Do You Use Toilet Paper With a Bidet: Breaking the Mystery

What Is A Bidet Attachment
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Bidets were invented in France in the 17th century and were once part of luxurious castles. Eventually, they have become common in Europe, Middle East, China, South America, and most of Asia for several years. However, in some countries, like the USA, it is a relatively new concept.

That is why many people are still confused about this product and ask the questions “Do you use toilet paper with a bidet?” and “What is a bidet really for if you already have a toilet paper?”

The Bidet: Its Uses

As an overview, just as the toilet paper we use, the bidet is supposed to be used to clean up after defecating. Water from the jet or tap of the bidet is used for cleaning the genital and anal areas.

As you might already know, water is the best solvent in the world so, naturally, it washes away everything. This is why bidets are seen as a significant tool for personal hygiene in many cultures around the globe.

Bidets are also becoming increasingly popular for the elderly as well as people with physical disabilities. The fact that you can sit down and then clean up provides a lot of ease for such individuals.

Women also find it useful during their monthly periods or when they are expecting. Aside from these personal uses, people are also using handheld bidets to wash up soiled cloth diapers.

Do You Use Toilet Paper with a Bidet: A Better Understanding

Historically speaking, water is the primary source of cleaning when using a bidet. That is the whole idea of this tool.

However, it is really up to you if you want to use a toilet paper together with water coming from the bidet. In most cultures, where bidet is commonly used, people utilize their hands for cleaning up their anus. That is considered the de facto way of cleaning as far as bidets in such countries or regions are concerned.

Using toilet paper even when using a bidet is not so uncommon after all as many people do not like to use their hands. Whether it is actually unsanitary is debatable because washing the hands with soap after wiping the anus should essentially get rid of any germs.

Hence, some experts say that it seems more of a psychological issue because most people already have a general mentality that touching the anus, whether with feces or none and unless they are taking a bath or washing, is gross.

Facts about Using a Toilet Paper in Combination with a Bidet

One may argue that there is no need for toilet paper or hands when it comes to bidets as the water pressure itself should be enough to clean up the area.

Many bidets do indeed have very high-pressure jets that are sufficient on their own. In Japan, the toilet seats with built-in bidets are so advanced you might not need to use anything at all.

Similar bidets are now also available in other parts of the world including the USA. Hence, let us look at certain points that make using a combination of toilet paper and bidet water advantageous and disadvantageous.

  • Advantages:

Generally speaking, toilet paper in combination with water can provide thorough cleaning of the area since it is like using wet wipes but chemicals are absent.

One thing, though, that you must remember is that the water from the bidet will make the paper wet and most likely it will break.

To avoid that, you can make a roll of several sheets of toilet paper so that there are more layers, and then wipe your bottom.

Also, if you do use a toilet paper, the chances of you acquiring germs and then transferring to other people will reduce significantly.

There will be a lesser chance of you catching a virus and that way you can use water for cleaning without thinking about the stigma related to using hands for anal cleaning.

Another reason is that the water coming from the bidet can already initially clean your hands.

Therefore, even if you have one of those high-end bidets that spray out water with high pressure, using the toilet paper will ensure thorough cleansing. You basically combine the power of two solutions into one.

  • Disadvantages:

Using a toilet paper in combination with bidet might also require you to spend more on toiletries. That is because it is a must that you should go for a high-quality one with two or more plies and higher water resistance.

Of course, more affordable and single-ply ones will most likely break with even a little amount of water. So, you might end up buying only well-known brand names.

In addition to cost, using a toilet paper actually contradicts the reason why bidets are promoted for use. The modern bidet movement is focused on eliminating the need for toilet papers.

This is because toilet paper rolls are produced from trees, and deforestation has become a serious problem in the world. So, in the spirit of protecting the forests, many enthusiasts are moving towards water for cleaning.

In the USA, 36.5 billions of toilet paper rolls are used per annum. That is an insane amount of toilet paper.

This legitimizes the claims of the movement against deforestation that there is a need of reducing down the use of products made from the wood of these trees.


