Nursery Decorating Ideas 2021

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Decorating the nursery is a rewarding experience for new parents. While it may consume a lot of time and require you to put in much effort on days when you are not in your best mood and health, it is quite an exciting activity for many parents. And following the overwhelming year 2020, if you are preparing your nursery in 2021, you will need ideas to make it a dream space for your newborn.

In this post, we share nursery decorating ideas that will guide you for your nursery décor in 2021.

1. Pick Up a Theme

Before you get started with decorating the nursery in 2021, you need to pick up a theme. Do you want to decorate a nursery for a baby girl who would love unicorns or Sofia, the first? Or for a baby boy who would prefer cars or SpongeBob? Or do you want to go for neutral themes that are not gender-specific?

Depending upon your baby’s gender (or your choice of keeping it neutral) and your preference for characters, you can choose a theme around which your nursery’s décor revolves.  

And if cartoon characters do not inspire you, you can even opt for themes like jungle, floral, or stars and let your theme determine the décor of your baby’s nursery.

2. Go for the Right Colors

As soon as you select the theme, the next step is to choose colors that go well with your nursery’s décor theme. And while you are choosing colors, don’t forget to figure out the style and texture of the walls. Do you want the wall behind the crib to have a different color or texture? If so, now is the time to do so.

Pick up the right color scheme for your nursery based on your theme, which will then guide you as you step out to invest in the furniture for your baby’s nursery.

It is important to remember that you shouldn’t invest in paints right now. Check out the furniture first, and when you find the type of furniture you were looking for that aligns with your theme and color scheme, only then is the right time to buy paints for your baby’s nursery.

3. Buy Basic Furniture

Depending upon the theme and color scheme, now is the time to buy some furniture. If you plan to decorate your baby’s nursery in 2021, know that minimalistic is the new in-thing. Choose a crib, wardrobe, a changing table, and a nursing chair. However, choose the furniture according to your space. At the end of the day, you would want a functional nursery, but you would never want it to be a crowded space that appears overwhelming to you and the little one.

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4. Aim for Plenty of Storage

As you decorate your baby’s nursery in 2021, don’t forget to aim for plenty of storage. You may have invested in a wardrobe for baby’s clothes, but there is so much more that you would need to store other than the baby’s clothes. That’s why you need to create storage spaces that are safe and accessible. Try using the gaps in between the furniture or go for shelves. Moreover, you can also invest in fabric boxes that can provide enough storage and place them over the shelves or wardrobe. Lastly, you can maximize space and storage on the walls and create more space in the room.

5. Nursery Décor Art

When decorating your baby’s nursery in 2021, let’s not underestimate the importance of décor art. Go for accessories that can enhance the appeal of your baby’s nursery. One of the best and affordable ways to decorate your nursery is to invest in wall décor accessories that can make a safe and fun investment for your baby’s nursery walls. You can go for wall décor accessories that can align with your nursery’s theme and color scheme and add more colors and vibrancy to your space.  

6. Keep in Mind the Ceiling Décor

As you decorate the nursery walls and space, don’t forget the ceiling décor. After all, that’s the fifth wall in your nursery that your baby is most likely to stare at a lot, especially during the first three months. But how do you decorate the ceiling?

You can try out different colors and textures to decorate the nursery’s ceiling. Moreover, you can also invest in wallpapers and stickers that can enhance the ceiling decoration, add more depth to your nursery, and make it more appealing for the newborn.

7. Don’t Wait Until Last Minute

If there is something that we have learned from the year 2020 is that nothing is uncertain. And given that we still continue to live in uncertainty in 2021 let’s accept that uncertainty is the only certain thing. And hence, you need to be prepared ahead of life. Like all other aspects of life, you should prepare ahead of time when decorating your nursery. Don’t wait till the last minute. Plan your nursery decorating project early on, so you have plenty of time to paint the space, get the furniture you want, and decorate the nursery of your dreams without stressing yourself.

Final Words

As the nursery decorating ideas for 2021 come to an end, know that nursery decoration should be an overwhelming task for parents. When you keep things simple and plan and prepare ahead of time, you can easily decorate your baby’s nursery without feeling overwhelmed or breaking your bank. So as you prepare to welcome your new family member, try out these tips and tricks for nursery decoration in 2021 and give a warm welcome to the latest addition in your family.