Latest Color Trends for Living Rooms

Modern living room
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Choosing a living room paint color can be pretty challenging. When searching for the best living room color, you have to keep in mind that this isn’t just a space you come back after work to relax, but it is also a space you’ll entertain guests.

So, if you’re in search of a different color for your living room, here are a few color ideas to test out.

Modern Whites

White has and forever will be one of the top color choices for every room. As the safest and calmest color, white isn’t dull or boring; instead, it serves as the ideal color to experiment with imaginative and creative ideas.

Given its versatility, white can be used to match an extensive range of design aesthetics, furniture styles, and artwork. So, even if your tastes change over time, you won’t have to worry about repainting your living room walls.

White being the giving color it is, can make your living room feel cozy and warm when paired with yellow lighting. On the other hand, you can also create a more controlled living room ambiance by pairing white walls with white lighting and monochromatic accessories. All in all, white is the perfect living room color for those unconfident about the final look they want for their living room.

Soft Muted Neutrals

Neutrals are forever. However, this year, we’ve bid farewell to greys and beiges and are embracing and trusting other lighter colors to brighten up our space. Some of the latest living room colors this year include mint green, hazelnut, and mushroom.

Neutral shades are ideal for those looking for a continuous color throughout their home. Neutrals also allow an endless number of furniture pairings while adding a cozier feeling than an all-white home. While warm neutral tones are a fantastic choice for modern styles, colder tones are much preferred for a mid-century design aesthetic.

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Sharp Blacks

Interior designs and homeowners aren’t shying away from darker colors this year. As the latest living room color, a sharp black can most certainly add lots of personality and character to your space. If you’re scared to experiment with black walls, maybe a charcoal-colored ceiling could work well for you.

Just like classic neutral colors, dark shades pair impeccably well with yellows and creams for a warm look and feel and whites and greys for a modern, frostbite look. A few years ago, dark black walls were almost unthinkable, but as new industrial-design styles grow popular, people are becoming more creative and daring with their living rooms.

Besides black, dark greens and blues are also stunning living room accent wall colors that can help modernize the look and feel of a space.

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Earthy and Blushing Tones

Blush tones are trending for living rooms. Blushing pinks, light lavenders, and soft creams are most certainly back with a bang to flatter your space like no other. As a refreshing alternative to classic beiges and whites, these soft, subtle, and airy tones elevate the aesthetics of all spaces and go incredibly well with almost all other colors. Blushing tones fit well in modern glam, modern-traditional, and boho-style homes.

Soft Greens

Although this year’s living room paint ideas are on the bolder side, there are many options for those searching for a more muted look. The various light shades of green can go a long way in making a living room look aesthetically pleasing.

Olive green is an excellent choice for those looking for a strong green to create a mid-century-style living room. Pastel green is also a great option to add some calmness and serenity to a space.


Giving some incredible ocean vibes, blues are timeless, adaptable, and incredibly soothing to look at. They’re also an excellent option to add a pop of color to your living room. From daring blues to eye-catching shades to soft and subtle tones, there are an extensive variety of choices at your disposal.

Blues make a statement while offering one a feeling of comfort, elegance, and relaxation. However, since we also want to feel surprised and excited, moodier hues of blue are the way to go!

Vivid Greens and Browns

With the world looking grey and dull last year, our homes became our places of safety, comfort, and calm. As an effect, people braced braver and brighter colors to make their space look and feel cozier, and the trend continues. With lots of inspiration from nature, jewel tones and deep hues, such as vivid greens and brown tones are among the biggest living room color trends for today

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Trendy Yellows

The warmth of yellow is most certainly unmatched. This welcoming color can create the most stunning spaces while uplifting the look and feel of a space. You don’t need to go for the brightest yellow to make your living room look welcoming; its muted and toned-down shades will also suffice.

Yellows have gained immense popularity as wall paints due to their ability to take center stage and instantly add positivity to a space, making the inhabitants feel happy, invited, energized, and uplifted. While yellows work great in all rooms of the house, including the kitchen, yellow is the most attractive living room color.  

Go Two Tone

Hard to choose a color for your living room? Why choose a single color when you can choose two or three? Go bold or subtle in your living room by mixing and matching various shades. You can create an accent wall in a sharp black, ravishing red, emerald green, or a deep teal and pair it with creams and whites.

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The Bottom Line

To conclude, there’s been a rise in many experimental colors this year.  Most homeowners had bid farewell to modern greys and openly embraced bright and vivid tones and hues for their living room. We hope that the living room paint ideas listed above can help you choose the perfect color to make your space wonderfully cozy.