How to Add a Bidet to a Standard Toilet: A Guide for Easy Installation

How to Add a Bidet to a Standard Toilet
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Have you ever scrapped the idea of adding attachments to your devices due to the hassle of installing them? For most people who are not good at assembling things, the answer is probably yes. Others will say that it is all in the instruction manual.

However, the thing is, some people are just not really good at doing technical things that it is not as easy as following steps. This thought is the same with bidets, most of us must have searched for the answer to the question, “How to add a bidet to a standard toilet?” countless times, but to no avail.

Do not worry. We will figure it out together. Knowing how to add a bidet to a standard toilet is not as easy as it looks. To really understand what you are going to do, you have to determine the type of bidet that you have, the tools needed, and finally, the parts that you will use. Further, you have to determine if your toilet is fit to have a bidet attached to it.

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Hence, we will go through the simplified general steps of installing the three kinds of bidets. We will also enumerate some things to look out for when choosing a bidet. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you will be more confident than before when it comes to bidet installation.

What are the Types of Bidet?

We really do not have to discuss what a bidet is because it is just a contraption where water shoots out to clean your private parts. However, there are three general types that you can choose from, and these are:

  • Toilet Seat Bidets: These are the ones that replace your toilet seat because the nozzle is already attached to the seat. Most designs have three to four nozzles. When it comes to its controls, they are usually attached to the body or separated by a cord.
  • Underside Bidets: These are placed under the toilet seat, and the controls are almost always attached to the body. These usually only have one nozzle since having a lot may not fit due to your toilet seat and the curvature of the bowl.
  • Handheld Bidets: You do not attach these to your toilet, instead, you have to attach a handle near your toilet, and that is where you can place the bidet. More often than not, it does not have specific water pressure controls. You only have one button to push for the water to come out.

What are the Features to Consider when Buying a Bidet?

Besides knowing the type of bidet, you can also look out for other features such as:

  • Retractable nozzles
  • Water heater
  • Seat warming
  • Splash guard
  • Parts included (t-valve or water supply hose)

Knowing the other features are important because they also add to the installation process. You must also take note of the last consideration which is “parts included. “

That is because most companies include the essential parts for you to set the bidet up successfully. Those two items, the t-valve, and water supply hose are parts that you should be completely aware of because they are the ones that are mostly used for bidet installations.

The t-valve is a joint that is used in pipe fitting that is used to split or combine the water flow. You will know that you have the right one if you lay it down and it looks like the letter T.

A water supply hose, on the other hand, is a hose that you can connect to the water supply lines that are connected to the shut-off valves where the main water supply parts are located.

How to Add a Bidet to a Standard Toilet?

The only good thing about attaching bidets to your toilet is the fact that even if you are working with different types, they mostly still have the same process, except for a few steps.

●     Step One

Turn off the main water valve. This is the valve where all the water for your toilet comes from, and can usually be found at the base of the toilet that is attached to the wall.

●     Step Two

For those who will use toilet seat bidets or underside bidets, you should first remove the toilet seat by using the knobs on either side of the seat. On the contrary, for those who will use handheld bidets, find a good place to attach the handle. You might want to use a drill to secure the screws through the wall.

●     Step Three

Check if the valve has a dual output; meaning, there are two directions where the water can flow. The first direction is for the toilet while the other direction is for the bidet. For those that do not have this, this is where the t-valve comes in. You just have to attach it by using a wrench. By this time, you should have only one opening left which is for the bidet.

●     Step Four

Attach the hose to the remaining valve. Some hoses fit perfectly with just a bit of twisting, while others require a wrench or a metal clamp to secure it. If you are using a handheld bidet, all you have to do is to rest the nozzle to the handle and you are done.

●     Step Five

For toilet seat bidets, you should attach the bidet on top of the bowl and secure it with screws. At this point, you are done. However, for underside bidets, place the body in the bowl, making sure that the nozzle is in the middle.

●     Step Six

For underside bidets, you have to attach the toilet seat again and make sure that it does not cramp the body of the bidet underneath it.

●     Step Seven

Open the water valve and test the bidet. If you see leaks, you just have to tighten the attached parts or add metal clamps.


We just enumerated seven straightforward steps of attaching a bidet to a standard toilet. These steps are usually the ones you should do for most brands of bidets out there.

However, do take note that you should still read the instructions from the manufacturer because there might be a step or two that will be different.

Nonetheless, rest assured that the steps given here are the general guidelines. Just remember the two core parts we discussed, and you will never get lost.

Also, take note of the type that you got because you might be applying a step that is not required for that type of bidet.

Happy installing!

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  1. Interesting article on how to add a Bidet to a standard toilet. I love the way you write and it made me read all your articles. Some of your comments are quite funny. My first encounter with a bidet was at a friend’s home. I loved it and seriously wanted to stay in the bathroom all evening.

  2. Advance My House

    Hi Karen,

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  3. Hello I AM a novice at toilet bidets,reading your post has given me an insight into the subject matter, it is very educative,the easy step by step way of how to install a bidet to an existing toilet is very helpful, i do not need a plumber to do this i can do it by myself,once more thank you.

  4. I didn’t even realize that bidet attachments were a thing. I just thought if I ever wanted one I would have to go buy an expensive toilet or a separate full bidet. This is ingenious and something I definitely want. Thanks for the recommendation and walking through the installation steps. Do you have any recommendations on the best place to buy one?

  5. Advance My House

    Hi Jaime,

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  6. Since I live in the Southern U.S. I haven’t ever nor has anyone I’ve talked to tried a bidet. I always thought it was a rich people or European thing. From your article, I can tell it has quite a lot of benefits and they are easy to install. I think I just might need to get one for the master and guest bathroom.

  7. Wow, I never knew those things I saw in the toilets of fancy hotels where called Bidets, let alone they could be installed at home as well with just seven easy steps!!
    This was very helpful and informative
    I might not even need a plumber to get this done
    Thanks a lot, Jason

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