How to Spice Up a White Bedroom

White themed bedroom
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‘How to style white rooms’ is a tricky question to answer. White rooms offer simplicity and serenity in an otherwise cluttered world. They can feel like a cozy haven where you can relax and unwind after a long day. When it comes to white bedroom ideas for a serene space, the ultimate goal is to create a chic, inspiring yet livable white bedroom. You can get creative by mixing materials, styles, and textures.

Pay special attention to details, maximize light by including mirrors and metallics and try to include natural or graphic elements to give the space a grounded look. It doesn’t matter what style you go for. Whether you opt for a layered, rustic look or a modern minimalist style, an all-white color scheme can fit your bedroom aesthetic if designed the right way.

Let’s have a look at some White Bedroom Design Tips You Need to Know.

Include Different Textures and Materials

Including cozy materials and textures can add warmth to a white bedroom. Include textures like cotton, wool linen, or sheepskin. You can add different-sized textured pillows and layer textiles to add depth and comfort to your sleeping space. Invest in cozy linens to create a luxury hotel feel. Swap your cotton duvet and replace it with a rich linen texture to create a luxurious feel. Items like a woven rug, braided pillows, or wicker décor can all add texture to your room. You can use these items to create a layered design for your room. Layering textures prevents your all-white bedroom theme from falling flat. When it comes to ‘how to style white rooms,’ mixing up materials helps. Try and include an assortment of different pieces instead of using one or two basic pieces.

Different Furniture Styles and Lighting

You can also play around with incorporating furniture styles from various periods in your bedroom. Sticking to an all-white bedroom theme gives you the advantage of mixing period furniture such as contemporary pieces with vintage items, modern classics, and antiques. A vintage bar stool with contemporary lighting and a midcentury rocking chair can all add up in a white-themed room.  Including a wooden item or Rattan can warm up an all-white bedroom. You can include contemporary or period wooden pieces. White walls usually absorb wooden period furniture pieces quite well.

You can also play around with fun lighting to spice up a white bedroom. Your lighting pieces can include funky and playful shapes. You can use large round or square-shaped overhead lighting pieces. Wall art and patterned benches can also add flair to an all-white bedroom. Replacing your standard lamp with a plug-in sconce can also add a unique touch to the room.

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Accessorize till You Get it Right

White bedroom ideas for a serene space include the right accessories. If you have a sleek white leather couch, you can accessorize it with vibrant pillows or a throw. Sequined or tasseled woven pillows can add uniqueness to the room, and a neutral-colored throw can add a little muted color to the all-white theme. With an overall white theme, patterned rugs or bright colored throws and pillows can lift the space without overpowering it. You can include airy white curtains and linen bedding in different shades of white. You can also decorate the room with cream or white flowering branches. Don’t be scared to layer on textures and colors once you have a base of white walls and bedding.

Add a Sparkle

A little bit of shine in an all-white bedroom can elevate your room and prevent it from looking dull or flat. Including metallics and mirrors can do the trick. Metallics such as gold, bronze, or copper catch the light and throw glimmers to a white room. You can also place mirrors in dead spaces, opposite windows, or lost corners to create depth and perspective in the room.

Include Greenery

Including greenery is a must when it comes to white bedroom ideas for a serene space. Including plants in your all-white bedroom can create natural pop of color. If your bedroom lacks natural light, a faux plant can also do the job just fine. Crisp white rooms are the perfect backdrop for plants like cacti, fiddle leaf fern trees, and terrariums.

Modern Black Accents

Modern black accents can also define a white room very well. You can create a black and white modern minimalist theme for a more dramatic-looking bedroom. On a white base, you can include one bold black piece, such as a contemporary black bed. Or you can scatter black accents throughout the room, such as black and white framed sketches, black lighting fixtures, or accented pillows with a touch of black. A pop of brown also makes the black and white theme a little livelier. Consider a brown armchair or table to add a hint of variety.

What About Geometry?

Geometrical shapes work well with a white-themed room. Whether it’s in the form of unique lighting or furniture, it can work.  You can include objects, furniture, or accessories in fun geometrical shapes to add an artistic touch to the room. Different shapes such as squares, ovals, triangles, hexagons, and circles all bring a white room to life. You can include these shapes in the form of furniture, such as an oversized round mirror or a unique sofa.

The Takeaway

How to style white rooms and make the space look modern yet sophisticated takes a bit of thought. With the right technique and a good artistic sense, you can make your space look timeless and classic.  If you choose the right materials, accessories, and lighting, an all-white bedroom can be a warm, inviting space for you to relax and enjoy yourself.