SmarterFresh Portable Bidet Sprayer Review

SmarterFresh Portable Bidet Sprayer Review

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  • ​The 650 ML capacity is great. It means you do not have to refill it as much, and gives you enough leeway for a re-do in case you initially aim it incorrectly.
  • ​Portable, light, and convenient.
  • ​No installation of any required, incredibly easy to use


  • ​The design of the bottle makes it bulky and leaky.
  • ​Bit of a learning curve when first using it and may require two hands to operate.
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You’re at the office or in a public place, and you’ve got to use the bathroom, but you don’t have all the tools for a comfortable session. We’re sure this is a familiar scenario to most of us. And as sure as the sun rises at east, this is among the many times you wished you had something like the ​SmarterFresh Portable Bidet Sprayer​.

If you’ve ever felt that moment of crushing distress when you’ve realized you just had a relatively successful trip to the bathroom and looked around you only to discover there isn’t a bidet, then we’re sure you’ve considered purchasing a portable one.

Now, if you’ve never used a bidet in your life, then we highly recommend you go and use one right this instant because your life is about to change. Get up from whatever you’re doing, find a bathroom with one, and come back to us.

Go ahead, look us in the eyes and try to tell us you’ve reconsidered the entire bathroom experience now that you’ve used a bidet. It takes comfort, effectiveness, and hygiene to another level and really can’t compare to whatever toilet set-up you’re using at the moment.

There are many different types, granted, but across the board, they just make the bathroom experience much more comfortable by arming you with the knowledge that you’re as clean as a whistle with minimal effort on your part.

More advanced water closet units may have bidets built into their toilets, with an array of different functions, speeds, and even water temperature to choose from. Apparently, those types of bidet will offer you the best experience, but you don’t have to go high end to enjoy them. 

Other water closet units come with a bidet fixed to the side of the toilet, as an attachment that resembles a smaller shower head. This allows for a lot more control on your part, and it’s convenient to use. 

While you can’t adjust the water temperature or functionality like with those built into the toilet, you can usually adjust the pressure to make sure you aren’t accidentally hitting yourself with a geyser.

Other bidets are entirely different units, separate entirely from the actual toilet. They are usually those oval-shaped basins that you sit on. This type may be a bit more work than the other two, as you’ve got to shimmy yourself from toilet to bidet but it obviously still works great.

It may need some more getting used to, especially if it’s your first time and you’re confused on how to sit on it properly, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back.

Now, if you’re reading this and greatly reconsidering your bathroom life choices in favor of getting a bidet but don’t think you have space, time, or funds to install one, worry not. 

While many built-in bidets are considered good investment, those who for some reason don’t want to or cannot commit to getting one, there are alternatives.


Portable bidets offer you the benefits of a standard bidet, but at a much lower cost. They’re also, as you can tell, easily brought around, so you no longer have to know that feeling of despair associated with being unable to escape a bathroom stall for fear of ruining a great pair of underwear.

There are many portable bidet products on the market as the use of bidets become more common around the world. And to help you choose, let’s start with this review on the SmarterFresh Portable Bidet Sprayer.

SmarterFresh Portable Bidet Sprayer Features

  • The SmarterFresh Portable Travel Bidet is a 650 ML bidet bottle that comes with a new no-airlock design on the bottom of the bottle which means you spray when you need to, with no more need to hold a finger there, ensuring a more comfortable experience.
  • The SmarterFresh Portable Travel Bidet is larger than other personal bidets available on the market, having a capacity of 650 ML and weighing in at 25 ounces when full and 4 ounces when empty.
  • The SmarterFresh Portable Travel Bidet is small and discreet. This unit also comes with a carrying bag.


The SmarterFresh Portable Bidet Sprayer is a great, all-around unit that does precisely what you want a portable bidet to do. Its capacity means that the design of the bottle is a bit bulkier, but it is still convenient to carry around discreetly.


