Best Ways to Garden in Small Spaces

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Just because you live in an apartment or have a small yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden. All you need to garden in a small space is to be creative and think outside the box to maximize your existing space. In this post, we share tips and tricks to help you guide and find the best ways to garden in small spaces.

So let’s get started.

1. Devise a Plan

The most critical aspect of gardening in a small space is to develop a plan. If you live in an apartment or have a small yard, you need to plan the plants you want to include in your garden. You will have to be more creative about vegetation and flowering plants and how much space they occupy. Moreover, you will also need to figure out the furniture you will be placing in your garden and how much space it will occupy.

2. Get Some Inspiration

If you are struggling with planning for your small garden and what you want to include in it, it’s a good idea to get some inspiration. You can find several small garden designs online to help you come up with the most creative plant and furniture placement for your small garden space.

Moreover, you can also get some inspiration from your neighbors and how they have used the small garden space. Similarly, you can visit a gardening store to get an idea of pots and plants that can make the perfect addition to your small garden.

3. Collect All You Need for Your Small Garden

The next step of gardening in small spaces involves collecting all the items you need to place in your small space. Whether you want to place small containers or medium-sized pots in your garden, it’s time to gather them all. You can also collect some hanging baskets for your garden as they do not take up any floor space but make a great addition to any garden.

But like we said earlier, creating a garden in a small space is all about being creative so let your imagination guide you about everything you need for your small garden. You can find several things in your home that can make an excellent addition to your garden space.

By reusing and recycling items from your home, you can add a distinct appeal to your miniature garden. However, make sure that anything you intend to reuse in your small garden is clean and toxic-free. Some of the household items that can make a great addition to your small garden space include

  • Jam bottles,
  • Cans,
  • Toilet paper rolls,
  • Lanterns,
  • Milk crates and
  • Old glassware.

By using these items in your garden for plantation, you will be surprised to see the effect they create in your small garden space without taking much space in your garden.

4. Figure Out What You Will Need  

Once you have come up with a plan for your small garden and have collected everything that you have that can add value to your small garden space, you need to figure out things that you will need for your small garden. Soil, seeds, and plants are some of the items that are essential for your small garden space, and it’s time to invest in them.

5. Maximize Your Small Space

With everything ready, let’s maximize your small garden space. Some of the tips and tricks you can use to maximize your small garden space include the following:

Go for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets make one of the best additions to a small garden space. If you have always thought of things to do with a small space garden, hanging baskets always make it to the top of the list. Hanging baskets free up your garden’s floor yet give the right impression of a thriving garden.

Invest in Raised Garden

Another great way to maximize your small garden space is to invest in raised gardens. With raised gardens, you can free up the garden space while enjoying the lovely colors and textures in your garden. And the best part is you can also move your raised garden to different spots in your outdoor space, so you don’t always have to worry about their placement.  

Add Personality to the Garden Walls

Free up your garden space by adding personality to your garden walls. Invest in a bamboo structure on your wall and let the plants grow vertically to add color and personality to your garden. You can also place containers on the garden walls that can add to the appeal and functionality of your small garden. Be as creative as you want with your choice of containers ranging from bottles to cans and even your old shoes.

Stair Garden

Stair gardens make a great addition to a small garden. You can add different plants at different levels and make the most of your small garden space with a stair garden.

Accessorize Wisely

Lastly, as you intend to maximize your small garden space, let’s not forget that you need to accessorize the space wisely. With huge accessories, you can make your small garden space feel more overwhelmed, so make the right choice depending upon your garden’s space.

Final Words

Whether you live in an apartment or have a small yard, do not let the space constraint limit your imagination. By being creative and getting the right inspiration, you can figure out how to maximize your small space and create a garden space that you have always desired.