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When you think about your bathroom, what does your mind think of first? Generally, you’ll think about your vanity, your toilet, and your bathtub. The big centerpieces are the focal point of your bathroom.

To create a full look, you need to think about all the other aspects that go with it. Tiles are one feature that helps bring the space together by creating a cohesive look. Below we’ll review the bathroom tile trends for 2020.

Bathroom Tile Trends

Graphic Patterns

Graphic patterns (aka patterned tiles) are perfect for your bathroom floor or walls. There are different styles you can choose from so you can make your bathroom look more unique. For example, geometric, floral, and art deco graphic tiles are very trendy right now.

These tiles are great for any space as you can get really creative with them. You can combine different graphic patterns to create a unique theme in your bathroom.

Right now, you’ll want either soft and subtle colors or bold and contrasting hues.

Matte-Finished Tiles

Matte-finished tiles are always a popular choice. They are low maintenance as they are easy to clean and are great for concealing any stains or watermarks. They’re great concealers as they have a non-reflective surface.

Think about how much lighting you’ll need for your bathroom with this type of tile. You’ll want to consider both natural and artificial lighting. You’ll probably need more sources of light than if you used other types of tile.

Moreover, they are slip-resistant, which is a great perk for any bathroom floor.

These tiles help bring a more earthy or elegant look to your space (depending on how you style your bathroom). They blend well with your bathroom as they don’t take over the space.

Neutral Color Palettes

If you’re looking to have a more contemporary look, neutral colors are the way to go. Great color choices include matte black, creams, gray tones, beige, and white. Gray and beige are a great color combination and have been aptly named “greige”.

If you want a brighter space, white is the color you’ll want. White also has the advantage of making your space look clean and fresh.

Neutral colors help to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. This is especially true for cream colors as they add an extra level of softness to your space.

When using neutral shades, to add a little pizazz, use different colors as well as textures and shapes.

Neutral colored tiles are perfect for any surface in your bathroom. You can use a variety of neutral colors on your floor, up on your vanity, on your walls, and even your ceiling.

Shaped Tiles

Shapes are always a popular choice; they add a little flair to your space. Here are some of the best shapes you could use:

  • Hexagon
  • Arabesque
  • Diamond
  • Mosaic (especially chevron)
  • Moroccan fish scales

You can play with the different sizes of the shapes to give your bathroom more depth and give it a layered look. Layering can also help your space appear bigger than it is. Using neutral colors helps to increase the perception that the space is bigger.

You can even play around with many different shapes if you want to get creative.

Moreover, with hexagonal tiles, you can create your patterns based on how you layer the tiles. This applies more if you’re using more than one color for the tiles.

You can turn your bathroom into a work of art!

Textured Tiles

Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

Textures can help make your bathroom pop or add a subtle charm to the space. Textured tiles help create an elegant look.

Not only do you have shapes to work with but there are now 3-D dimensional shapes you can play around with. You can find curvilinear and geometric tiles that can work wonders for your bathroom. These dimensional shapes add a unique texture and look to your bathroom.

These types of shapes will add more depth and life to your bathroom. It’ll be as if your bathroom is telling a story.

Textured tiles are great for bathroom backsplashes, walls, and floors. Keep in mind, if you’re using 3-D dimensional shapes, many should not be used on your floors, only your walls. Depending on the shape you’re using, they can be uncomfortable beneath your feet.

On the flip side, certain textures can feel great on your feet (based on the material you’re using). The contrast from going to a smooth surface to a textured one can soothe your feet. This is especially true if you have tiles that absorb warmth.

Large-Format Tiles

Larger tiles help create the illusion that your space is bigger than it truly is. Great tiles to use for this effect are either square or rectangle tiles. Perfect tile sizes for bathrooms range from 16 – 48 inches in length.

Popular large-format tiles are ceramic, porcelain, and stone. They’re excellent for your shower walls and flooring.

When using these types of tiles, your bathroom will have a more consistent look. It’ll give your space a cleaner appearance.

Keep in mind, larger tiles are harder to install. Finding a contractor that can install these tiles might be a little more challenging. Reach out to your contractor before choosing large-format tiles.

Bathroom Tile Trends

Now that we have reviewed the bathroom tile trends for 2020, it’s time for you to pick what’s right for you. If the rest of your house has a theme you can use one or more of these trends to help keep that theme going for your bathroom.

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