5 Things to Know Before Starting Your Bedroom Remodel

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Does your outdated bedroom need a bit of sprucing up?

Do you want to remodel your bedroom but don’t know where to start?

If yes, then the post is for you.

Bedroom remodelling is a great way to optimize the use of an outdated space and make it more functional. But at the same time, it’s a perfect opportunity to add value to your home (if you intend to sell it a few years down the road). But any homeowner who has done it before would know that planning a bedroom remodelling project is the key.

Since bedroom remodelling is an extensive home improvement project that requires intricate detailing, the best way to go about it smoothly is to plan your design and budget and work with a professional contractor. At the same time, it is critical that you set realistic expectations for the timeline and be aware of your limitations.

Whether you are remodelling your bedroom to make it more comfortable or you want to enhance the value of your property, here are a few things to know before starting your bedroom remodelling project.

Know Your Style

Remodelling your bedroom is not just about choosing the right material for flooring, walls and labor. It is also about how you intend to use the space and how you want it to appear once the remodelling project is complete. Hence, knowing your vision for your bedroom’s style is perhaps the most important thing to know before starting your bedroom remodel.

If you are not sure how you want your bedroom to appear after completing the project, it’s a good idea to start looking for bedroom styles online or flip through home improvement magazines. You can also go for window shopping at home improvement stores and find out the latest trends and styles.

By knowing and understanding the latest trends in home design or looking at the examples of homeowners with recently renovated bedrooms, you can get an idea of how you want your bedroom to appear after completing the project.

You can focus on these areas to make more efficient use of your time.

  • Check out the latest trends but try to imagine yourself in the same room five to ten years down the road. You won’t go for bedroom remodelling every year.
  • Decide on the latest technology that will benefit the design of your room.
  • Before starting your bedroom’s remodelling, consider several styles, including transitional, modern and even minimalistic.

By knowing your style, you will stay focused on the remodelling project as you move forward with the job.

Determine Your Budget

Once you have decided on the style and design you want to create for your bedroom, it’s time to understand one of the most significant constraints – your budget. From choosing the right flooring material to paint, lighting and fixtures, your budget will affect your choices at all levels. The cost of a bedroom modelling project can quickly escalate if you miss out on the price tag of a few things, so it is critical to determine your budget before you start bedroom remodelling.

As you look at what you want to incorporate into your bedroom, it’s time to pay some attention to the price tag. If budget is a constraint, you will need to make a few compromises and pick up on things you need the most.

Moreover, another consideration that can affect your budget is the return on investment. If you are remodelling your bedroom to increase your property’s value, think of how your spending will affect your home’s value. Will you get a return on investment when you sell this property? Unless you intend to stay in your home for a long time, it’s a good idea to scale back your plans and go for renovations that are worth it.

Understand Your Limitations

It’s only natural to fantasize about everything you see at a home improvement store or an online bedroom design catalogue. But let’s not lose touch with realism and understand your limitations. Logically think of all your constraints before starting your bedroom remodel. Are your plans logistically possible? Understand the structural constraints of your bedroom remodelling plans and evaluate the feasibility of your plan before starting your bedroom remodel.  

Set a Realistic Timeline

And while you understand your limitations, let’s not forget the amount of time you are willing to invest in this project. Remember, you need to be realistic about your timeline because even the best contractors may not complete the remodelling project on time. There can be unavoidable delays and setbacks, so anticipate all the possible delays and set a realistic timeline before starting your bedroom remodelling project.

If you are undertaking a bedroom remodelling project before or around a special occasion, it’s also best to start a little early so you can complete the project on time, even if there are a few delays.

Find a Professional Contractor

Now that you know your style, budget, limitations and timeline, it’s time to choose a contractor for your bedroom remodelling project. Finding the right contractor for your bedroom remodelling is one of the most crucial decisions, so make sure you invest a lot of time and energy to do your research before you select a contractor.

Be sure to check the contractor’s license and experience. You can also rely on the customer reviews on the contractors’ websites as they reflect the experience of their previous projects. And lastly, go for a contractor who understands your needs, your budget, and your timeline. The right contractor for the job will keep you on budget, respect your timeline and keep you in the loop throughout the project.

Final Words

Whether you are renovating your bedroom for the first time or you have done it in the past, know that bedroom remodelling is a great way to make your room more comfortable and increase the overall value of your property. By knowing these five things before starting your bedroom remodel, you can maintain your budget and sanity and let your bedroom remodelling project complete smoothly and promptly.