Wallpaper vs. Paint: What’s the Better Option for Your Bedroom

A couple painting a wall together
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Choosing between getting wallpaper and painting your bedroom walls can be a challenge. The decision you make impacts various factors such as maintainability, aesthetics, durability, and pricing. The walls of your room are the largest blank canvases at your disposal, and you can do a lot of interesting things with them to add a touch of personality and uniqueness to your space. You can either choose to go with painted walls in solid colors or opt for wallpapers with textured designs. There are numerous pros and cons of painting vs. wallpapering.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to wallpaper or to paint your bedroom.


The costs associated with getting wallpaper or painting your walls vary considerably. Even though the actual cost may depend on the brand and quality of products chosen, wallpaper tends to be costlier than paint. Installing wallpaper requires glue and other materials, whereas painting requires fewer supplies. But despite having a high initial cost, wallpapers can last a longer time than paint, so it may be the cheaper option in the long run. Wallpaper is a good option if you do not plan on moving or redecorating your home anytime soon, as removing and reinstalling wallpaper can cost more. Also, if you want to paint your bedroom, you can also do it on your own without seeking external assistance. Even if you want to hire painters, you can use unskilled labor to complete the job without incurring too high a cost. But to attach a wallpaper, you will need skilled labor to do it effectively, which is costlier.

Preparation Time

When deciding to wallpaper or not to wallpaper, it is important to remember that getting wallpaper is more time-consuming compared to painting. To make sure the wallpaper is applied correctly, you have to fix all imperfections in your bedroom wall, such as re-plastering or plugging holes. A paint job covers these imperfections on its own. If your house is new, wallpaper is a suitable option, but if your house is old or may need renovation, painting your walls is a better idea.


A mentioned above, there are various pros and cons of painting vs wallpapering.  In terms of maintenance, a major advantage of getting wallpaper is that it is easy to maintain. Wallpapers can be washed and cleaned easily. If you have a home with little children, writing and scribbling on the wall will not be a problem. One disadvantage would be if there is a tear or scratch on the wallpaper, the entire section will need to be replaced. If this is not taken care of, other sections of the wallpaper can get affected and start peeling off. If your bedroom wall is painted, the paint can also crack and chip easily over time. But retouching paint is fairly quick and easy. As wallpaper are available in different textures and designs, a well-chosen wallpaper can make your bedroom look stylish and elegant. This is best for a permanent residence, but it’s not a practical option if you live in a rented unit as a short-term tenant.

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A good wallpaper vs painting guide can tell us that in rooms with high moisture levels, waterproof paint lasts longer and can prevent damage.  You may need to re-do the paint approximately every three to five years. But for rooms such as dining rooms or bedrooms, the modern wallpaper is actually a great idea. These rooms have minimal moisture levels and footfall, so there are fewer chances of the wallpaper getting damaged. If you want to install wallpaper in your home but have little kids and pets, the wipe-clean vinyl type of wallpaper is a good choice. A well-maintained wallpaper can last up to 15 years.


When it comes to wallpapers, there is endless variety. You can choose designs ranging from stripes to geometric patterns to flowers, landscapes, and sceneries. Depending on your imagination as an artistic homemaker, you can choose a wallpaper style that fits the theme of your bedroom. At times you can also combine both paint and wallpaper to give your bedroom walls a unique, artistic finish. This can give you the option to mix and match and create a colorful room.

But if you want to style your room in a single-color scheme, you have a better chance of finding the shade you want with paint. Paint color shade cards usually offer a wide range of hues from the color spectrum. You can choose a solid color you love that can uplift your room and make it more vibrant.


When deciding whether to use wallpaper or paint, the safety and health of your family is your primary concern. If you are getting wallpaper, the only safety concerns are during the application process. A range of tools and glue is used that can be harmful to young children. Make sure to keep young children out of the room until the application is complete. Wallpaper is usually safe once it has been applied in the room. But the situation is different when it comes to painting a room. Inhaling paint fumes can be hazardous; this is why it is recommended to keep the doors and windows of a newly painted room open to ensure ventilation. Also, keep the ceiling or standing fan open if there is no outlet for fresh air. Once the smell and fumes have faded, the room is just as safe as a wallpapered room.

The Takeaway

So there are a multitude of pros and cons of painting vs wallpapering. You need to weigh out these factors when redesigning your bedroom. Painted walls are easy to clean with soap and water. The walls are easier to manage upon moving out of a rental unit, and you can choose from a wide spectrum of solid colors or textures. Installing wallpaper will give you a larger variety of vibrant patterns and designs and are also easy to maintain. But if your wallpaper tears, that section will need to be replaced. Wallpaper usually lasts longer than paint but is costlier to install.