Chrider Bidet for Toilet Product Review

Chrider Bidet for Toilet Product

Quick Overview






  • ​18-month warranty with free extended warranty
  • ​Quick and easy installation
  • ​Instruction guide complete with pictures
  • ​Automatic retraction of the nozzle
  • ​Self-cleaning nozzle
  • ​Adjustable water pressure
  • ​Control knob to adjust the water pressure


  • ​Can leak water​
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Some people are skeptical about using toilets because they associate it with germs and dirt. However, toilets do not have to be messy or dirty or even stinky. And one of the best ways to improve your toilet experience is to have a bidet as it cleans the essential body parts without leaving much traces on the toilet bowl.

Fortunately, there are many reliable bidets on the market today. If you are shopping for one, then you may want to consider the Chrider Bidet for Toilet. This article examines the features, advantages, and disadvantages of this product.


The Many Wonders of the Chrider Bidet for Toilet

The Chrider Bidet for Toilet promises convenience, reliable cleaning, and easy installation. This product is elegantly designed for comfort and proper sanitation.

The product manufacturer promises ease of use as those using the toilets only need to twist the knob to turn on the bidet and control the water pressure.

It has a self-cleaning nozzle that extends to release the aerated water for reliable cleaning of sensitive body parts. The nozzle also retracts by itself when not being used.

Buyers should not worry about installing this product; even non-plumbers can do this task quickly as the product manufacturer has already included the necessary parts needed for installation.

One only requires a screwdriver and allow 10 to 20 minutes of their time to do the installation. The manufacturer also provides a detailed instruction guide with accompanying pictures.

This mechanical bidet measures 16.9 by 6.4 by 3.4 inches and weighs 1.56 pounds. The product maker also promises an 18-month warranty and free extended warranty when buyers register their purchases online. Buyers who have concerns or issues with the product can also contact the customer support for help.

The Chrider Bidet for Toilet boasts of many features and is suitable for those who would like to control the water pressure of their bidet. It has a knob for water control and self-cleaning nozzle. When not in use, the nozzle retracts automatically for sanitation purposes.

There is no need to worry about the installation as the product manufacturer promises an easy time in installing this bidet. The package comes with a detailed instruction guide complete with pictures.

The product manufacturer also offers an 18-month warranty as well as an extended warranty for free for buyers who register their purchase online.

However, this bidet is not without any flaws as there have been reported incidents of leaking with this product.


The Chrider Bidet for Toilet has many competitors as other product manufacturers offer similar bidets.

For example, the BLENDX Bidet for Toilet Bidet Attachment also has a self-cleaning nozzle, and dual spray for front and rear washing and is simple and quick to install.

The user can also control the pressure and flow of water using the control knob and an option to use either cold and hot water for washing. It is made of metal and ABS valves and comes with a water hose measuring three meters.

However, this item has its flaw, too as there have been complaints of leaking.

Similarly, the ABHQP Bidet Fresh Water Spray has a single nozzle that can be easily attached to a standard two-piece toilet.

It has a control dial that lets users adjust the water pressure according to his or her preference. It is made from durable and high-grade plastic material to prevent rusting of the bidet.

The product manufacturer promises buyers that they will have a quick and easy installation that can be finished within 10 to 20 minutes.


The Chrider Bidet for Toilet has many great qualities. For one, it is a self-cleaning attachment that makes the use of bidet sanitary.

Using the item is convenient, too since the water pressure can be adjusted with the use of a knob. It is a self-cleaning tool that extends when the knobs are turned and retracts by itself when no longer in use.

Installation is easy as well as the product maker provides a detailed instruction guide with accompanying pictures for users to have a clear idea of what they need to do to install the bidet properly.

The product also comes with an 18-month warranty and extended warranty for buyers who register their purchases online. There are also customer service representatives who can handle a buyer’s inquiry or question when needed.

When compared to other items on the market, the Chrider Bidet for Toilet has either less or more features than other bidets.

For example, one of its competitors the ABHQP Bidet Fresh Water Spray has a self-cleaning nozzle and control knob for the water pressure. This product is much simpler than the Chrider Bidet for Toilet.

On the other hand, the BLENDX Bidet for Toilet Bidet Attachment has similar features as well as more advanced ones. It also boasts of a self-cleaning nozzle and a control knob for water pressure adjustment.

However, there are other qualities that BLENDX Bidet for Toilet Bidet Attachment possesses that make it more advanced. For one, it is a dual spray that has a front and rear washing as well as the option to use hot or cold water. It is also made from ABS and metal valves for durability purposes.

So, is the Chrider Bidet for Toilet a worthy buy? Yes, if one is looking for a bidet that allows users to control the water pressure and an attachment that has the self-cleaning mechanism.

However, if one wants a product that has the option for the hot and cold water and dual washing, then this product is not the one to buy.

Overall, this product can still be considered a good and worthy purchase as it offers specific features that other products do not. Plus, the product manufacturer also provides an 18-month warranty and even an extended one, an offer that other makers do not provide.


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