How to Utilize a Small Garage Space

Utilize a small garage space
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As times change, the quality of life improves by a great margin. Even so, garages have always been challenging for most home designers. Most house designs do not have a large area footprint to work with right from the start, so incorporating a big garage can be a hassle.

Consequently, you will find that many houses have to make do with small garages, whether they are attached or detached from the main structure. In the age of self-reliance, when people try to complete many tasks by themselves, it can be challenging to work with small garages that can barely contain a car, let alone provide space for working tools and gear.

However, no need to worry because we will be exploring all the ways you can utilize a small garage space. By the end of this article, you will have a fairly good idea of how to manage everything, even with a small garage. Let’s get started!

Outdoor Storage – Get Rid of the Clutter

The first step in dealing with small spaces is to avoid clutter. Nice homes with a beautiful yard can be a sight for sore eyes, but they have to be meticulously maintained to keep them looking pristine at all times. This means having a set of maintenance and gardening tools like hoses, sprinklers, pots, and gloves.

Gardening tools can crowd small garage spaces and increase clutter. What you can do is to have a dedicated space for them elsewhere. A good way is to add outdoor storage for these items. Many stores even sell outdoor storage cabinets, which will help you avoid the hassle of getting a whole outdoor storage unit constructed from scratch.

Now, you have more space for other essentials – space that was once used up by these tools!

Use Pegboards

Like any self-sufficient American, you might be into woodworking; woodwork helps save a lot of money that you might spend on a carpenter, that too for easily manageable tasks. You already have an outdoor storage unit, but what about the mess on your workbench?

A workbench setup can provide much-needed therapy to recharge your batteries, but the tools can suffocate a small garage. One of the best tips to utilize a small garage space is to use wall-mounted pegboards. These can help you bring out the potential of tiny spaces by offering you the option of storing your tools on the walls of your garage.

As a result, you avoid clutter, save more space, and manage to keep a tidy and organized working station!

Shelves to Increase Wall Space

Everything in small garages is about utilizing space. Even with pegboards, there’s much more you can do to maximize storage potential. Contact a woodworker, even better if you can do it yourself, and mount shelves and hooks onto your garage walls.

Shelves, hooks, and brackets allow you to store a vast array of materials, from camping supplies to power tools like drill machines. These additions allow you to avoid the bulkier look most commonly associated with small garages. Plus, open shelves offer more space and easy access as compared to closed cabinets!

Garage Ceiling Storage

You can make the most of a small garage space by making good use of that overhead space. It is the perfect place to store barely used items such as ladders, holiday decorations, or other seasonal stuff. Some stores even sell ceiling storage racks, but you can easily build one yourself if you’re a handy person.

Smart Bench

We just established the importance of a workbench in a garage. It must have come across your mind that a bench or a working station can increase garage space when all we’re trying to do is reduce clutter. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Many companies provide new types of benches that include wall-mountable fold-down models. They offer workbenches that can fold against the wall when not in use. This is a smart and innovative way to utilize a small garage space.

In addition, these tables follow a very simple design model and do not have built-in tool drawers, which would add to their bulkiness. However, that isn’t going to be an issue since we just discussed the need for utilizing wall space with the help of pegboards and shelves.

Moreover, you might even finish off the look with a small padded stool that could easily fit under the table without taking up too much space.

Organization Is Key

Avoiding clutter is all well and good, but one of the most useful tips to utilize a small garage include good organizational skills. Garages most often serve as storage spaces not just for cars but also sports equipment, bicycles, and other similar things requiring easy access. Here’s what you can do:

i. Install Bike Hooks

Bike hooks can allow you to mount your bicycle on the wall. It would help you manage space and provide the added benefit of preventing the bike from tracking mud and dirt into the garage.

ii. Cubby System

Another important suggestion is using the cubby system for organization. Square cubbies can allow you to safely store away basketballs, soccer balls, and even sports equipment, such as baseball gloves, helmets, and bats!

iii. Epoxy Coated Floors

Using wall mounts and bike hooks is all well and good, but garages are still vulnerable to stains, dirt, and mud; if you want to keep your car clean, you can’t just hang it on the walls to keep it off the dirty floor! We offer the next best thing – epoxy resin-coated floors!

Using an antiskid coating like epoxy resin will help keep the garage floor nice and clean. It will also give the floor a much-needed glow-up! Aside from aesthetics, epoxy resin-coated floors can resist oil stains and can be wiped clean very easily, so you don’t have to worry about mud and dirt anymore!

These were some of the tips to utilize a small garage space. Bear in mind that there are countless tips on the internet that might help you, but these were some of the most important ones to help manage space. We aimed to let you know that you can manage a lot of stuff inside a small garage space if you know how to organize it!