What Is a Bidet Attachment: Hygiene Essentials 101

What Is a Bidet Attachment: Hygiene Essentials 101
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Bidets have changed throughout the years. Today, it is now migrating from their initial plumbing fixture form towards a more user-friendly and compact package.

With that said, many seem to wonder what is a bidet attachment. What forms does it come in and how can it improve our overall bathroom experience?

Do you remember George Constanza’s speech from the legendary sitcom Seinfeld about how toilet paper hasn’t changed much? Well, it seems like George has not heard the news yet.

The thing is, toilet paper is becoming more or less obsolete due to the fact that bidet attachments provide much better cleaning. In many ways, bidet attachments are slowly replacing toilet paper.

What Is a Bidet Attachment?

Bidets are a relatively new concept in the western hemisphere. For this reason, it is very important to answer this question as clearly as possible.

For the longest time, bidets have been a luxury. While it has shed its coat of luxury with its more modern versions, it has also become more useful and affordable, all the while staying true to its original function.

So, what is it, really? A bidet attachment is an item that is used to clean the perineal and genital areas. It is designed to make cleaning these specific areas as comfortable and as easy as possible. That being said, it comes in many forms and with a lot of different features that, at first glance, might not be essential, but make all the difference.

A bidet attachment is, as the name implies, a product that can be mounted or installed on an existing toilet. No longer does one need to make extra space in the bathroom to own a bidet. No, those days are long gone.

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Different Kinds of Bidets

Bidet attachments come in several forms. Apart from either being mechanical or powered by electricity, they also come in toilet seat or toilet seat attachments and sprayer models (similar to a shower head, also referred to as a bidet hose).  Let’s see what these devices are and how they work.

  • Bidet Seat

What Is A Bidet Attachment

The bidet seat is, in many ways, the Cadillac of rear hygiene. It is typically much more expensive than other types of attachments and is often more comfortable yet complicated to use. Let’s talk a bit about what features and other things that one might expect from it.

The bidet seat is basically a toilet seat combined with a bidet. It has a base built in the back where the nozzles or nozzle is usually found on a bidet attachment, staying hidden when not in use. The build quality is also much, much better than anything else you would find in more value-oriented models.

Feature-wise, bidet seats are usually packed and come with their own remotes. They commonly have different types of cleaning cycles, like a back and forth motion of the nozzle that covers a wider area, better control over the spread through higher levels of customizability, and the fact that it can use both hot and cold water.

Most of these models are much easier to maintain, having better self-cleaning features. Overall, the bidet seat is the best choice for those who want the best cleaning experience when it comes to this type of item. That being said, it does cost a hefty sum and requires a bit more planning, since it is powered by electricity, which means one can’t be used without an outlet being installed near the toilet seat.

  • Bidet Attachment

What Is A Bidet Attachment

The bidet attachment, also known simply as the bidet, is a slightly different take on the same concept as the bidet seat. It is an attachment that goes at the backside of the toilet seat that has one or two nozzles that are facing the derriere area.

It is a great upgrade and will definitely save money on toilet paper, as well as contributing to a cleaner environment. Installing this type of bidet is very simple and won’t change the potty experience one bit. Depending on how much one is willing to spend, they come with more and more advanced features.

Women should take note that dual-nozzle models are usually for both front and rear cleaning, something that is definitely going to come in handy. The price difference between one and two nozzles isn’t that big too, so it would be very smart to invest in this feature.

More advanced features allow the user to customize the angle of the jet, have better self-cleaning programs and allow the item to be connected to both hot and cold water sources. Moreover, better models are also more durable and last longer. Overall, the bidet attachment is a perfect budget-oriented choice for those who want a good bidet experience without breaking the bank.

  • The Bidet Hose or Spray

What Is A Bidet Attachment

Hose or spray—they are all one and the same. This item has a more unusual take on the bidet concept. It is like a shower that is installed on the toilet’s water supply and is used—you guessed it—for cleaning the most intimate areas. Basically, it is a shower head with a narrower spread and a lot less pressure, making it ideal for such use.

The hose might be more of a janky solution, but it does provide better control over the stream compared to models with fixed nozzles. It is also easier to install and has virtually no controls, making it the best choice for seniors and other types of individuals who might find it confusing to use anything close to technical. Overall, it is as efficient as a bidet, just in a different package.

Final Thoughts

Using a lot of toilet paper is definitely harmful to the environment, and it isn’t as efficient at cleaning as a bidet attachment. Investing in a bidet attachment of any kind will make quite the change to your lifestyle.

If you’re interested in the full, unadulterated experience, then break the bank and get a luxurious bidet seat. Its luxury features will include a heated toilet seat, heated water, a massage mode, and so much more. If you are interested in getting a proper cleaning experience, then each one of these items will be useful to you.

Keep in mind to stick with reputable manufacturers and don’t go with a shady deal just to save a few bucks. Most of the time, you will end up with a faulty, leaking item that’s going to fail in a few months. Keep an eye for warranties and make sure to respect the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding installing and maintaining and fixing the bidet. Do all of this, and you’re set!

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