Six Basic Elements of a Home Spa

Six basic elements of home spa
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Having a home spa could be a cost-effective and time-saving way to treat your body and mind. It would help you unwind and restart your day with great skin, a well-rested mind, and a relaxed body.  

Most home spas are built in a bathroom. However, you can also build a special room or sauna for your home spa. The goal is to bring the salon-like rejuvenating spa treatments to the comforts of your own home without having to wait in long salon queues.  

For this, you need to have a few basic elements that would make your home spa your safe haven. Keep reading the article to learn about the six basic elements your home spa needs to have.

1. A Spacious Bathtub

A nice soothing bathtub is one of the most important home spa elements that would help you stop everything and relax.  

A bathtub would give you the opportunity to sit back and breathe as you enjoy the gentle sounds of water softly rippling. Your skin would benefit greatly from being soaked in clean, warm water, which would greatly boost your mood and self-confidence.

If you have the budget, invest in a stone bathtub to enhance your home spa experience even more. Stone bathtubs are able to retain the water’s and your body’s heat. Hence, you would not have to worry about the water’s temperature changing too quickly.

2. A Wide Shower

Before you soak in warm water in your bathtub to start your home spa routine, make sure to clean your body in the shower first.

A wide spacious shower cabin would give you space to breathe, calmness, isolation, and a moment to soothe your muscles. Nothing comes close to standing in the shower as the hot water pressure hits your back and neck.

3. Steam Therapy

Sitting and sweating in a steam room opens up your skin’s pores and helps clean out all the impurities. It leaves your skin smooth and radiant, allowing you to feel good about yourself.

Steam therapy can also be very therapeutic as it releases the knots in your muscles and boosts the healing of joints and bones. The experience lets your body regain its strength and reenergize for a new day.

You can place a humidifier in your home spa and add your favorite essential oils to enhance your steam therapy experience. This form of aromatherapy serves as a system reboot button, clearing your mind and allowing you to regain focus.  

4. Controllable Lighting

Your home spa experience would essentially be divided into two parts. The first part of your home spa routine would include scrubbing your skin, filling your nails, removing blackheads, applying a facemask, etc. These tasks would require ample light for you to view your skin and nails properly.

Once you are done with tasks that demand attention to detail, the relaxing part of your home spa routine will start. At this point, bright lights would only be a nuisance. Instead, dim and mood lights will be perfect.

Controllable lights would be ideal for the ultimate home spa experience. You can invest in remote-controlled lighting that allows you to control the brightness and dimness as needed.

If your budget does not allow this expenditure, get your favorite scented candles and place them around your home spa. Once you have prepped and scrubbed your skin, turn off the main lights and light up the candles.

In combination with the calming scent of essential oils, the dim light therapy will let calmness and serenity wash over you. It would help your mind, soul, and body relax and catch up with each other while giving you a much-needed private moment.

5. Your Favorite Bath and Spa Products

A home spa is nothing without the right products. When setting up your home spa, invest in products that work for your skin and feel good.

Buy gentle body exfoliants, scrubs, and masks of different kinds. Choose products that best suit your skin and mood. For instance, if you want a relaxing home spa treatment after a long hectic week, ingredients like coffee and sea salt would help you calm down and unwind. For days you feel sexy, ingredients like vanilla or spiced apple would do the trick.

Get your favorite bath bombs or bath salts to enhance your bathtub experience. These bath salts heal your skin, make relaxing sounds as they melt away, and release soothing scents.

Buy different loofas, massaging tools, and bath stones to take better care of your body. Spending some me-time to treat your body is therapy on its own.

6. Aesthetics and Ambiance

Salons and spas spend great money and effort creating the perfect environment to tempt our senses. This environment and ambiance are exactly what your home spa needs to have as well. Keep your home spa organized and clean. Invest in beautiful baskets to declutter and arrange your home spa products. Utilize any space by getting shelves and cabinets made for better organization and storage. Store away all excess products, candles, towels, etc., and only take out what you need.

Cover your windows with light drapes to ensure your home spa’s privacy and mood. Place indoor plants and flowers around your home spa to give it a fresh look. You can hang wind chimes from the window to create beautiful sounds as the fresh air blows in.

Try sticking to a theme or aesthetic. For instance, if you want your home spa to look clean and calming, choose baskets, towels, rugs, and wall paint in a more pastel palette. If you prefer a more luxurious and chic aesthetic, invest in wooden floors pebbled walls, and stick to a deeper and more elegant color palette.

Designing a home spa requires a careful selection of basic spa elements and patience. Once you take the time to build the home spa of your dreams, you might never go back to a commercial spa again.