9 Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Pops of color in a white kitchen
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Widely regarded as the heart of the home, a kitchen is the ultimate gathering place that lies at the center of all daily activities. So, it makes sense to want to create a space that you love cooking and eating in. Although modern designs and style revolve around simplicity and minimalism, it doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some color to make a space look happy and attractive.

Whether you’re getting bored of your current kitchen space or are beginning to think it looks a little tired, maybe it’s time to revamp and brighten up your space with some color!

Here are some interesting ways to add color to your kitchen.

1. Opt for Accent Cabinet Doors

Two-toned cabinets are one of the biggest trends that make for an excellent way to bring some color to your kitchen without having to fully commit. Incorporating a colorful door option for a few cabinets can add some much-needed flair and interest without overwhelming your space. If you’re wondering how to add color to your white kitchen, this is it! Your existing plain white cabinet doors serve as the perfect canvas for repainting any hue you want. From warm pink to deep greens to classic teal, don’t shy away from going bright and bold.

2. Add a Playful Wallpaper

Most homeowners think that tiles and paint are the only wall finishing options for a kitchen. Truth be told, wallpapers can make for a fantastic and alluring addition to a kitchen. With so many colors, styles, designs, and prints available, you can easily come across the perfect color or combination of colors to brighten up your kitchen. A wet-space-safe playful wallpaper can be used as a single accent wall or an all-over treatment, adding a dose of color and energizing patterns to a kitchen.

3. Opt for Colored Bar Stools

Your kitchen walls aren’t the only place to target to add some color; kitchen seating and countertops are also an excellent way to ramp up the middle of your space. Bright and vivid hues, such as sunshine yellow or hot pink, aren’t colors that you want splashed across your kitchen walls in huge quantities. In that case, vivid-colored stools with velvet upholstery and powder-coat metal can make for modern, classy, and colorful additions that don’t overwhelm your kitchen.

4. Colorful Window Treatments

Window treatments are an essential part of any space, including your kitchen. Therefore, when it comes to adding color to your kitchen, this may be a great place to start. The best part about window treatments is that they are available in numerous choices, styles, prints, and colors. In-window shades can make for a smart, practical, and aesthetically pleasing choice for the kitchen as they take up less space, minimizing the risk of drifting too close to a heat source, which is one of the biggest dangers of a kitchen.

5. Incorporate Open Shelving

In comparison to other spaces in a home, a kitchen has the highest storage needs. Luckily, there are many storage options for kitchens, including cabinets, drawers, etc. Open shelving is another rapidly growing storage choice for modern and contemporary kitchens. If you’re alright with a little controlled chaos, open shelving can transform your kitchen essentials into part of the kitchen décor. By putting your cutlery, dishware, and other items on display, a few open shelves can give you a lot of room for the opportunity to add pops of different colors and hues.

6. Add Paint in Unexpected Places

A fresh new coat of paint can revive and rejuvenate the ambiance and outlook of any room. So, the simplest way to add color to your kitchen is to perhaps, paint an unexpected kitchen surface. Painting the walls is quite an obvious choice, but if you think out of the box, you will realize that your backsplash, ceiling, or even the sides of the kitchen island, could benefit from a new paint color. Olive green or a poppy red could do wonders for your backsplash, whereas pale aqua or mint green can help elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen island. Your ceiling, however, can benefit from soft hues and tones, such as sky blue or peach.

7. Add a Colorful Rug

Transforming your kitchen from boring to bright can be as simple as adding a new rug. Sure, a rug may not seem like the best option for your moisture-prone kitchen, but many modern rugs are stable enough to weather any environmental conditions. The only thing you need to be wary of is to choose the correct rug pad for your kitchen flooring to avoid slips and falls.

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8. Update Your Dinnerware

Your regular dinner is probably stored in a visible location somewhere in your kitchen. If you’re looking to add a colorful, attractive element to your modern white kitchen, upgrading your dinnerware to a more colorful set is quite the easy fix.

Although neutral-colored dinnerware may seem like the more practical option, it can become invisible and boring after a few uses. On the other hand, colorful and patterned dinnerware is an evergreen choice that will spruce things up when they begin to get dull.

9. Add Painted Furniture

If you have a fair amount of space in your kitchen, you should consider adding a piece of statement furniture. This furniture doesn’t have to be an expensive buy; in fact, it can be a fun DIY. If you have an old bench, cabinet, or bookshelf pointlessly lying around, refresh it with a fresh coat of paint and put it to use as the pop of color your kitchen needs. Painted furniture helps personalize and add more character to an otherwise plain and boring space.

Wrapping Up

Wondering how to add color to your kitchen to make it look alive and attractive? There are endless opportunities to incorporate a much-needed splash of color into your kitchen space – paint the walls, throw in a colorful rug, paint your ceiling, decorate your open shelves, or add colored bar stools.

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