Tips to Maximize the Space of a Small Home Spa Room

Wooden interior.
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Gone are the days when you would have to spare a day to visit the spa to have some me time. Now, with a little bit of planning and saving, you can have a relaxing spa-like experience within the comfort of your own home. Moreover, you can customize your in-home spa according to your design and color preferences.

However, there are a few factors at play when designing a spa room on your property. These factors include the availability of electricity, water, heating, and drainage. Besides these, the space you have available is the most important factor. Unlike a hotel or a studio, space is a significant constraint when creating a spa room in your home. But don’t worry, this blog will look at some easy tips to maximize the space of a tiny home spa room.

Let’s begin.

Use Brighter Colors

The problem with dark colors is that they make a reasonable space appear small. Dark colors tend to absorb light, thus making your spa room look smaller than it is. On the flip side, lighter colors reflect light, and they can make your home spa space appear big and airy, which has a calming effect on you and your loved ones. Before you confuse yourself, the goal here is to have lighter tones instead of brighter ones. When it comes to soft color tones, you can always choose whites, pastels, and neutrals. Moreover, the color of the moldings and trims should be lighter in color than the walls. This trick is simple, but it creates the illusion of the room being spacier.

Bring in Monochromatic Colors

With walls, moldings, and trims out of the way, now is the time to talk about furniture and rugs. Speaking of rugs, furniture, and wall paint, it is best to stick to a monochromatic theme. For example, the best way to make the most of a small space is using monochromatic neutral colors. When bigger things of similar color add to your spa, they will automatically widen the space. To make your spa appear open and airy, use transparent items, such as a glass table or acrylic shelves.

Declutter the Spa Room

No matter how big a spa room is, it is meant to look small if cluttered with unnecessary items. Opt for a minimalistic approach instead of stuffing the spa room with furniture and other items. Only bring in what you need. Furthermore, keep the spa room tidy and organized at all times. Even if you have a small space, when items are arranged neatly, they will make the spa room appear open and orderly. You need a small table, a couple of cubbies, and a cupboard to store the spa supplies, thus avoiding the clutter.

Don’t Cover the Walls

It is very tempting for people with home spas to cover their spa walls with pictures and decorations. While these décor items take care of the aesthetic aspect of the spa, they play a significant role in making the space appear smaller. If you must attach something to the wall, it is better to use a medium-sized mural or a painting rather than adding various small-sized pictures and other decorations. Not only will they make the space appear more crowded, but they will also give an untidy look to your home spa.

Keep the Floor Clean

The floor is indeed an essential component of your home spa. Therefore, it mustn’t be occupied by too many things. Do not make the mistake of bringing in big rugs for your spa. Instead, place small rugs by the pool and one by the shower. Moreover, keep the floor clean at all times. The slightest bit of dirt or grime makes the floor look untidy.

Seek Out Multipurpose Furniture

If you want to maximize the space of your small home spa, it is better to invest in multipurpose furniture. A good example in this regard is that of a manicurist stool. This is a part of your seating arrangement and also has an internal storage space that allows you to keep towels, slippers, and other spa supplies like soaps and essential oils. Similarly, you can invest in a massage table with drawers underneath for sheets and cushions.

Place the Massage Table Strategically

The diagonal line from one corner to another corner is the longest straight line in your spa. To ensure you’re making the most of your spa space, place the massage table at an angle that allows one’s eyesight to follow the long line, rather than a wall that’s too close.

Use the Ceiling to Your Advantage

If used wisely, the ceiling can also make your spa room appear bigger than it is. The ceiling should be clean and painted a light but bright color. If you want your ceiling to maximize the space of your home spa, add light fixtures. This will draw the eyes upward while making the spa space appear bigger than it is.

Invest in Lightening

Last but not the least, lighting plays a crucial role in making the spa appear big. Recessed spotlighting is a technique that can be used to make a smaller spa feel more spacious. A torchiere light can work wonders over here because it allows light to bounce off of the ceiling and back into the room.

If you want to maximize the space of your small home spa room, make sure not to skimp on any of the tips mentioned above. There are a few simple things you need to keep in mind to make your home spa look big. Ensure the spa space remains tidy and clutter remains to a bare minimum. Secondly, the colors should be light, and the lighting should be bright. Lastly, it would be best to place the furniture to make the space appear spacious strategically.