8 Non-toxic Outdoor Garden Plants for Homes With Pets

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Pets and plants often make the two most deeply loved things in life, and when you are planning to plan to spruce up your garden, one of the most common questions that come to mind is, “Are these plants safe for my pets?”

Unfortunately, not all plants are safe for pets. Certain plants can be toxic and lead to mild symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting, but some of the other plants, when ingested, can lead to severe consequences, including seizures, tremors, and worse. However, several beautiful ornamentals are non-toxic for your four-legged friends and can make a beautiful addition to your garden.

Let’s look at eight non-toxic outdoor garden plants that are safe for homes with pets so you can fill your landscape without worrying about your cats and dogs.

1. Rattlesnake Plant

The rattlesnake plant makes it one of the safest plants for homes with pets. The distinctly shaped leaves with unique color make the plant aesthetically pleasing, which makes a great addition to any yard. The rattlesnake plant grows best in fast-draining soil and thrives in low light conditions. Moreover, the plant has limited water needs and needs watering only when the topsoil feels dry to touch.

So get this low-maintenance plant that makes a great addition to your yard and is also a non-toxic garden plant for homes with pets.

2. Spider Plant

The spider plant, which is considered one of the easiest plants to grow in a wide range of conditions, also makes a non-toxic garden plant for homes with pets. Spider plants enjoy cooler temperatures and low light conditions and require occasional pruning. And while spider plants are safe for your pets, they can also be great air purifiers when planted indoor as they help you get rid of the toxins in the air.

3. Zinnia

Add zinnias to your garden, making excellent non-toxic outdoor garden plants for homes with pets. The plant grows quickly and produces beautiful flowers annually, giving a unique visual appeal to your garden. However, a few varieties of zinnia are prone to mildew, but you can easily control this problem by providing a full day of sunshine and adequate spacing to the plants in your yard and rest easy knowing that the plant is safe for your four-legged friends.

4. African Violet

The African violet has been one of the most popular plants for its pretty, small lavender flowers, but one of the reasons you should have it in your home with pets is that the plant is non-toxic for your cats and dogs.

The plant with tiny flowers thrives in low temperatures and blooms year-round, so make sure you fertilize it regularly. Moreover, the plant blooms in low light conditions and has moderate watering needs. And the best part of this beautiful plant is that its thick green leaves do not produce any harmful substance that can be dangerous for your pets.

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5. Areca Palm

The fancy-looking areca palm is sure to tempt your feline to bite this plant but don’t worry. Areca plant is another non-toxic outdoor plant that makes a perfect addition for homes with pets. Also known as the butterfly palm, areca palm plants can give a feel of the tropics when planted in your home or outdoor space and isn’t toxic for pets.

Areca palm plant thrives in warm temperatures and areas with high humidity and has limited watering and sunshine needs. Moreover, the areca palm plants are also great air purifiers, so placing your areca palm plant indoors can make your indoor space healthier without being toxic to your loved ones.

6. Gloxinia

A lovely, colorful plant that can make an excellent addition to any yard is gloxinia, a plant native to Brazil. The brightly colored flowers blossom in red, blue, pink, and purple shades, and the plant thrives well in moist soil and indirect sunlight. And the best part of this beautiful plant in your garden is that it is non-toxic for your pets. So enjoy the lovely colors of gloxinia in your yard without worrying about your pets.

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7. Sunflower

Sunflowers display their beautifully colored petals between summer and early fall, and this epitome of summer also makes non-toxic outdoor garden plantsfor homes with pets. The pet-safe plant can grow several feet tall and make a great addition to any yard to define a border along the fence. Make sure to find a sunny spot for your sunflower plants and provide plenty of water. Sunflower plants thrive in moist, well-drained soil. And while these plants make a safe choice for homes with pets, their brightly colored flowers also attract birds and insects, so you can enjoy some fantastic sights and sounds in your yard.

8. Purple Basil

The gorgeous variety of basil brings stunning colors to your garden and makes it a safe choice for homes with pets. Plant purple basil as soon as the frost is over and provide plenty of water and sunshine and enjoy the beautiful color it adds to your yard. And as you enjoy the beautiful colors, let your pets have fun around this plant, too, knowing that the plant is safe for them.

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Final Words

If you have been looking for non-toxic outdoor garden plantsfor homes with pets, your search ends here. Choose any of the outdoor garden plants mentioned above and make your garden space look beautiful while being safe for your pets.