Modern Formal Dining Room Ideas

Formal dining room ideas
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Having a formal space meant just for dining can be an alien idea to many people out there. However, if you’re big on hosting lunches and dinners for your friends, family, and colleagues, you probably know how important it is to have a formal dining room.

Generally, the phrase “formal dining room” brings up pictures of stuffy dining spaces that are meant for fancy events only. However, the reality is that a dining room doesn’t actually need to feel too formal. Modern dining rooms are classy and alluring as traditional ones but are also more functional and approachable at the same time.

Whether you’re a fan of the mid-century modern look or are looking for some even more contemporary, the streamlined and highly functional look and feel of a modern dining room is an excellent way to update and refresh your space.

That said, here are a few modern formal dining room ideas to give you inspiration.

Hang Up Modern Art

Contemporary art pieces are all the hype right now. With most of them oversized, they add unmatched beauty and vibrancy to make an area appear more spacious and comfortable. Modern furniture generally features sleek angles and stark lines, which can make a room feel cold and stark. Adding pops of color through an oversized piece of modern art can help negate this coldness by creating a warming and cozier look while maintaining a contemporary tone.

Stay Minimal

Contemporary and modern décor revolves around one fundamental principle – minimalism. You don’t want to create an overly stuffy dining room with oversized furniture and too many accessories. Keep things simple by sticking to minimalist furniture that doesn’t feel too stark or unfinished. Warm and rustic-colored furniture paired with gold metal can create the coziest, comfiest chairs for your dining room.

Also, as long as you’re practicing minimalism, make sure you integrate it throughout your room. Besides your furniture, opt for simple dining room paint colors that are interesting enough to add dimension to your space and will get in well with your overall theme, especially the dining table and chairs. 

Opt for Statement Pieces

Every modern room needs a statement piece that becomes the focus of your design and draws your guests’ attention as they walk into a room. Moreover, a statement piece also helps set the tone for your space. Contemporary design mostly features a combination of bold and neutral colors along with the use of various textures. So, whether it’s a red velvet dining chair or an eye-catching chandelier, it’s important to incorporate a piece that you love in your dining room.

Keeps Things Elegant

A modern formal dining room is far from looking and feeling stuffy; it’s all about keeping things chic and elegant. Adding furniture pieces, such as the dining table or dining room chairs with gold finishes, can help create a glam look and feel. However, always remember the rule of thumb when adding gold accents to your dining space: the rest of the things should be muted with beiges, whites, and soft pinks to prevent a stuffy atmosphere.

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Add a Credenza, Sideboard, or Showcase

A formal dining room area is the perfect place to showcase your favorite cutlery, family heirlooms, and other pieces to provide more visual interest for your guests. Although a glass showcase is a great way to put your various items on display, it won’t be able to house things you don’t want to display. In that case, a sideboard or credenza is a fantastic option. Both these options offer a stylish yet practical storage solution to put away all your dining room essentials.

An antique or vintage sideboard topped with marble is an excellent modern choice since it offers additional inside storage space and provides serving space on top for desserts, sides, and beverages, ensuring that your dining table doesn’t get too cluttered.

Add Bold Textured Wallpaper

Wallpaper is always an excellent option to cover up your old room walls. While you can put up wallpaper anywhere around your home, there’s no better place than a dining room to experiment with bold prints and colors. Installing wallpaper throughout your room might make your space seem less spacious. Therefore, the best way to tackle this is to opt for a unique colored and textured wallpaper to pair with simple walls. Neutral-colored walls, such as beiges, off-whites, and creams, go great with patterned and accent wallpapers without overwhelming the space.

Open Concept Modern Dining Space

Open concept floor plans are the perfect canvas for modern living spaces. If you have an open concept floor plan, allow it to create a seamless flow from your living to the dining space. Choose a similar décor and color theme throughout your open plan while combining neutral and accent colors throughout. This contrasting palette will help you create a lot of visual interest to help keep things warm and welcoming.

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Combine Modern and Traditional

A modern dining room doesn’t only feature contemporary furniture and accessories. The combination of traditional and modern elements can help create a truly unique and cozy space that you love. Don’t be shy to pair your traditional wooden table with bold teal dining chairs and an industrial-inspired fixture. You don’t need to shy away from playing around with traditional pieces as long as they add a fresh and modern touch to your space.

Try a Glass Table

A glass table is a modern and elegant piece of furniture that is easier to clean and works great for an open concept home. Incorporating a glass dining table in your space will help make your space appear bigger by letting in more light. Glass is best paired with modern embellishments, such as brass or gold.

All in all, we hope that you find some great inspiration from our modern formal dining room ideas listed above.

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