Kohler K-394-4-SN Devonshire Bathroom Sink Faucet Review

Kohler K-394-4-SN Devonshire Bathroom Sink Faucet

Quick Overview






  • ​Easy to install and clean
  • ​Durable and reliable
  • ​Very easy to adjust water temperature and volume
  • ​Comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty
  • ​Meets and exceeds multiple standards


  • ​Only suited for three-hole sinks
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One of the most important fixtures in your bathroom, kitchen, or powder room is the faucet, which is why you need to put in extra effort when buying one. Also, the sink faucet is often the first thing people notice when they enter those rooms. For this reason, you not only have to look for the high-quality, durable, and leak-free faucet but also one that looks good to the eyes.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good options as well as some brands that are known to offer top-quality faucets, both in one and two-handle faucet designs. However, even though both single and two-handle faucets are common, two-handle units are recommended, especially for families with little kids.

Having two handles make it easier for kids as well as adults to adjust the temperature and the flow of the water. They are also usually durable and long lasting compared to single-handle faucets. Likewise, they are usually wider than single-handle, so they cover more area on your sink.

That said, with all the brands and models available, choosing one might be overwhelming. Hence, to guide and help you out, we’ll evaluate one such product from the Kohler brand. We’ll look at all its key features, benefits, drawbacks, and compare with similar products.


Kohler K-394-4-SN Devonshire Bathroom Sink Faucet

The K-394-4-SN Devonshire Bathroom Faucet is a popular model made by a well-known USA-based manufacturer. Kohler Co. is a century-old brand that is mostly known for its high-end plumbing accessories and fixtures but also manufactures furniture, generators, tiles, and a lot of other stuff.

The K-394-4-SN is the company’s latest model that comes with vibrant nickel polish, which gives it an aesthetic look. Its two-handle-faucet design resembles that of old-world design, adding to the aesthetic value of your bathroom. This is made to be compatible with a two-handle widespread lavatory with eight and sixteen inches centers.


This faucet comes with high-end and easy-to-clean Ultra-Glide ceramic disc valves that also adds to its durability. These valves are rated for up to four million on-and-off cycles, which is almost eight times better than current industry standards. This ensures leak-free performance for a lifetime.

The K-394-4-SN Devonshire Bathroom Faucet also has a solid brass construction that makes it more durable as well as reliable. The nickel used in its finishing is resistant to tarnishes, deterioration, and corrosion, and adds to the life of the faucet that on average exceeds twice the lifespan of other similar products within the same price range. The handles also come in a pre-assembled form already attached to the valves that make installations easier.

The flow rate is said to be 1.2 gallons per minute, which is perfect for regular cleaning and washing, so for those who want to conserve water, this one might be a good option. To prove such claims, the faucet has the WaterSense label, which means that it meets the WaterSense criteria, denoting that this faucet does really use 30% less water compared to faucets that have a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute faucets. So, even with less water consumption, it maintains the standard water performance efficiency.

The 6.4 x 8 x 4.8 inches and five pounds faucet also meets the water savings requirements by the CEC (California Energy Commission), Colorado SB 14-103, and CalGreen. Further, it meets state and federal regulations for lead content.


Kohler K-394-4-SN Devonshire Bathroom Faucet is designed to add aesthetic value to your bathroom or kitchen sink while offering you convenience. It is a durable faucet with a high-quality finish that prevents the occurrence of common metal faucet problems such as corrosion.

It offers great value for your money, as you don’t have to invest in another faucet to replace this one for a long time. The spout is not as high as some other models, but it provides enough space to clean or wash. The water flow rate is appropriate for high water efficiency.

Since installation is very easy, you won’t usually need a plumber. All you need is basic do-it-yourself skills and attitude. The package comes with all accessories and hardware you need for installation but do take note that it is a faucet designed for three-hole sinks.


As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of good options out there when it comes to quality faucets, and one of which is the Eva Two-Handle 6410ORB Bathroom Faucet by Moen.

There are a lot of similarities between the two but also have some basic differences. Both are from well-established USA-based brands that are known for their high-quality bathroom accessories and faucets.

However, if you compare both brands, Kohler is more popular than Moen since Kohler has been around for almost 150 years while Moen is doing business for the last 50 years.

Both features two handles, but there is a significant difference in design. Kohler is a widespread faucet which means handles are completely separate from the spout, but it isn’t the case with Eva. The spout height is higher in Eva when compared to Kohler.

When it comes to outlook, both have eye-catching designs and are finished using nickel. Both are also easy to install and can fit easily with three-hole sinks.

They also have the WaterSense label for water conservation, but Kohler performs better if you want to save more water.  Nonetheless, the flow rate is 1.2 gallons per minute for both models.

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The K-394-4-SN Devonshire Bathroom Faucet by Kohler is a good option for those who are looking for a faucet that can work for decades to come. The brass made the faucet durable, stylish, and high-quality, and since it comes with a lifetime warranty, it reflects that the company has high confidence in their product.

The flow rate is efficient, water conservation is excellent, and using it is very convenient even for small kids. All in all, Kohler Devonshire Bathroom Faucet is a perfect faucet for your bathroom or kitchen’s three-hole sink.


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