6 Ideas for a Modern Dining Room

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A dining room is one of the very few areas of the house that has seen some immense changes in the last few years. A few decades ago, the dining room was used as the most traditional space in the home, with comfortable sitting and an elegant appeal.

However, with changing lifestyles and on-the-go becoming the new normal, the idea of a formal dining space became obsolete. Yet, in the last few years, there has been another changing trend where we can observe an increasing focus on having a specified area for meals with an explosion in modernity.

If you are someone trying to catch up on this modern dining room trend, we have got you covered here. This post looks at six ideas for a contemporary dining room that can provide you with a great opportunity to enjoy your meals with your loved ones.

So let’s get started.

1. Add Large Lighting Fixtures

Do you remember the huge chandeliers in your grandma’s dining room? If yes, then you would know its striking beauty and elegant appeal.

Well, the trend is back again for obvious reasons. Large chandeliers are beautiful, elegant, and ornamental. But this time, it’s not the same old crystal chandeliers. Instead, most modern dining rooms now have two or three large lighting attachments over the table. While crystal chandeliers look more luxurious, modern dining rooms are more about style and elegance; hence, larger lighting fixtures are the new in-thing.

Apart from the lighting fixtures over the table, you can add several other low-hanging lamps, spotlights, and circular LED lamps and give a modern appeal to your dining room. Using unique lighting fixtures throughout the room,not just a central light, can help create a focal point for your modern dining room sets.

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2. Choose Mismatched Chairs

Sounds inappropriate?  Well, you need to try it out to see the effect it creates in your dining room.

Most homeowners prefer having a complete dining table set with uniform chairs as it appears more appropriate and gives a fine finish to your dining room. But have you seen restaurants mixing up chairs and choosing mismatched chairs to create a fantastic dining space design? You can create the same effect by selecting mismatched chairs for your homes. When you mix up chairs and add contrasting colors, you can create a unique style statement for the dining room and home.

And when it comes to mismatched chairs, you don’t only have to experiment with the upholstery. Instead, you can add differently shaped chairs with completely different colors and fabrics and create your personal style. However, choosing mismatched chairs doesn’t mean you can add anything to your dining room. By carefully selecting designs and upholstery and by doing it right, you can create a bold and modern dining room.

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3. Go for Benches

If you think that adding mismatched chairs is not the best choice for you, then you can try this alternative. Many homeowners who have large dining rooms are now relying on benches instead of dining chairs for seating. Adding a long bench to your dining room creates a feeling of closeness while breaking away from the formality of a traditional dining room.

And your modern dining room benches don’t have to be uncomfortable. By choosing the right material and upholstery, you can create a comfortable sitting space in your dining room. And the best part about choosing benches for your dining room is that they are portable and can make up for additional seating in your living room when not in use in your dining room.

4. Optimize Natural Light

Dining rooms have traditionally been a space with dark furniture and dim lights. Homeowners preferred it that way to give it a more formal ambiance. But as dining rooms become more modern, most people look forward to a dining room that optimizes the use of natural light.

Set up your dining table near your large window that brings in plenty of natural light, but if your dining room doesn’t have large windows and you are not up for home renovation now, you can take advantage of lighting fixtures that imitate natural light. By optimizing natural light or resorting to artificial lighting, you can create a dining room that appears brighter, bigger, and more welcoming.

5. Prioritize Large Art

Dining room walls seldom get the attention they deserve, but most modern dining rooms have a highlighting feature on the wall, which is often a large piece of art. Instead of painting your dining room walls differently, you can easily find wall art that can be the focal point of your dining room walls. However, when looking for wall art for your modern dining room, make sure to go for large wall art pieces as they add more elegance and appeal to your dining space.

6. Opt for Bold Textured Dining Room

Your dining room makes a perfect space to experiment with bold wallpapers, especially when creating a modern dining room in your home. Go for bold, textured wallpapers that add interest and appeal to your dining room even when you opt for simple color palettes.

Final Words

Creating a modern dining room is about thinking outside the box and challenging the norms. If your existing dining room is all about traditions and uniformity, change the appeal of your space and create a modern dining room. By adding large and multiple lighting fixtures, large art, mismatched chairs, and benches to your dining room, you can create a modern space that can be a reflection of your style and preference.