8 Exciting Living Room Decoration Tips

Living room decoration tips
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As one of the most important spaces of a home, your living room should be a place where you can comfortably unwind after a long day at work, watch TV, or spend quality time with friends or family. Whether your style is more modern or traditional, formal or relaxed, bold or subdued, there are many options to tailor your living room to suit your lifestyle and personality. There’s something behind decorating a room that not only looks great but also works well for you.

So, without further ado, here are some exciting living room decoration tips.

1. Color Mixing

Color mixing is one of the best living room decor ideas in 2021. An all-white and bright living room can look and feel too clean and almost unapproachable. On the other hand, a dark room can feel like a cave, especially if there’s inadequate lighting. So, the best option is to mix both light and dark colors to add more depth and balance for a more dynamic appearance. Your living room can most certainly benefit from layers of different colors, shades, and hues, so don’t be afraid to establish the perfect balance of light and dark!

2. Contrast Your Neutrals

Decorating your living room with various contrasting neutral can go a long way towards making your space feel rich, comfortable, and welcoming. The fact is that you can never go wrong with neutrals, especially whites and beiges, and with the perfect neutral backdrop, you can pair numerous colored and textured accessories. For instance, a white living room wall will look impeccable with rust-colored velvet sofas with brass hardware, wooden cabinets, and maybe some hanging wicker baskets. With a palette this rich that highlights different undertones and finishes, you’ll have the perfect space to relax.

3. Play Around with Different Textures

Textures are quite easy to overlook when revamping a living room, especially since we don’t see it as much as we feel or touch it. Despite this, the fact remains that a combination of different textures is incredibly critical to make a living room feel cozy. Incorporating hard textures that add contrast and plush textures that appeal to the touch can completely transform the look and feel of your living room.

Cotton, leather, wool, metal, velvet, stone, glass, fur, and plants are just a few of the many textures to incorporate in your living room space. If you’re looking for small living room decorating ideas, then the best place to start is revamping your cushions, pillows, and rugs to add more texture to your space.

4. Incorporate Wood

Wood is perhaps, one of the most critical textural elements that bring a sense of warmth to a living area. There are numerous ways to include wood in your living room space to make it feel more inviting. Wooden side tables, sofa legs, wall paneling, and carved décor are just a few of the many options.

5. Mix Up Your Upholstery

While most furniture stores offer deals on purchasing a matching living room set, it doesn’t mean you should go for it! Although matching upholstery helps establish a sense of order and maturity within a space, it’s usually great for formal areas. However, if you want to create a cozy and welcoming living room atmosphere, consider mixing and matching your upholstered pieces to add more personality. The safest way to do this is to pair a printed fabric sofa with neutral leather chairs. That way, this intentional contrast will help bring about some diversity to the room.

6. Add Pops of Color

Although you can create a beautiful space without the presence of any vivid hues, incorporating a little bit of color into your living room can go a long way towards creating an inviting and relaxing environment. Like we mentioned before, although an all-white space looks modern and serene, it can look too clean. The same applies to all-neutral spaces. You need at least one element or color that instantly pops and catches your eye.

There are many ways to incorporate pops of color into a room, including artwork, accent walls, décor pieces, open shelves, picture frames, and even your furniture. A cheerful blue, sunshine yellow, or a vivid red would contrast perfectly with an all-cream or black and white room.

7. Add a Patterned Rug

Whether plain or patterned, a rug is a powerful design tool that brings all a room’s elements together and establishes a certain level of cohesiveness. The reason we prefer patterned rugs is because it adds some much-needed energy and liveliness to a space. Also, given the high foot traffic in a living room, a patterned rug helps minimize the appearance of stains and wear and tear.

A patterned rug can help anchor the seating area and give the whole room a sense of life. Not only do patterned rugs look fabulous against wooden or tiled floors, but they also go incredibly well with your existing plain carpeting.

8. Opt for Movable Furnishings

Gone are the days when bulky sofas were on top of our priority lists. In the modern era, we’re all about aesthetics and practicality. Whether you like changing your living room setting from time to time or you usually have a lot of guests over, you could most certainly benefit from incorporating movable furniture in your living room.

Stools, ottomans, side chairs, and lightweight tables are just a few of the main practical furniture options that can easily be moved around to change things up and give you and your guests more options to be comfortable. If you’re operating on a budget, you can opt for small pieces, such as upholstered footstools.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need to rip off the flooring, paint the walls, or change all furnishings to revamp your living room. Sometimes, you simply need to incorporate creative elements and add a decoration piece or two here and there to make your living room cozier and more welcoming. We hope that you can put our living room decor ideas 2021 to use to create a wonderful space for you and your guests to relax!