Tips to Remember When Remodeling Your Baby’s Nursery

Soft Toys Hanging in a Baby's Nursery
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There are many reasons you might want to remodel your baby’s nursery. Many mothers design their babies’ nurseries while expecting, which means their tastes might differ after pregnancy. Or maybe some aspects of the nursery just aren’t as convenient as you thought. You don’t need a lot of money to make simple upgrades. You can make, simple fun and low-cost updates to your baby’s nursery easily with the right techniques.

When upgrading a nursery, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in furniture or décor of the room. You can easily bring in a new look by remodeling what is available or just adding on one or two items. Just follow some of the advice given below to find out how to upgrade the nursery to your child’s delight.

Walls Brighten Up the Room

Whenever you open up the door of a room, the first thing that catches the eye is that room’s walls.

You can bring life to a dull room just by re-doing the walls. Since the room belongs to a very young, lively person, the walls should also reflect that liveliness. You can go for the traditional pink or blue hues or maybe experiment with more creative color palettes. You can also go with a theme and use murals on one wall. Decorating the ceiling of the nursery is also a good idea. Babies spend a lot of time on their backs. Having a creative wall to look at can be fun for them. You can add a ceiling mural to make the ceiling more vibrant or paint the ceiling any soothing color.

Pay Attention to the Floor

Beatifying the floor of your nursey can give the room a great new look. It doesn’t matter if you have a carpet or wooden flooring; a bright textured rug can add a pop of color to a young room. Soft cushioning on the floor is preferred with babies, as they love to crawl around. So, the rug can actually protect your baby from any accidents or bumps. Choose colors that will not accentuate stains or spills when choosing your nursery’s carpet.

Choose Cute Lighting

One great tip to upgrade your nursery is to re-do the lighting. Parents spend a lot of time in the nursery, both day and night, tending to the baby. Being able to adjust the lighting of the room can help create a cozy ambience. Consider installing dimmer switches so you can dim the lighting at times. A nice lamp or nightlight can also add vibrancy to the room and increase the amount of light in the room. Ample od natural light is also great. But remember your baby will be sleeping for long periods, even during the daytime, so make sure you have thick blackout curtains. This will help you set a bedtime routine easily.

Invest in Heating

A good heating system is important for the nursery. If the baby gets cold, it can fetch an extra sweater or thick blanket. If your home is not well insulated, consider heating options so that the baby stays warm and comfortable.

Create Storage Space

If you have a well-organized storage space, your nursery will always stay clean and clutter-free. Babies usually have a lot of items that can clutter the room. You can create shelving and add storage baskets to keep all the baby’s things. This is a great way to increase storage space in the nursery.

Add Accessories

A fun way how to upgrade the nursey is to add accessories to the room. Accessories can give a room a refreshing touch and highlight the room’s decor. They can also add vibrancy and color to any space. You can include potted greenery in the room, macramé hangings, leather ottomans or even wicker footrests. Colorful artwork can also add a nice touch to the nursery. You can buy most of these accessories, but for a more cost-friendly option, you can also make them yourself.

Add Statement Furniture

Statement furniture is one of the great ideas to upgrade your nursery. Babies grow up very fast. Soon your baby will start crawling and sitting up or learning how to walk. Keeping your nursery equipped with furniture means you are preparing the nursery for seating. You can use it whenever needed. Rocking chairs are also a classic item. Rocking your baby to sleep is also soothing for the baby.

Keep Within Set Deadline

Make sure to upgrade your nursery well before the baby arrives. Bringing a baby when there is loud noises or dust in the house is not a great idea. Also, you don’t want to go through the stress of renovating the nursery while the baby is keeping you up during the nights. A well-prepared nursery is a must before the baby arrives.