Alpha ONE V2 Bidet Seat Review

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  • ​Easy instllation
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Retractable dual nozzles


  • ​Manual pressure adjustment
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Most people believe bidets are a luxury item; however, there are actually models that will pretty much meet your budget. It is often suggested that you choose the best bidet toilet seat that your money can buy. Bidet seats are a great investment since they give efficient cleaning and it helps cut down toilet paper usage.

Curious about current bidet seat models? Here is a review of the ​Alpha ONE V2 Bidet Seat​.

Features of Alpha ONE V2 Bidet Seat

  • Comes with powerful, effective rear wash
  • Has front feminine cleaning function
  • Includes 2 nozzles
  • Has durable lid which serves as a regular seat
  • Has soft-closing seat and lid
  • Comes with slim appearance
  • Does not require use of electricity or batteries
  • Gives ambient room-temperature water
  • Has integrated internal brass valve with brass inlet
  • Has universal 7/8 inch brass T-valve
  • Installs within 10 minutes
  • Backed by 1-year warranty


This model from Alpha comes with a slim and streamlined design, which makes it appear like it’s an average toilet seat. It gives formidable bidet washing functionality and makes for a simple and fast installation.

It does not need any electricity to operate, and it comes with a utilitarian 1-lever system for controlling the unit. It is user friendly and because it is a manual bidet seat, is more affordable compared to electric models.

It has an elongated form and can fit 2-piece toilets and 1-piece toilet models that do not have a French curve. The product provides both rear and front cool water washing with dual nozzles that can be retracted. The nozzles are strong and designed specifically for the best possible spray patterns.

Pulling the chrome control level backward will set off the effective rear wash, and pushing the lever in the opposite manner will initiate the gentle feminine cleaning function. Revert the lever to the middle position and it will stop its functions. This is utilitarian hygienic cleanup without the extras.

A majority of manual bidet seats being sold today are either unwieldy, large or should be fitted beneath the back of the toilet seat. This product is different since it is only 2.5” tall in the back so it makes for a really low-key bidet seat.

The product will be put in place of the current toilet seat and can fit nearly any elongated toilets except 1-piece models that come with excessive curves. But do not be misled by the slim design since the seat can actually tolerate up to 300 lbs. of weight and it even comes with a durable lid that serves as extra seating. Both the lid and the seat are soft-closing items which will not produce unwanted noise after a use.

The unit can be mounted even by beginners and it will not require fancy equipment for the process. This is a manual model so it means the plumbing is easy by means of the added brass T-valve which is placed beneath the toilet tank.

A metal supply hose then links the seat’s side, and the setup is finished. The bidet seat should be slipped into a mounting bracket, which then secures it to the toilet bowl.

This product has excellent internal components. It makes use of an integrated internal brass valve with a brass inlet so this means it will prevent leaks. The metal T-valve directs to a braided metal hose which links the brass inlet on the brass pressure valve. All are made from quality materials which will last for a long time.

Manual bidet seats like this model are affordable compared to the electric kind. A majority of units can be fastened straight to the bowl beneath the current toilet seat.

It works straight off of the water pressure form the pipes hence, the pressure of the water spray is typically sufficient. They are also easier to mount in case you only require using cool water.


Manual bidet seats may be a bit trickier to use compared to electric bidet seats. The water pressure is managed by either a lever, like this model or a control knob. It will take some fiddling around for a while so users will acquire the level of pressure that they need so the spray will not be on full blast whenever they use it.

Manual types are not also recommended for people who have weak hand control. The nozzles are also not really adjustable so users will be required to thrust their rear area a bit forward and backward to acquire an efficient cleanup.


The ​Alpha ONE V2 Bidet Seat​ is a great deal if you are looking for a manual model. Despite it being a lever-type manual bidet toilet seat, it did well in the washing department.

Installation was also easy and even beginners will get the hang of it quickly. If you plan on using cool water and don’t mind such temperatures even in the winter, then this is a good recommendation for a manual bidet seat.

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