What Does a Bidet Toilet Seat Do?

What Does a Bidet Toilet Seat Do
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As you shop around for bathroom or comfort room products, you may have already seen toilet seats that have spray nozzles attached to them. They are the so-called electronic bidet toilet seats.

And by now, you might already be asking yourself the question, “What does a bidet toilet seat do?”

In order for us to arrive at a right answer to that question, we will be looking into some essential facts about electronic bidet toilet seats.

What Are Bidet Toilet Seats: What Does a Bidet Toilet Seat Do?

Electronic bidet toilet seats are modern products that have been invented in order to upgrade a regular toilet bowl into a bidet toilet. They are designed in a way that you can easily install them by following the instructions written on their corresponding manuals. Meaning, you do not need to have great plumbing skills just for you to install them.

As the name implies, electronic bidet toilet seats have wiring systems and require an outlet for them to work. In addition, they also have different functions that can easily be controlled with the help of the provide remote control.

What Makes Bidet Toilet Seats Different From Regular Toilet Seats?

Spray Nozzle

As was mentioned earlier, you can quickly recognize a bidet toilet seat because it has a built-in plastic or stainless-steel spray nozzle. The spray nozzle is the part that is responsible for releasing the water coming from the tank. Its position is usually adjustable so that it can meet the specific needs of each of the user in your home.

Since the spray nozzle is positioned under the bidet toilet seat, most manufacturers designed it with a self-cleaning technology. With this design, you no longer have to clean the nozzles after you use the toilet manually. Thus, you can be safe from acquiring any germs that may be present in the toilet bowl.

Pressurized and Heated Water

The water that is released from the spray nozzles is pressurized and heated so that you will not feel any jolts once the water touches your buttocks or genitalia. Most bidet toilet seat models have adjustable pressure and water temperature levels so that you can choose the one that suits your need and want.

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Heated Toilet Seat

The heated toilet seat feature is the one that made the electronic bidet toilet seats extremely popular. This addition to bidet toilet seats will make your defecating or urinating experience more comfortable during the cold seasons, as well as during early mornings and late evenings.

Heated Air Dryer

This feature is also one of the things that can help us better understand what does a bidet toilet seat do. With a heated air dryer, you no longer have to wipe your buttocks or genitalia after the spray nozzle cleansed the mentioned parts. After the washing phase, you just have to seat for a while and wait for the air dryer to do its function.


Bidet toilet seats also differ from regular toilet seats by having an installed deodorizer that can completely eliminate the smell that may be produced after you use the toilet. It is also responsible for making sure that the air inside the toilet is purified. Those functions are made possible with the help of a built-in carbon filter and an intake fan.

What Does A Bidet Toilet Seat Do?

As we have learned earlier, a bidet toilet seat will convert your ordinary toilet seat into a bidet. As an overview, bidets are products that have been initially produced for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Their primary purpose was to eliminate the need for the patients to use tissue paper or sanitary wipes in wiping their bottoms after defecating or urinating. Since the process is very hygienic and convenient, experts have seen that such can also benefit homeowners.

However, most homeowners are not able to install traditional bidets in their comfort rooms or bathrooms because of the limited space. With that in regard, manufacturers started developing DIY bidet toilet seats. Through such, regular toilet seats can already become modern bidets by simply attaching the said products.

Apart from converting a regular toilet bowl into a bidet, bidet toilet seats are also capable of helping you clean yourself after defecating or urinating without using your hands and any other toiletry products.

Thus, you no longer have to worry about getting dirt and germs into your hands. Therefore; bidet toilet seats can help you prevent the acquisition of parasites, bacteria, and viruses through oral-fecal route.

Bidet toilet seats can also make your toilet-use experience more comfortable through their heated seat and air dryer features. That is also possible with the help of the pressurized and heated water that you will be using in cleaning yourself.

Also, bidet toilet seats can do wonders for people who are constipated and to those who have hemorrhoids. That is because the pressure level can be adjusted in a way that it can reach the inside of the anus for thorough cleaning.


As can be denoted from the given information above, we can now arrive at definite answers for the question, “What does a bidet toilet seat do?”.

Physically, bidet toilet seats can improve the style and appearance of your regular toilet bowls because of their sleek designs and modern features. The functionality of your regular toilet seats can also be improved in a way that you will feel more comfortable when you defecate or urinate. Toilet use will also be a lot easier for young, old, and physically-limited people inside your home.

Bidet toilet seats can also do a lot of things when it comes to sanitation and proper hygiene because a hands-free, after-toilet-use cleaning is possible. Your genitalia, buttocks, and the surrounding parts will also be cleansed well because of the pressurized water. In addition, bidet toilet seats can also make your toilets or bathrooms free from unwanted odors and air pollutants.

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To sum it all up, we can say that bidet toilet seats can do a lot of things when it comes to hygiene, sanitation, and comfort.

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