The Cost of a Laundry Room Remodel

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Your laundry room is a relatively small space in your home, but when you plan to remodel it, know that costs can add up quickly. After all, remodeling your laundry room requires you to work with several different professional experts. You need to work with a plumber, a skilled electrician, and a carpenter to get the final look at your laundry room and the cost of these professional experts depends on several factors. Moreover, the space you want to renovate, the type of material you choose for remodeling, and the extent of remodeling also affect the laundry room renovation cost.

While it is difficult to calculate the exact cost of laundry room remodeling, you can expect yourself to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $15,000 for a laundry room remodeling. The national average cost of remodeling a 35 sq. ft. laundry room falls between $4,000 and $12,000, with most people spending $7,000. The average cost accounts for upper and lower cabinets, front-loading appliances, and a mid-range laminated countertop.

Now that you already know the average cost of laundry room remodel let’s look at some of the factors that can affect the laundry room remodel cost.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Laundry Room Remodel?

The Size of Your Laundry Room

The size of your laundry room is one of the most critical factors that can influence the laundry room to remodel cost. While the average size of the laundry room is 35 sq. ft. (which makes a dimension of 5 feet by 7 feet room), it is common to have slightly larger or smaller laundry rooms. The larger the laundry room, the more will the cost of factors that are influenced by the size, which may include flooring, paint, and cabinets.

On the flip side, if you have a smaller laundry room size, you can expect a reduction in costs that are influenced by size. However, the cost of appliances and other factors that are not influenced by size is likely to remain constant.

Laundry Room Paint and Flooring

Another critical factor that affects the laundry room remodel cost is paint and flooring. As you go for laundry room remodel, you will need to repaint the walls. Since it is a relatively smaller area in your home, painting can be done quickly, and you can save the labor cost if you go for DIY wall painting.

One of the major aspects of laundry room remodel is choosing the right flooring material. Since the area has to deal with water, it is important to go for water-resistant flooring. Moreover, you need to consider the scratch and abrasion resistance of the flooring you choose for your laundry room. You can expect the flooring cost to be determined by the type of flooring you choose for your laundry room. For example, concrete is a relatively inexpensive choice, but it can significantly increase the kitchen remodel cost if you go for luxury vinyl tiles.  

Your Choice of Equipment

If you plan to remodel your laundry room and invest in a new washer and dryer, your choice of equipment is a fixed cost that you will have to incur regardless of your laundry room’s size. However, the appliance you choose for your laundry room will depend on the design and layout of your laundry room. If there is ample space, you can go for a washer and dryer set up side by side. But in case you are short on space, you can go for a stackable washer and dryer that are functional yet space-efficient.  

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The Need for Lighting and Exhaust Fan

Good lighting is one of the prerequisites of a functional laundry room, so when you go for a laundry room remodel, make sure you choose appropriate lighting. You will need lights that illuminate the entire laundry room, but you may also need lights for specific areas such as your cabinets or right above the sink. The type of lighting you choose will impact your laundry room remodel cost.

Moreover, since your laundry room is a humid area, it’s always a good idea to go for an exhaust fan installation. If you already have a functional exhaust fan that can gel in well with your new laundry room, you may not need to invest in a new one. But if you don’t have an exhaust fan in your laundry room and purchase a new one, it is one of the few costs that will add to your total laundry room remodel cost.

The Cost of Cabinets, Countertop, and Sink

Your laundry room will need some storage that allows you to store cleaning supplies, folded laundry, and several other things. Depending upon your storage needs for your laundry room, you will need to invest in cabinets. You can find several different types of cabinets that range from low-priced racks to highly-priced, customized cabinets. Your choice of cabinets is one of the factors that can significantly influence your laundry room to remodel cost.

Similarly, your need for a countertop and the type of countertop, as well as the sink you choose for your laundry room, will have an impact on your laundry room remodel cost.

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Other Considerations That May Affect the Laundry Room Remodel Cost

Some of the other considerations that may affect the laundry room remodel cost include the following.

  • The national average usually determines the labor rates. However, your location may also have an impact on the hourly labor rate.
  • If you have a small laundry room and want to expand it, it is a significant home improvement project, and you can expect the additional cost to complete the job.
  • Lastly, how much you want to add on in terms of accessories such as iron board, folding table, and baskets will also significantly impact your laundry room remodel cost.
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Final Words

Laundry room remodeling can cost you anywhere between $2,000 and $15,000. However, how much you end up spending on laundry room renovation depends on several factors, including the size of your laundry room as well as the extent of remodeling.

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