Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into an At-Home Spa

Climbing plants
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Do you know your immediate environment can have a strong impact on your mood, mindset, as well as your energy levels? The space you exist in is very special, and if you treat it well enough, it can help you unwind, release stress, utilize your and energy in a better way while allowing you to relax. Your bedroom is one such special space. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a place where you sleep. If you think creatively, there are a few small changes you can make to your bedroom to extract a spa-like experience.

Here are a few tips to transform your bedroom into a spa.

Be Minimalistic

To begin with, you need to declutter aggressively. Get rid of all the things that don’t belong in your bedroom. To do so, check the side tables, bed, couch, chair, and even the floor. If there are some extra books on the table, put them away on a shelf. If your guitar is lying on the couch, make it sit in the closet when you aren’t playing. If there are shoes on the floor, place them at the bottom of your closet.

Similarly, if unlaundered clothes are on the couch, send them to the laundry. We don’t realize it, but these slight disturbances annoy us in a major way. For a more Zen bedroom, you need to get rid of surplus everything that keeps you from relaxing.

Use Soothing Color Palettes

Minimalizing isn’t just about getting rid of unnecessary stuff. It also means choosing the right color palettes for your space. If you want to keep it minimalistic, choose color tones such as white, being, bone, cream, and grey. You can also sprinkle a tinge of flowery colors here and there if need be. However, for a spa-like feel, stick to blues and greens. Blue denotes water, while green alludes to greenery.

Aromatherapy Helps

Research shows that essential oils such as Lavender positively impact the human body and mood. These oils also help you get a night of better sleep to become more focused while helping your immune system. There are countless benefits of aromatherapy, which is why you need a diffuser you can leave on for several hours. Before going to bed, you can use a nighttime blend or make your spray and apply it to your bed. By doing so, you can make the most mundane chores, such as making your bed more pleasurable.

Get the Lighting Right

For a more tranquil ambiance, you must invest in proper lighting for your bedroom. You can add some nice candles. But what if you or someone in your home is allergic to smoke? Not a problem. Remote-controlled candles are flameless, and they add a more intimate feel to your bedroom. Himalayan salt lamps are another valuable alternative. These options are effective, and easier on the wallet. Such lighting automatically sends signals to your nervous system, calming it down. Make sure to have bed lamps on the side tables, as they give a cozier feel to your bedroom, thus helping you relax better.

Don’t Skimp on Pillows, Sheets, and Comforters.

What good is a spa without the soft and plushy bedding? When new, some sheets and comforters can be starchy and crunchy, which can be unpleasant in an otherwise serene environment. Always get the ones that are soft and easier on the skin. When choosing pillow covers, sheets, and comforters, choose neutral-colored ones with a little splash of color.

Splurge on Some Plants

Plants don’t just belong in the garden. They can be a valuable addition to your bedroom, thus giving it a more spa-like feel. It would be best to get some Bamboo, Peace Lilies, or snake plants. They are not too expensive and easy to maintain. Besides making your room look like a spa, these plants also purify the air. If you want more color, you can invest in indoor flowers like Anthurium, Kalanchoe, Christmas Cactus, and Lipstick Plant.

Some people don’t have a natural green thumb. If you are one of these people, there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of fake plants available that look like the real deal.

Keep the Air Clean

Clean air is the most important thing for your health. Sure, the primary reason for having a spa is relaxation. However, it has more to do with health and wellness. To keep the air clean, you need an air purifier that can be left at night and day. Make sure not to add any commercial scented candles. Also, refrain from adding any additional plugins. These two products contain chemicals that are toxic to human health. Every once in a while, open the windows and allow some fresh air to come in. Moreover, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust accumulated in your carpeting, on the bed, and in the furniture. Watch out for pungent and musty odors, as they allude to mold growth, which is bad for our respiratory health.

There is no place better than a bedroom that can provide you with a spa-like feel. Your bedroom is your comfort zone, and you know it well enough to figure out the kind of customizations it needs to be turned into a spa. In the paragraphs above, we only touched upon a few tips to transform your bedroom into a spa. It is totally up to you and your creativity to apply those tips in the right fashion. However, before you transform your bedroom into a spa, here are a few things you need to take care of:

  • The lighting in your bedroom shouldn’t be too bright or too dim, as either can be a disturbance;
  • The bedding should be soft and comfortable
  • The air quality should be perfect at all costs. Watch out for dust buildups and mold growth
  • For better air quality, invest in indoor plants.

Once these things are checked off, that is when your bedroom spa project can take off.