from whatever setting the seat is on while the wide spray broadens the spray in order to tackle a bigger surface area. One can shift between the regular spray and these particular sprays easily with the remote.

The water temperature can be adjusted to one of 5 settings ranging from 86-104 degrees F. Another excellent advantage of this model is that it uses tankless water heater advancement so you will not run out of warm water to use.

The product also includes an oscillating feature which shifts the nozzle backward and forward and extends the washing area. The water pulse feature meanwhile pulses the stream of water. Users can also use these two features together.

One great feature of this bidet toilet seat is the automatic close and open function. The seat has body sensors so it can perceive whenever users are approaching the bidet and automatically open for the user.

After using the bidet, it will close automatically after 90 seconds. If you want to raise the seat, you can tap the button located on top of the remote control which will lift both the seat and the lid. Both parts will close after 90 seconds.

This unit uses what is known as eWater. eWater is electrolyzed water and has the ability to restrict bacterial development and maintain cleaner surfaces.

If the toilet is not used, it will mist the bowl every 8 hours. Keep in mind though that you still need to scrub the bowl every once in a while for maintenance. Nevertheless, this feature will definitely make cleaning the toilet simpler and faster for you.

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Because the unit comes with the Pre-misting feature, it can be moist at times. Be careful each time you sit on it or you may fall off.


We recommend the ​TOTO Washlet S350e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with Auto Open and Close​ highly because it is one of the best bidet seats out there. It helps improve hygiene and is easy to make.

The Pre-mist feature is one of the convenient and helpful factors that make this product stand out. If you are concerned with bathroom cleanliness, make this your first bidet seat choice.



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