Design Tricks to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Small bathroom look bigger design tricks
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Small bathrooms are quite common, regardless of whether you live in a home or an apartment. However, don’t let the limited space fool you into believing you can’t create a small bathroom you love and enjoy taking showers or indulging in a relaxing skincare routine. While creating a functional and beautiful space within a limited area can be challenging, it’s not impossible.

Even if you have a small bathroom in your home, it doesn’t necessarily have to look small. A few tweaks, moderations, and remodels can help you create the impression of a bigger bathroom without moving any walls.

Here are a few design tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger.

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Install a Large Mirror

If you’re wondering how to make a small bathroom look bigger within a limited budget, the best place to start is by installing mirrors. Not only do mirrors look great and add the illusion of additional area, but they also reflect more light, giving the room a more spacious and open feel. Almost all bathrooms have at least one mirror, and yours probably does, too. So, if that’s the case, consider opting for a larger mirror.

You can easily install a super-sized mirror as a DIY project with just a drill and a few screws, costing you much less than $100. You also have the option to opt for framed or frameless mirrors. While the framed ones look fancier, frameless mirrors create the illusion of additional space. Check out our article How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror with Clips for installation tips.

Moreover, you should also consider opting for a tarnish-resistant coating to protect your mirror against the high-moisture conditions of a bathroom.

Let More Natural Light In

Small bathrooms appear dark, while dark bathrooms look smaller than they are. The fact is that light plays an integral role in the look and feel of a space. So, the best way to make a small bathroom appear bigger is to let in as much light as possible, and what better light than natural light? The more you let natural light enter your bathroom, the larger it will appear.

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Installing big windows and skylights can effectively help let natural light in, giving the illusion of a bigger space. If you want privacy, consider replacing your clear glass windows with frosted glass. Moreover, don’t forget to clean your windows and skylights from time to time as dirt and cobwebs can obstruct natural light from entering.  

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Switch Up Your Bathroom Vanity

Every bathroom requires proper storage space, which bathroom vanity cabinets provide by allowing one to store items below the sink while ensuring that they remain hidden behind closed doors. However, vanity cabinets can waste a lot of space in small bathrooms. So, since you want to maximize the amount of room you have, replace your typical vanity cabinet with a pedestal sink or cantilevered countertop. Pedestal sinks are an excellent way to add floor space, but they don’t provide countertop space. However, you will have to compromise somewhere.

Embrace Minimalism

Adding decorative accessories and items to your bathroom, such as rugs or artwork, can be a fun way to make a bathroom feel cozy and inviting. However, they can also lead to a lot of clutter if left unattended. The more the clutter, the smaller a place will appear. So, one of the best ways to make a small space look bigger is to declutter any extraneous items and adopt the minimalist approach. Instead of having several items, limit yourself to one. If you can’t get rid of a certain item, search for another storage space.

Eliminate Dividing Lines and Contrasts

Sharp color contrasts and too many dividing lines can make a bathroom look much small than it is. For instance, opting for small tiles creates too many lines, giving the illusion of a smaller bathroom. So, wherever possible, blur or erase lines as much as possible.

Moreover, avoid using different patterns and colors as it divides up the space, and makes it appear smaller and more cluttered. Instead, a great way to make a bathroom look bigger is to opt for a uniform, light paint color throughout the space. You should also consider opting for larger plain tiles to help create the impression and illusion of a larger and brighter space.

Install a Glass Shower Enclosure

Perhaps, the biggest aspect of a bathroom is the bathtub or shower, or a combination of the two. Since a warm, hot shower is one of the most relaxing parts of your day, getting rid of an enclosure is unworkable.  You can, however, opt for the next best step and make your shower enclosure transparent.

Frameless tub or shower enclosures are constructed with thick tempered glass. The lack of glass frames makes the enclosure highly invisible, creating the impression of a huge empty space.

Use Similar Materials Throughout

Having various different materials throughout a bathroom can be extremely chaotic. It can lead people to feel as though the bathroom is very busy and cramped up. If you want your bathroom to look bigger, consider toning down the visual noise by opting for similar materials throughout your space. For instance, opt for a similar paint color throughout the bathroom, or if you’re opting for tiles, consider getting the same tiles throughout the bathroom.


There are many tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger to give you a bespoke and luxurious experience within your limited space. We hope that the design ideas listed above help you create a relaxing bathroom space where you can relax and enjoy.