Mirror on a Rope ReflectXL Shower Mirror Review

Mirror on a Rope ReflectXL Shower Mirror Review

Quick Overview






  • ​Made of solid and high-quality materials
  • ​Paracord is durable as well as the mirror
  • ​Easy to use and tie
  • ​Provides a clear reflection
  • ​Extremely scratchproof
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Extremely portable


  • ​No safeguards against corrosion
  • ​Not really free from fogging
  • ​The laminated back will peel through time.
  • ​Reflective material eventually chips off and fades
  • ​Water does not slide off
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Yes, you read that title right! We are going to talk about a mirror that is attached to a rope. The next question is, why? With all of the innovative technology that we have right now, what use can a mirror on a rope be?


Mirror on a Rope ReflectXL Shower Mirror

If you think about it, a lot of people just do DIY projects to get the same effect as that of a mirror on a rope. Why is that? We might just get the novelty of it all in this article.

With that said, we are going to review the Mirror on a Rope ReflectXL Shower Mirror. Is this mirror set up a decline for technology? Keep on reading to find out!

To understand how the mirror works and who it is designed for, let us look into its features, pros, and cons.


  • The Rope

Let us head straight into the fact that this mirror is held together with a rope. By rope, we are talking about a paracord, so technically it is not really a rope just like the ones you use during camping. This rope is black and stretchable but will go back to its original length after stretching it out.

What is great about having the rope holding the mirror is the fact that you can tie it anywhere. For this particular product, it is actually marketed as an in-shower mirror, which means you will tie the rope on the showerhead. Nonetheless, you can tie it anywhere you like.

  • The Mirror

The mirror only comes in the color wet steel, while its size dimension is 7.6 x 5.6 inches. As for its material, it is made of acrylic that is also resistant to scratching and is shatterproof.

It is also shadow-free and fog-free when you follow specific instructions, which we are going to discuss later.  Moreover, the back of the mirror is laminated to have a race car wrapping effect.

Lastly, it is designed to withstand direct sunlight as well as road debris that might impact at a maximum of 100 KPH, so you can bring this with you during your travels.

  • How to Use

You can hang it around your neck, tie it, or use your hand. For it not to get foggy, all you have to do is hold the mirror under warm water. Also, to eliminate shadows, you should directly face the light in your shower. 


The Mirror on a Rope ReflectXL Shower Mirror is just a simple mirror that is attached to a rope. You can use it with you inside a shower where you can tie it on a shower arm or showerhead, and you can also mount it on the wall by using adhesives. Also, it will not destroy the back of the mirror as it has a laminated back.

Additionally, the mirror can be free from fogging if you follow their instructions to run it under warm water. On the other hand, by the default, it is scratch-free.

As for its size, it is not too big or too small; it is the perfect size for you to take it anywhere. In terms of design, it is pretty straightforward as you literally just have a mirror.

Do take note though that the reflective material will eventually fade or chip off. A way to combat that is always to wipe off the water that is left on top of it. Lastly, it is durable as it can withstand a bit of impact such as debris and accidental drops.

Comparison with the Shave Well Company Shower Mirror

In terms of finding a similar product that has that rope aspect, the Mirror on a Rope ReflectXL Shower Mirror dominates the market, but if we are going to talk about something as straightforward as having a basic mirror, the Shave Well Company Shower Mirror is a good point of comparison. As such, we are only going to compare the two based on how their basic mirrors perform.

With the 6.83 x 5.25 x 1.8 inches Shave Well Company Shower Mirror, what you get is just a straight up mirror with an empty circle at the top where you can mount the mirror or hook it up. In line with that, the hook is included in your purchase.

Just like the one from Mirror on a Rope, the Shave Well Company claims that their mirror won’t become foggy and is resistant to scratching. The anti-fogging feature can also be achieved by running the product under warm water with every use.

This mirror is also easy to clean, and the reflective material lets the water slide off of it completely. It also does not need much set up, except for the fact that you have to stick the hook on the wall.

Overall, it is a good mirror which you can use inside the shower or even as a bathroom mirror. However, you have to choose where you will use it as once you stick the hook, it can be hard to remove.


Although the Shave Well Company Shower Mirror has a better reflective material, the Mirror on a Rope ReflectXL Shower Mirror is still the better product. We chose this mirror because of how multi-functional it can be; you can take it pretty much anywhere and setting it up will not cause a lot of fuss.

There might be problems in terms of chipping, but those can be averted by just wiping the mirror off every time you use it (which is actually the norm). Surely, this type of mirror setting will be great for those who shave while they are in the shower and those who travel a lot!


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