Modern Crib Buying Guide for Your Baby’s Nursery

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From the day you find out the great news of becoming a parent to the day you welcome your new baby, you experience various emotions. A part of these emotions may be related to the physical and emotional changes for the mom-to-be, but there is a certain aspect that’s also related to choosing the safest and most appropriate baby products.

After all, you want your baby to get the best. And that’s precisely why choosing products and furniture for your baby’s nursery can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of thought and consideration before you end up making the best choice for your baby.

We have created this modern crib-buying guide to make the task a little less daunting for you. If you are a parent-to-be looking for the perfect crib for your baby’s nursery, this modern crib buying guide will help you make the right choice for your little one. But before we get into the details of the shopping tips, let’s take an insight into some of the basic crib safety tips.

Crib Safety Tips to Consider

Before you choose a baby nursery crib, here are some safety tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Avoid Extra Bedding

Once you get a baby nursery crib, make sure you get the crib and a firm, breathable mattress and avoid all the extra bedding such as blankets, bumpers, stuff toys, and pillows. With all the extra bedding outside the crib, you can ensure that your baby is safe while sleeping.

Moreover, if you are concerned about your little one getting cold at night, you can wrap a swaddling sheet to keep your baby safe and cozy. Furthermore, you can also adjust your home’s temperature to make it a more comfortable space for both kids and adults.

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2. Choose the Right Mattress

Many new parents-to-be may not be aware of “off-gassing”, but it’s something that happens in our homes. Off-gassing refers to releasing chemicals and volatile organic compounds from the mattress into the air. These chemicals can lead to health conditions, irritation and may even lead to serious illnesses. Hence, you need to choose a mattress for your child with low chemical emissions. It is best to opt for mattresses with certifications, such as GREENGUARD Certification, which ensures that the bedding is safe for you and your loved ones.

3. Avoid Choking Hazard

Perhaps the most critical concern with young children is the choking hazard. To avoid this problem, you need to ensure that you keep all sharp and small items away from your baby’s crib. Moreover, ensure that you place the baby crib so that it is not underneath blinds or curtains or any other space where things can find their way to your baby’s hands.

Buying a Crib for Baby Nursery – Modern Crib Buying Guide

Now that you are aware of some of the safety features, it’s time to delve deep into buying a modern crib for your baby’s nursery so you can end up with the right choice.

1. Read the Crib Labels

Start the process of buying a baby crib by reading the crib labels. The manufacturers of baby cribs mention crib specifications such as length and width on the labels. Moreover, the manufacturer also mentions the safety standards and protocols they have followed and abide by on the label, so it’s a must-read piece of information.

2. Check the Width between Slats

Another integral aspect of buying a modern crib for a baby nursery is to check the width of the space between the slats. The slats of your baby’s crib shouldn’t be wider than two and three-eighths inches apart. In case the slats are further apart, it can be dangerous for your baby as your baby’s body part can get stuck in between. If you are not sure about the measurement, it’s always best to measure and check it yourself before you buy a baby nursery crib.

3. Go for the Best Option

Several baby items can cost you a lot of money and remain in use for a few weeks or months, but your baby’s crib is not one of them. The crib is one of the few things that will stay with you for a few years, and you might want to reuse it as your family grows. So when you are shopping for a crib for a baby nursery, make sure you get one that is in great condition. Make sure that it comes from a reliable manufacturer, meets the current safety standards and is in perfect condition as you bring it home.

4. Don’t Forget to Measure the Space

Before you purchase the baby nursery crib, you need to measure the space where you will be placing the furniture. Is there enough room in the baby’s nursery? You can find cribs in two sizes; a mini crib and a standard crib. Each size comes with varying specifications, so you can choose the one depending upon the space and your baby’s needs.

5. Durability

It’s best to test the durability and sturdiness of the crib before you purchase it. You can check the durability by pushing on the inside and outside and by giving a slight shake to the crib. If the crib stays intact and doesn’t seem unsafe and shaky, then it is the right choice for your baby’s nursery.

Final Words

Buying a crib for a baby nursery may seem like a challenge given the overwhelming choice of cribs available on the market. And if you are a new parent-to-be struggling to make the right choice, use this modern crib buying guide to help you make the right choice for your baby’s nursery.