Bidets are marketed as eco-friendlier and more hygienic solutions for wiping oneself after using the toilet. As such, the debate for combining the two is very much still alive.

Nonetheless, you must remember that the sole purpose of both the bidet and toilet paper is to cleanse the area thoroughly.

Hence, to generalize the answer to the question “Do you use toilet paper with a bidet?” that will solely depend on some factors.

If the idea is to scrub the area thoroughly, instead of touching the area with your hand, you can cover it with sheets of toilet paper. Not only do you clean yourself with water, but you also avoid germs.

On the other hand, if removing any residue left behind is enough, then a bidet can work on its own. Nevertheless, wash your hands even if you use toilet paper as health experts advise washing hands on every visit to the toilet, regardless of what cleaning method you are following.

We hope you found this article helpful, and if you do, please consider sharing it with someone that you think it will benefit.


17 thoughts on “Do You Use Toilet Paper With a Bidet: Breaking the Mystery”

  1. Well i saw toilet paper and it got my attention. So this is the new type of toilets they are manufacturing? 

    And props for having the courage to do this type of article. I know not everyone would have done it. I am yet to have the experience with one of this type of toilet.

  2. Hello Jason,

    The bidet is one savior of the planet, it reduces the use of toilet paper, helps with financial budget and hygienically inclined.
    Using the toilet together with the bidet seems an extravagant thing to do.

    Of course, do hand washing after any task is the number one key to eliminates germs.

    I like to own one after reading your excellent article.
    Good one,

  3. Thanks for the article on Bidet’s and toilet paper. I guess I am just one of those people who cant imagine getting a proper clean without the toilet paper. I did not know that people used their hands and I have to admit, I find that very shocking. Thank you again.

  4. David Cullers

    I have never used a bidet. This is great information for using one though. I have seen toilets here in the USA that have them built in and they always seemed a little like a fancy gadget that was too rich for my use.
    After reading your article, I think the next time I have to change a toilet in our house, I may very well spend the extra and get one with a built in bidet.
    Thanks for the info,

  5. Good Day,

    Thanks for your insightful article.

    Until now I was also one of those people that thought a bidet was only a luxurious item. Never thought that it is a useful tool for people with disabilities too. Thinking of it now, it actually makes sense.

    As for the “Do you use toilet paper with the bidet?” question… I think I fall into the category of yes, I think I will.

    As a sanitary device, as you said, water is the best soluble, hence my search for a bidet.

  6. Hey, Jill,

    As bidets become more and more popular in the western world, you will get more used to the idea of getting one for your home. Then at that time, you will not want to go back to what you are currently using.

    And yes, people do use their hands to clean in certain parts of the world. There is a whole lot more to learn…

    Keep up to date with the site to learn more.

    Thank you for your comment.

  7. Oh yeah, it’s about time you make the upgrade to a bidet toilet, David 🙂 This is something that you and your family will not regret.

    Please let us know of your experience.

  8. Wow, a bidet as they call it is a complicated thing, I thank you for giving us Americans some insight into this topic. The main question has been; To bidet or not to bidet? But I think it is a much more economic way of cleaning than just paper. I also think that using toilet paper after would be best, and the combination would equal less use of toilet paper cleaner situations.

  9. Living in the United States, I haven’t come across a lot of bidets. I know what one is and I may have seen a couple in travels, but I never really had a great concept of it until now. If the water power were strong enough, I can see not using toilet paper. But how do you dry yourself after so your pants don’t get all wet?

  10. Advance My House

    “To bidet” is the way to go for sure, Danny.

    It’s simply much more hygienic, economic, and provides a whole lot of benefit for many people. 

    Thank you for your comment here & also feel free to check out our top bidet reviews here and get some further bidet advice here

  11. Advance My House

    Hi, Jaime,

    You can either use toilet paper/towel  as pointed out in the article or a warm air dryer usually included with the high end bidets such as the TOTO midrange series.

    This ensures that you are thoroughly dry.

  12. OK after I learn to be “cool” with using my hand to clean and then blow drying my kiester, how do you clean the bidet (nozzles or whatever) and with what? And how often should it be cleaned?

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