How to Create a Luxury Indoor Home Spa

Woman dressed in a white towel
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A day at the spa is a day well spent.

Whether you go for a couple of hours every other week or once a month for the whole day, the opportunity to relax mind, body and soul is much appreciated. However, for many, this one trip to the spa might not be always be possible.

This is where you can take the plunge, set aside some money and create a luxury spa at your home. Not only would this make spa trips more convenient, you can make them a more regular part of your life instead of waiting a whole month to treat yourself.

If you’ve never thought about it, we bring you the simple yet effective tips to create a luxury indoor home spa.

Let’s begin.

Invest in Water Fixtures

When it comes to water fixtures in an indoor home spa, the first things that come to our minds are hot tubs. We are talking about a small pool that is comfortable and doesn’t occupy too much space. Whether you like to climb into the pool or go down a small staircase to drench yourself, the pool must have an internal seating arrangement. Since we’re talking about indoor home spas, you can replace your regular tub with one that has jets and other features you would find in a hot tub.

Pay Attention to the Flooring and the Walls

The walls and the flooring in your luxury indoor home spa should be visually appealing, as well as easy to clean. Aesthetics play an important part in helping your brain feel calm and relaxed. Try sticking to some combinations of blues, greens, neutrals, and more earthy tones – nothing that strains your eyes. As for the flooring, you have the option of tiles or wood. If you’re choosing tile flooring, greys and lighter colors work wonderfully well. If you want to keep the aesthetics more natural, cool tones and light browns work well in spas.

If you can splurge, get a little creative with the flooring and include natural stones or even pebbles in the bathroom.

Get Some Lounge Chairs

When you see the completion of your indoor home spa, some selfishness might creep in, and you might want to keep the space to yourself. However, spaces such as the spa are meant to be shared with some close friends. Therefore, you need some lounge chairs in your indoor home spa, so your friends and your loved ones can occasionally join you after you spend a spa day together. You can also add small tables to keep your beverages while you wind down on these chairs with your bathrobes on.

As far as design is concerned, the chairs should be ergonomic, and they should support the posture of your back. It is up to you whether you want wooden lounging chairs or ones covered with some cushioning and fabric. However, if is better to have them uncovered to avoid the cushioning soaking up water and causing mold growth.

Get a Massage Table

Whether hot stone or Thai, massages are an integral part of every spa experience. If you’re spending the money to set up a spa at home, it’s not a bad idea to get a massage table for the days you want to call over a professional masseur to work on your knots and tense muscles.

The massage table should be sturdy, and its supports should have the strength to sustain a heavy individual. The cushioning on the massage table shouldn’t be too soft or too hard. Cover your massage table with a white sheet that should be soft and not too starchy to irritate your skin. There should always be some form of head support, whether you lay on your belly or your back. For head support, a rolled towel will do just fine. You can also use a pillow or a cushion. For the massage, you can either ask you are significant other to put you at ease or bring in professional massage therapists.

Separate the Bathroom Amenities

Just like the studios inspiring you to create your own, your luxury indoor home spa should also have a bathroom that can be accessed only through the spa. However, the bathroom space shouldn’t be visible in any way, as it will defeat the whole idea of privacy. The toilet should be closed off in a separate area for added privacy.

Make a Storage Space

Your spa might have the best steam room, pools, showers, and massage tables. However, if it lacks storage space, you might want to revisit your original design. There are countless spa products that you will need from time to time. This is why a closet or series of cabinets is crucial. The storage area should have shelves and drawers. You can place freshly laundered towels and other linens in at the top, as you’ll be reaching for them often. You can place essential oils, soaps, creams, shampoos, and skincare products on the shelves below. It would be best to use the drawers to keep products such as wooden rollers and other accessories. The doors of this storage closet should be made of wood if you want to add to the spa’s look. The color of the wood depends on the overall aesthetics of your indoor home spa. However, it is better to have them painted white for a refreshing vibe.

Designing an indoor home spa is a fun process. However, there are a few things you need to make sure of before you embark on such a project. The first thing you need to consider is the space that you have. Next comes your budget. Sometimes, in the pursuit of luxury, we go beyond our means. Therefore, it is better to factor in the costs and splurge only how much our budget allows. Next up, check your electricity, gas, and water supplies. You must also check the local laws regarding additions to the property. Last but not the least, check out the tips we have mentioned above. These tips will help you paint a picture of what your ideal spa should be like before you add one to your house.