Purpose of Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments

Purpose of Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments
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What is a bidet toilet seat? Simply put, it is a mini-shower for our nether regions. What is the purpose of bidet toilet seat attachments? They are used to keep our “unmentionables” clean and tidy. Bidets are believed to have originated in France. Initially, they were nothing more than a bowl of water, which was used after relieving oneself to wipe away any residual mess.

Since squatting over a bowl of water was a bit of a hassle, a narrow stool with a bowl inset came to being which made the process easier. That is where the name bidet came from. Bidet is a French word used to describe a short and stout pony.

In 1750, a hand-pump-powered sprayer came into the fray. The modern bidet we know and love came later in the 1980s.

It utilized a remote-controlled nozzle or wand to spout water to cleanse ourselves. The contemporary bidet soon became quite popular in many parts of the world, particularly in Japan.

Main Purpose of Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments

If fecal matter touched just about any part of your body, you wouldn’t just wipe it off with toilet paper and call it a day, right? So, why should your tush be any different? Bidet toilet seats promote better personal hygiene than traditional bowls. They ensure that you have completely cleansed yourself after you’ve relieved yourself.

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Why Bidets Are Important

The reason bidets are becoming increasingly popular is that they are quite cost-effective. That is because they are cheap to install, and they help cut down on the cost of toilet paper, sanitary wipes, and any other similar products.

Aside from the cost, bidets are really comfortable, especially with heated seats and temperature control features. It is considerably more comfortable and hygienic, as the water jets ensure that our tush is thoroughly rinsed, which compared to toilet paper is a complete no-brainer. Greater comfort can also be beneficial to those who have rashes or swollen hemorrhoids.

Then there is the overall cost to society. The sheer amount of paper we use, especially the high-end thicker kind, can lead to clogged septic or sewer systems, which apparently requires considerable resources to fix. That is particularly true for the so-called flushable wipes, which create what is known in the sewer industry as fatbergs, which are incredibly costly to fix.

Since little to no toilet paper is used with bidets, sewer blockages are much less common in countries with widespread bidet use. As an example of the cost to society, San Francisco alone spends about four million dollars a year just to clear out fatbergs.

Then we have people with medical conditions such as arthritis who may find hand wiping difficult. Since the use of bidets eliminates the need for wiping the private areas with the use of a hand, they can make life easier for them.

Lastly, women who frequently suffer from urinary tract infection may also benefit from using a bidet. A bidet would allow them to cleanse their privates as opposed to the once-a-day shower. Regular washing after using the bathroom may help wash away those pesky microbes that are usually responsible for infections.

Common Misconceptions about the Bidet Toilet Seat

Since bidet seats are still quite rare in the US, there are a number of misconceptions behind their use. Let’s dispel a few of these misconceptions:

  • Bidets Are for Women

There is a popular misconception that bidets are only for women. This can’t be farther from the truth. Although it is true that bidets are particularly effective at maintaining feminine hygiene, it is just as hygienic for men. Bidet toilet seats are ideal for men, women, elderly and children alike. Regular use of a bidet ensures a high degree of hygiene that is simply unattainable with a toilet paper.

  • You Need Soapy Water in the Bidet to Properly Clean

While it is true that using soap is very important, we have to remember using water alone is far more hygienic compared to wiping with a toilet paper. Another important point to remember is that soap should not be used regularly. Once or twice a day is fine but overuse of abrasive soaps can dry out the mucosal lining, which can lead to a number of complications such as fissures, infections, etc..

  • Bidets are Unsanitary

Where do we begin? Wiping our genital region with a dry piece of paper simply cannot be more sanitary than using water. Cleansing with water is far more effective than using a toilet paper and it helps gives a feeling of cleanliness quicker. Think about it. Do you clean your dirty hands with a piece of paper or do you wash it with water?

  • Bidets are Costly to Install

Since we’re talking about bidet toilet seat attachments, you don’t even need a handyman to install them. Bidet toilet seats are more of an attachment than a fixture. You simply remove your existing toilet seat and replace it with a bidet seat. You would need a water connection and a power source for electrical bidets and you’re ready to go.

  • Bidets Waste a lot of Water

Yes, on a personal level your water consumption is likely to increase if you use a bidet. When you come to think about it, using a bidet allows you to have a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. In America alone, people use around 34 million rolls of toilet paper a day. They cut down over 200,000 trees and use over 200 million gallons of water to manufacture them all. All of this produces over 88 million pound of greenhouse gasses.

Using bidets as opposed to toilet papers is kinder to the planet. The water we use is mostly treated and reused. The toilet paper, on the other hand, ends up in the sewage system and further costs money to clean. So, as far as claims of bidets being wasteful are concerned, they can’t be farther from the truth.


​Function-wise, the purpose of bidet toilet seat attachments is pretty much self-explanatory. You use them to clean your private parts after relieving yourself. However, its purpose encompasses such since it can also do a lot for the environment and the society as a whole.

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