The one thing that the SmarterFresh Portable Bidet has over other similar units on the market is indeed its capacity. 

Units such as the BioBidet The PALM TP70 Travel Bidet come in what can be called an industry standard of 450 ML. While many find that amount just right, it’s never a bad move to have some reserved for those few times you aim incorrectly, right?

While the SmarterFresh unit doesn’t provide any exciting features like the Little Martin Electric Bidet with its 180-degree rotation and differing water speeds, it’s still a great standard unit and perfect for someone who just wants the basics a bidet has to offer.


What’s great about the SmarterFresh unit is indeed its capacity. After all, who wants to get up in the middle of washing to refill his or her portable bidet? No one, that’s who.

Moreover, how awkward would that be? Shimmying to the nearest water source, praying you don’t trip over your bunched trousers. Thankfully, the​ SmarterFresh Portable Bidet Sprayer​ water capacity eliminates this sort of awkwardness.

For this product’s price, we can consider it a great way to try out the bidet and be able to bring the experience out with you to places that may not have a bidet available. 


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  1. You took what could have been a rather embarrassing topic and brought in humor to brighten it up. I will take note of that because I have a website where I discuss touchy topics also.
    I thought your review was very well presented. You gave a great amount of supported detail that was backed up with pictures.

  2. This is a very interesting read. I have seen a bidet somewhere in my travels, but a bidet either portable or fixed is seldom seen in my part of the world.

    In saying that, I’m sure luxury hotels and motels in my country include a bidet in the bathrooms, but I have no reason to stay in those venues. It’s a long time since I’ve traveled and had the comfort of luxury hotels. But, when I last traveled abroad there were no bidets where I stayed.

    Taking a portable bidet along on my travels has not occurred to me. But, it certainly sounds like something to keep in mind.

  3. Thanks for the great review! I think I just found my new favorite product when camping!!! We often go on 3-4 night hiking/camping trips. These are remote hikes, with no facilities. So not only are you in the “wild” you don’t have any facilities available.

    This little bidet will help me keep clean in the field on those long trips. The price is right for sure.

    I am a little concerned about the leaking you mentioned. But this probably won’t be a problem for me as I will only fill the bidet when I am ready to use it.

    The next thing I need to look into is water safety. I know I can’t just put river water in there and assume it is going to be safe to clean with.

  4. The SmarterFresh portable bidet sprayer is an interesting concept. I can see it being useful when you are on camping expeditions. Or when out and about exploring in a natural environment. Carrying this you would definitely make you feel more comfortable in case there is no bidet around.
    The light weight makes it easy to carry with you.
    As mentioned, the extra capacity of 650ml is good as you definitely wouldn’t want to run out whilst using it.

  5. Thanks for this information. I wasn’t aware about this thing, a portable bidet. I google how to use it and it was just funny to look at the animated images on how to use the bidet. But still I’m kind a lost a little bit. Is this for female only? You know, I asked because I never known any men uses this thing. But I am learning… Where do we usually see a bidet toilet? But having a portable bidet sprayer is a great idea. Thanks.

  6. When I was station in the Persian Gulf, I became very comfortable with a bidet, as they were a standard part of every bathroom, public and private. There are lots of people out there who have a clinical need for bidets, and this portable design seems to be the answer. Of course, there is always a learning phase, but this will help many people. Thanks for the interesting read.


  7. Advance My House

    The SmarterFresh Sprayer is generally for women, however, men do use this as well.

    Bidet toilets are becoming increasingly popular in North America, however, they have been popular in countries such as Japan and Turkey.

    You do sound like you are very much interested in the bidet toilet seat industry, so I would suggest you read this article on Bidet Toilet Seat to gain a better understanding.

    Thanks for your comment.

  8. I have to agree with Valeriejoy. When I realized what you site was about I knew you had to be in a different part of the world! lol
    You definitely did handle the topic well and made it an interesting read.
    Being a rather specific niche, I will be interested to follow up on future articles.

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