How to Install a Toilet Without Hiring a Plumber

How to Install a Toilet Without Hiring a Plumber
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Just recently bought a new toilet?  If yes, then you must be looking for a plumber to install it for you.

Well, let us stop you right there. We have something better for you.  This article will teach you how to install a toilet without a plumber.

Installing a toilet takes time and energy.  However, with the right guidance and steps, you can easily install one and save your money.  After all, why spend money when you can do it on your own, right?  All you need is the do-it-yourself approach.

Now, before learning about the installation, it is better if you have an idea about the different types of toilets currently in use.  This is so that you can be sure about what you’re working with.

Types of Toilets

How to Install a Toilet Without Hiring a Plumber

When looking for a toilet, you need something that is comfortable, operational and adjusts well with your bathroom.  Have a look at the two common types of toilets and pick the one you like the most:

  • Two-piece Toilets

Two-piece toilets have an individual bowl and tank that are connected during the installation. These traditional toilets are the most preferred among adults because of its tall height. They are also inexpensive and easy to repair.

  • One-piece Toilets

The working mechanism of one piece toilets is similar to the two-piece toilet, but obviously, they don’t have two separate pieces. They can be easily cleaned because the bowl and the tank aren’t separated. Their installing procedure isn’t complex either.

However, one-piece toilets are a bit expensive because they are long-lasting and luxurious. If you have a small bathroom, then one piece toilets are the right pick for you.

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Tools for Installing a Toilet

How to Install a Toilet Without Hiring a Plumber

Before you start the installation process, you need to have essential tools with you to help you out. Take out your toolbox and gather the following items:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Gloves
  • Sponge

These tools will assist you in unbolting and tightening the screws in order to fix the toilet bowl and tank perfectly. Once you have all of these ready, then you can now start installing the toilet.

How to Install a Toilet

Wear your gloves, and let’s start with the real work! Remember to keep the sponge near you, so you can easily clean up any mess. Ready to learn how to install a toilet? Follow the steps below.

1. Replace Your Old Flange

If you check, you will see a bulge-like structure with which your old toilet was based on. You need to start with replacing the old flange with a new one. Luckily, doing this is pretty basic.

Use the screwdriver to unbolt and tighten the screws. This is the spot where you will place your new toilet bowl. Keep in mind that you have to tighten the bolts firmly.

2. Adjust the Wax Ring

Your next step is to adjust the wax ring around your new flange. A wax ring prevents water leakage as the water flows towards the drain pipe. Make sure to be gentle while pressing the wax ring.

3. Place the Anchor Rods

You need anchor bolts or rods to secure your toilet. Fix them inside the bolt openings, and insert your toilet bowl over the anchor rods. You may not be able to do this instantly. Have patience and keep on trying.

Once your toilet bowl is placed correctly, create a seal on the drainage. This can easily be done by moving the toilet bowl from side to side.

4. Insert the Tank

After setting up the anchor bolts and placing the toilet bowl, it’s time to insert the tank. Attach the tank on the toilet bowl through the help of hooks and bolts. You need to attach the bolts at the bottom of the tank so it can easily fit over the toilet bowl.

Make sure to fix the nuts on each bolt to protect the tank. Don’t tighten them too much as doing so will cause cracks on the bowl.

5. Locate the Basin

Once you are done with the above step, place the basin on the toilet bowl. Don’t forget to tighten the basin bolts. You can easily do this with just your hands.

How to Install a Water Connection for Your Toilet

How to Install a Toilet Without Hiring a Plumber

Now that your toilet is installed, it is time to connect your toilet to the water supply. Follow the steps below to establish a water connection.

1. Select the water pipe for your toilet supply line and cut its water supply. Open the taps that are connected to the water pipe as you join the toilet supply line to the pipe.

2. On the pipe, find the nearest point to the toilet and cut it. The water will start flowing out, let the water drain out completely.

3. Join a copper tee (a type of wire used for connection) into the point which you have cut. Your tee wire should be in the direction of the toilet.

4. Take a copper pipe and create a lining towards the toilet. Make sure the line ends about two inches after it crosses the surface of the wall right below the tank.

5. Insert the shut-off valve at the end of the pipe under the toilet tank.

6. Next, attach a compression nut on the pipe and place the metal ring at the edge of the pipe.

7. Fit the valve above the ring with an adjustable wrench.

8. After inserting the valve, close it. Close the opened taps, and turn the water supply on.

Checking and Fixing Leaks

After you have linked the water supply with the tank, fill it up with water to check if it will leak or not. If your tank leaks, follow the mentioned steps to fix it.

1. Look for the bolts joining the tank and the bowl.

2. Use a flat screwdriver to secure the bolts.

3. Tighten the bolts through an adjustable wrench.

4. If the water continues to leak, replace the washers using the adjustable wrench and a screwdriver.

Final Words

To sum it up, installing a toilet isn’t only for plumbers. You can master the process as well. If you are willing to install your toilet on your own, then all you need is a set of working instructions.

Before installing, it is also important to buy the correct type of toilet for your bathroom. One-piece toilets are good for small bathrooms whereas two-piece toilets are better for the big ones.

Once you have installed the toilet, you can also further save money and connect the water line on your own. Fix the leakage if there is any and enjoy your new self-made bathroom look!

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How to Install a Toilet Without Hiring a Plumber

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    interesting read on how to install a toilet from scratch.  Reading your article it seems to be easy to install your toilet but still, I do have doubts.  what happens if the toilet is on the second floor, do you need to install a sewer line?

    Yes, you save hundreds of dollars by installing the toilet yourself, but you could end up thousands of dollars if you mess up with it.



  2. Thank you for this post. I never knew one could install a toilet by all themselves, I always thought it had to be professionally done by a plumber. The 8 installation steps are very easy to follow. I have a question, my toilet was changed a while ago. Now the seat keeps coming off. The screws look very complicated, how do I fix it? 

  3. I read through your article and I found out that it was very enlightening and challenging. One does not always have to wait for others to do some household installations for him but to task oneself in doing it. I also like the picture quality of your photos. thumbs up

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    Hi jivita, thanks for your question.

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  8. Though I never tried to install a toilet before, I find your article interesting! It’s not really hard to install a toilet, as you explained so easily, and only a few tools are required.

    But you know, replacing the old one is a nasty type job, as water may flashback anytime if I do it with my inexperienced hand. So, I need to know how you make the old one totally vacant.

    All the other steps are well explained and I understood those well.

    Thank you.

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