9 Tips for Creating a Budget-Friendly Bedroom Remodel

Budget-friendly bedroom remodel
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You’ve exhausted most of your renovation budget on upgrading the functional spaces of your home, and now when you’ve reached your bedroom, you’re wondering if it really requires a complete remodel. The reality is that bedrooms are probably the easiest rooms to update. Put up a new mirror, hang a few wall frames, paint a wall, or simply lay a new bedspread – and voila! You’ve got yourself a whole new space by the end of the week.

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All you need are a few tweaks here and there – none of which will break the bank – to give your bedroom an instantly replenished and refreshing look!

Here are some great bedroom makeover ideas on a budget that can help create a peaceful and calming personal space that you love!

1. Refresh the Wall Paint

Paint is probably the cheapest way to transform your bedroom look. With so many paint color options out there, it’s pretty easy to set the mood and theme of your room with a fresh new coat of paint. If you’re looking for something simple, neutrals are the way to go! One can never go wrong with beiges, whites, and other light colors. Moreover, neutral paints are one of the best small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget that will make your small space appear bigger and more spacious.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to go bold, then the darker, the better! Deep teal, charcoal greys, and navy blues are all the hype right now. If you’re confused between the two, you can always pair your neutral walls with a bright and vivid accent wall that will bring out the best in your space.

2. Switch Out Your Pillows and Linens

Pillows and linens are one of the most versatile soft furnishings that are one of the cheapest ways to update your bedroom. If you don’t want to spend too much revamping your room, switching up your pillow covers, bedding, and cushion covers to make your space look and feel more inspired. Opt for bright and bold colors and patterns to add some more color to your room. The ideal way to change things up is to choose completely different linens from your current ones.

3. Upcycle Your Furniture

Upcycling your existing furniture or buying super cheap thrifty pieces is one of the best and most sustainable bedroom makeover ideas on a budget. The internet is filled with a ton of DIYs and upcycling hacks and ideas that can help you create a unique piece that fits seamlessly into your room, contributing to its aesthetic appeal.

Many people are creating some wonderful seats and tables using cane, since it’s quite eco-friendly and sustainable. However, if you don’t want to spend too much time or energy on your DIY project, simply revamp your furniture with a new and fresh coat of paint. You can also replace your rusty or boring furniture hardware, such as your cupboard or drawer handles, with accent pieces.

4. Update Your Window Treatments

Window treatments are often at the bottom of a room remodeling process. However, you can’t possibly deny the role they play in terms of functionality and outlook. Replace your boring drapes and blinds with a simple shade and curtain combo to block the sun out for a cozy day in. If you prefer sticking to drapes and blinds, consider swapping them out for different colors, fabrics, or patterns. If you’re trying to create a cool and breezy ambiance, then soft, linen-like light-colored drapes can help let natural light in.

5. Pick Out New Lighting

Lighting is one of the key elements that define the look and feel of a space. Even the act of simply upgrading your lighting can make your bedroom almost unrecognizable. With so many stunning and affordable bedroom lighting choices in the market, it seems like a waste to stick to your standard cream lampshade without swapping it out for an option that will make a real statement, such as patterned and printed lampshade.

6. Invest in Shelves

When it comes to leveling up your walls and creating additional storage capacity, there’s no better way to go about this than through wall shelves. Not only does wall shelving add handy storage for various items, but they’re also perfect to hold and showcase some décor. Most people wall mount a single open shelf above their bed to create a clear focal point. This creates space to add books, plants, photo frames, and other knick-knacks that add texture and personality to the room.

7. Invest In Key Pieces

Sometimes, instead of spending little bits of money here and there to upgrade your space, the ideal thing to do is invest in a single gorgeous, key piece that you’ll love and cherish for years to come. Maybe it’s a lovely upholstered bed, a stunning and vivid velvet reading chair, or a couple of cane side tables, don’t be shy to explore your options.

8. Put Up Some Artwork

Regardless of the paint color you choose, every wall can benefit from a little spunk, and what better way to do that than by hanging up some great artwork? You don’t have to purchase a million-dollar painting to make your room look great, a framed print pieces from a thrift store can also be an excellent way to turn a sad and boring empty wall into something creative and stylish. Your bedroom wall is your oyster, so get as creative as you can!

9. Throw Down a Rug

Not only is an area rug is the best way to cover up any flaws in your carpet or existing flooring, but it is also an excellent way to bring all the elements of a room together. There is something super comfy and soothing about having a large area rug that makes a space feel more homely.


There are many ways to revamp and refresh your bedroom without causing a dent in your pocket. We hope that our tips for a budget-friendly bedroom makeover help you on your journey to improving and uplifting your personal space!