How to Use a Bidet Hose: A Modern Take on Proper Hygiene

How to Use a Bidet Hose: A Modern Take on Proper Hygiene
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Personal hygiene is an important part of our daily lives. Thus, investing in the right cleaning devices is an absolute must.

One popular cleaning device today is the bidet hose. Yet, many are still not aware of the correct ways on how to use a bidet hose.

Bidet, bidet hose, bidet spray, hand-held bidet—these are all referring to the bidet hose, which is a shower-like toilet attachment that is used for cleaning the bottom area of the body. It is simple to install, easy to use, and very efficient in cleaning.

The fact that it is a hand-held attachment would provide you with total control over the flow of the water. For this reason, it became the more preferred type of bidet compared to a fixed nozzle. After all, it makes it easier to deal with the surprise jet of water if you are the one controlling it.

Now that you have a rough idea what it is exactly, then allow us to share with you how to use it. In this way, you can make a well-informed decision about whether to install a bidet in your home or not.

Most Common Features of a Bidet Hose

Before you can start learning how to use a bidet hose, there are still many things that you need to know. First off, out of all the types of bidets, the bidet hose is the hardest to maintain. While the seat and attachment have self-cleaning programs, this will wear and tear with the passage of time; there’s no denying that.

While sprayers are very simple concepts, they do have some features that can definitely come in handy if one has access to them. Below are some of the most common features that you will find on a bidet and a brief explanation as to what it is and what its functions are.

  • A pressure control knob is a great feature to have on such an item. While most have a valve, the valve is usually for turning the stream on and off, not for controlling the jet, something that would make the experience much more enjoyable
  • An ergonomic handle is a must-have in this type of item. Seeing as it’s already a bit uncomfortable to shoot a stream of water towards your intimate regions, imagine having to do so with a spray head that’s not flexible, giving you a bad angle. An ergonomic handle will be curved and nice to handle, providing you with the ability to reach the perfect position to make the experience as comfortable as possible
  • Stainless steel is the best choice when it comes to build quality. So, buy a bidet hose that’s made using stainless steel, and avoid plastic. At the slightest impact, plastic can break, rendering the item useless. Stainless steel is much, much more durable and resilient when it comes to damage, leaking, and lifespan.

Why You Should Invest in One

  • A lot of countries are starting to adopt this as a household staple, with Japan and Asia, in general, giving more and more importance to perineal hygiene. It gives the user a much better cleaning experience than just using toilet paper, and it’s less expensive than wet wipes in the long run.
  • It’s also a great contribution to the well-being of the environment, as those who use a bidet (any kind) will drastically reduce their toilet paper consumption. Better hygiene and a better future? Now that’s quite the deal!
  • It’s very easy to setup and use. Contrary to popular belief, this type of bidet only requires a working toilet to get up and running. The water supply is usually the one that’s already being used to supply the toilet tank, and all of the required pieces come bundled up with the bidet hose.
  • The investment is, oftentimes, very minimal. This particular type of bidet is very affordable since it’s basically a shrunk down shower head.

What Are the Drawbacks Associated with This Type of Bidet?

  • This type of bidet is a bit messier than those that are attached or embedded in the toilet seat. It might require the user to take some awkward positions for optimal cleaning, which can lead to spilling a fair bit of water on the bathroom floor.
  • They can’t run hot water without some sort of extra valve, which is more complicated to install, translating into increased plumbing expenses.

How to Use a Bidet Hose

Step 1. Assuming that you already one have installed in your home, the first thing that you need to do to use a bidet hose is to locate where it is. More often than not, it is installed on the right side of your toilet, making it easily accessible.

Step 2. On the control mechanism, which is normally at the right side of the toilet seat, open the valve to allow water to flow through the sprayer.

Step 3. There are two ways of using a bidet hose. Depending on your preference, you could either splash the water from the rear or front. Women are known to spray through the front as this would clean both the anal and genital areas at the same time.

Step 4. Once you have positioned the nozzle head, squeeze the trigger lightly at first to let the water out. When it comes to using a bidet hose, you would want to spray at an angle. This is because doing so offers a more effective cleaning. In addition to that, it also prevents any splash back.

Step 5. For most people, it may take a few tries before one can learn their desired level of water pressure and angle. Just give yourself some time and use it often so that you get used to operating it.

Step 6. Dry off using toilet paper or a clean towel.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s so great about owning a bidet hose? Well, it’s a small step towards a healthier lifestyle, reducing the spread of the bacteria on the body and promoting a cleaner, healthier image. It’s also a small (but great) contribution that you can make towards a better future as it minimizes the use of toilet paper in the household.

If you want to have a good experience, then it’s highly recommended to respect all of the manufacturer’s if you want your device to last as long as possible. These will include maintenance tips, things to avoid for each particular model and, most importantly, how to install correctly.

Make sure to pick up a quality product made using durable materials from a reputable manufacturer or seller. Don’t invest in a cheap product; these will leak and turn your experience sours very quickly. All in all, take this step and improve your lifestyle, your health, and your hygiene.

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