Joy Bidet’s Bidet C-1: The Most Straightforward Bidet You Can Ever Find?

The Most Straightforward Bidet You Can Ever Find

Quick Overview






  • ​Great customer service
  • ​Warranty is up to 12 months
  • ​Depending on the situation, the product can be replaced for free
  • Easy to use and energy-saving
  • Very sanitary and durable
  • ​Does not occupy too much toilet bowl space
  • ​Not bulky and heavy
  • ​Water pressure is gentle for both low and high settings
  • ​Can get to the hard to reach areas
  • ​Easy and quick installation
  • ​Convenient to use
  • ​Can be easily attached to your toilet’s water supply
  • ​Does not have any leaks


  • ​Instructions are quite vague
  • ​Not ideal to be used in houses with weak water pressure
  • ​Untreated water can eventually break down the plastic and molds can develop easily
  • ​No self-clean function, so you have to detach and clean it yourself
  • ​Valves may loosen after several uses
  • ​Hard to find replacement parts
  • ​May not stay firmly under the toilet seat
  • ​You cannot set it in between low and high water pressure.
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​Maybe, it is safe to say that almost all people would want to have a state-of-the-art bidet in their bathrooms.

The Japanese are definitely ahead of the game with their sophisticated controls and extreme features, like a singing toilet that helps you to relax while you do your thing.

However, the main point of having a bidet is to not have to do anything after finishing your business. We want to have the option to be able to just sit and go.


So, if it is about convenience, we can do away with the heated seats and LED lights. The most important part is the “spraying part.” Equally important is the fact that it should be a breeze to install it in your toilet. That is why we have chosen to review the ​Bidet C-1 of Joy Bidet​ because the manufacturer promises the two important factors that we just mentioned.

Does this bidet really live up to its claims? Read on to find out.

The Bidet C-1 of Joy Bidet 

Below, we are going to go through its features as well as list the advantages and disadvantages of using this bidet.


This bidet has such a simple design that upon first look, you will get confused as to what its purpose is. It is an attachable bidet wherein its main body goes at the back part of the toilet, under the seat. The retractable nozzle is located in the middle of the product’s body while the controls are on the right side. Its other features include the following:

  • Pressure control knob settings: Off, low, and high.
  • Does not need batteries or any electric power to function
  • The required braided steel hose and T-adapter to connect it to your water supply are included in the package.
  • The whole body and the control center are made of ABS resin plastic.
  • Comes in the color white
  • Fits most standard two-piece toilet bowls
  • Comes with a printed installation guide and a PDF guide that can be found on the company’s website
  • The installation will take approximately 10-20 minutes
  • Requires a screwdriver and a wrench
  • Total weight is at 1.81 pounds
  • Size dimension: 17.3 x 7.1 x 3.9 inches


The Joy Bidet’s Bidet C-1 is an easy-to-attach and detach toilet bidet that can fit regular-sized toilets. Installing it is effortless that you no longer need to check the instructions that come with it. All of the things needed to set up this product comes with your purchase.

The design of the bidet is very simple that makes it easy to use. At the same time, the controls are very easy to reach, and the retractable nozzle gently sprays out water.

Additionally, since the product is made of plastic, its weight can easily be supported by your toilet seat. Using this will also not add anything to your electricity bill since it does not require any power for it to work.

However, once in a while, you need to check the valves to know if you need to tighten them again. Also, do not forget that it is still made of plastic. Although that makes for easy cleaning, this material can also be a safe haven for bacteria.

So, once in a while, you really have to detach it to give it a thorough clean. Nonetheless, for any problems with the product, you can easily talk to their customer service representative as well as ask for a free replacement.

Comparison with the Astor Bidet

When you are out shopping, you might confuse the ​Astor Bidet​ with the bidet of Joy Bidet because they look exactly the same. They have the same design, made of the same materials, and even have the same controls. However, they actually have a difference, which is in the performance.

For the Astor bidet, you will feel that it does not even need the controls because the water pressure that comes out will be the same, and we have to say this, the pressure is too harsh for your sensitive parts. In fact, the water that comes out of it is too strong that it ends up soaking the entire toilet seat and your bathroom floor.

Additionally, once you turn the dial to a specific setting, you cannot predict when the water comes out. As funny as it may sound, the force of the water may be too much for you that you will run out of your bathroom.

This product also is not compatible with a lot of regularly sized toilets, which makes it unusable because you really cannot bend the body into the shape of the bowl. On the other hand, the one from Joy Bidet is not only easy to install, but it is also easy to use. Most importantly, you are guaranteed that you will have a relaxing experience when the water comes out.


We highly recommend the Joy Bidet Bidet C-1 because it does not only do its job well but at the same time, you do not have to fuss too much over it to make it work. Everything about it is just so easy to manage, from the installation to maintenance.

You really cannot go wrong with that combination, so it really lives up to its claim. However, you have to keep tabs on it in terms of sanitation.

We also advise you not to follow the printed instructions, instead, follow the online instructions as those are more specific. Other than that, with this mechanical bidet, you are well on your way to taking your bathroom experience to the next level.


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