Features of a Great Home Spa

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Are you in for a full-fledged spa experience within the comfort of your home? If your answer is yes, you need to start planning right away. The first step here is doing due diligence researching what you’ll need for this new addition to your home. This blog will explain some of the features you need to incorporate into your home spa.

Walk-In Showers

This feature of an in-home spa is extremely practical. What’s better than a walk-in shower with body jets and a rain showerhead? This upgrade will allow you to enjoy a relaxing shower without you having to move back and forth in the shower. It is especially useful for senior individuals with limited mobility.

Dual Showerheads

Speaking of showerheads, the dual showerhead is a valuable upgrade for any home spa. The dual shower has sufficient space, and it can accommodate you as well as your significant other. Moreover, you can also include a seating arrangement as an add-on, making showers even more comfortable.

Natural Construction and Décor Materials

There is nothing more visually appealing than natural material to adorn your home spa. Materials like teak, bamboo, and stone can work wonders when added to flooring, walls, and other decorative spots. Speaking of stone, river rock flooring can make your spa stand out. However, the cost can be a big constraint. If you’d still like an element of river rocks, a small rock mat outside the shower might help you obtain the aesthetics without the large expense.

Indoor Plants

If you’ve ever visited a spa, you must have seen how they incorporate plants. Plants not only add to the aesthetics of the spa, but they keep the air clean.

Some of the best indoor plants to add to your home spa are Aloe Vera, Ferns, and Pathos. These plants can survive with minimal care, and they also make the indoor air clean. You can place them around the tub and in the shower, or hang them from macramé planters.

Bath Bombs

The purpose of a spa is to soothe your senses, relaxing your muscles, and nourish your skin through massages and other treatments. Bath bombs containing bath salts, nourishing essential oils, and other ingredients can be a great addition to your home spa. These little balls are packed with essential oils necessary to moisturize your skin. While some dissolve into the water without the slightest color change, others are colored, enhancing your experience.

Tub Caddies

If you are looking for something comfortable, convenient, and spa indulgent, you need is a tub caddy. A tub caddy is a wooden tray that hangs on to the edges of your tub and holds anything you need within easy reach. While you soak in your bathwater, you can use the caddy to put your cell phone, wine glass, or a book if you enjoy reading while bathing. These caddies come with non-slip silicone grips that keep them in place. Moreover, it has a rustproof metal rack that keeps your items safe while you soak in the tub.

Bluetooth Speakers

Combining sounds of nature with instruments like the flute, bells, and chimes, spa music is necessary for the perfect spa session. Whether you want some relaxing therapeutic meditation music or a soft ballad that plays in the background, music in your home spa always works. With Bluetooth speakers on the shelves, you don’t need to walk up to the stereo to change the song or adjust the volume. All you need to do is to control the music from your phone while savoring the tranquility of your spa.

Towel Warmer

A towel warmer is a worthy addition to your home spa, especially for spa days in the dead of winter. Modern towel warmers allow users to change the settings depending on whether they want their towels warmed for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour. Once the towels are warmed up, the warmer will shut down on its own while preserving the warmth. This way you won’t have to feel chilly after stepping out of the shower or bathtub.

Natural Salts

Just like bath bombs, natural salts are another great way to help your skin relax while soaking in a hot tub. Some natural bath salts in the marketplace are infused with essential oils. Just sprinkle some in hot water, and get rid of the tension, stress, and muscle knots that bother you after a tiring day.


Lighting is an important component of a spa experience. While lighting is in point in spa studios and hotels, you can create the same feel in your home spa with some candles.  Not only are candles great as decorative items around your home spa, they also help soothe your senses and give you a sense of well-being. The soft and flickering glow of candles is a treat for the eyes, as well as for the soul. It allows you to immerse in the serene spa experience. Whether it is a tea light or some custom votive, the feeling is uncanny when placed around your bathtub. You can further enhance your spa experience by adding a few scented candles around the room, taking advantage of aromatherapy along with the mystical aesthetics of candles.


You must have all the necessary supplies for your in-home spa. However, you can’t leave them out in the open. Therefore, you need a supply cupboard. This piece of furniture should be big enough to hold towels, bathrobes, and slippers along with spa products like soaps, skincare and haircare products, and essential oils for a wholesome spa experience. The cupboard can have the color of your choice, but it is better to keep it white. White is more appealing to the eyes and adds character to your spa.

If you want an in-home spa, make sure not to skimp on any of the features mentioned above. However, before you start planning to include these features, there are a few things you need to factor in. These things include space availability, water and electricity supply, and drainage. You must also be aware of the local laws surrounding additions to one’s property to prevent any legal trouble.